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Investiture of the Gods
Daji Plots Revenge
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Daji Plots Revenge". With the recent arrival of winter, heavy snow fell throughout the capital like pearls of great silver illuminating the sky and earth alike with beauty. Entering before King Zhou at the Happy Terrace, Prime Minister Bi Gan expressed his inner worry over the king's health at such a time of year—and thus presented to the former a specialized fur robe of scarlet satin as a token of such affection and consideration. Once King Zhou had placed the beautiful robe around his body with immediate appreciation towards the prime minister, Daji meanwhile gazed forth from the curtains and noticed the specialized insignias only present on fox specters of her relation. She thus inwardly vowed that her hatred will only be sullied if she is to attain Bi Gan's heart as punishment. Not bearing to see the skin of her relatives any further after the prime minister's leave, Daji convinced the king that the fur robe is below his level of dignity and should be placed elsewhere. Forming a plot to effectively end Bi Gan's life, Daji used her specter powers to reduce her beauty to a great extent one day as she sat drinking with King Zhou within the Happy Terrace. Realizing that the Queen was strangely lacking in beauty, Daji shortly told the king that she possesses a sister known as Splendor, who is far more beautiful and elegant. Continuing with her words, Daji additionally stated that her sister left one day from Jizhou while stating that if she were to ever attain immortal characteristics, she would send Daji incense as a signal for her immediate return. Telling King Zhou that the incense has yet to be burned, it was decided that the following day shall be chosen for her sister's return. As King Zhou thus slept soundly that night, Daji resumed her specter form and met Splendor at the burned grave mound—fully knowing that her sister could not have possibly been touched by the former flames due to her highly evolved specter attributes. With Splendor's immediate informing to Daji that all thirty-nine specter allies had been burnt to death and skinned, the latter wept while telling her sister a specific plan that essentially required her appearance before the palace the following day. Effectively attaining Splendor's consent, Daji happily returned to the palace throughout the remainder of the night while King Zhou lustfully desired to see his queen's elder sister as soon as possible throughout the next day. Once night finally approached, Daji advised King Zhou to conceal himself while the incense is burned—for if she is to notice a man of mortal qualities other than her sister, she may not wish to perform any such task. With the incense being burned at last, great thunderous winds brewed about throughout the palace while Splendor made her immediate appearance shortly thereafter before Daji. As Daji thus brought her sister to an inner chamber while sipping tea and exchanging conversation, King Zhou meanwhile peeped from the corner and instantly declared that he would give up his very own throne without the least regret if he could have sex with Splendor. Scratching his ears and coughing profusely to attain Daji's attention, the latter asked her sister if she could meet with the king after clearly understanding his many signals.

Being convinced that King Zhou was worthy to sit by her side due to his rank, the king excitedly rushed forth and placed himself before Splendor immediately. Once Daji left the inner chamber for some time to change her clothing, King Zhou became exceedingly aroused after Splendor emmitted many seductive glances—and thus invited his honored guest to stroll with him on the terrace. Steadily pacing under the moonlight, King Zhou calmly fondled her breasts and body while declaring that is she were to stay by his side within the palace instead of living the life of an immortal, great wealth, rank, and honor would clearly be bestowed upon her in short time. Realizing that Splendor did not respond or offer any resistance to his many physical attacks, King Zhou carried her to a side court and passionately began unleashing his inner essence upon the latter within a neighboring bed. Upon Daji's return with great laughter over her sister's state, the king enjoyed the remainder of the night with his two lovers. As all ministers outside the palace gates possessed no knowing of King Zhou's new indulugences with Splendor, Yellow Flying Tiger, the highest ranked among ministers, continued to train his 480,000 soldiers daily to ensure an effective protection of the neighboring passes. One day however, Daji suddenly began to profusely spit forth blood while falling to the floor in a feverish state. King Zhou and Splendor immediately ran to her side while the latter stated that her sister possesses a strange heart attack disorder that reappears at random moments of time when intense anxiety and stress is felt. Additionally stating that a doctor by the name of Zhang Yuan cured such attacks with soup made from a highly developed human heart on great occasion back at Jizhou, it was indeed of great need for such a heart to be found among the populace and used at once to free Daji from her potential bonds of death. Acting as if she were performing divination, Splendor told King Zhou that Prime Minister Bi Gan is the only individual present within the capital that possesses such a heart. As King Zhou thus sent out many decrees to ensure Bi Gan's arrival before the palace, the prime minister meanwhile attained word from the sixth royal messenger that Daji possessed a strange illness and was needing of his arrival. Knowing that Daji was indeed an evil specter, and any such incident that specifically called him forth in her name more than likely meant certain death, Bi Gan approached his wife in tears while stating that she should do her best to observe the rules and take good care of their children while he is gone. Explaining the situation thoroughly, Bi Gan rushed back to his study chambers and hastily followed the instructions that Jiang Ziya had given him earlier. Following his immediate arrival before King Zhou, and the learning of his heart being needed in order to cure Daji's ailment, the former retorted with great anger at the king and Daji's blatant hate towards him. Knowing that he had little choice before the situation, and his time was assuredly soon to end, Bi Gan knelt on the ground and ripped the heart from his chest while throwing it to the ground without a single droplet of blood whatsoever. As the prime minister walked quickly to the palace gates, avoiding each minister that appeared along the way, the former took the reins off his horse and strode towards the capital's northern gate.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • Presentation of the fox fur; King Zhou's great happiness
  • Daji's scheme against Bi Gan; the return to Splendor
  • Splendor's arrival at Morning Song; the great lust of King Zhou
  • The personal time - King Zhou and Splendor
  • Yellow Flying Tiger's defensive lack
  • The sudden ailment of Daji - the need for half a heart
  • Bi Gan's final tears of farewell
  • Presentation before Deer Gallery; the eternal vow of Bi Gan
  • Bi Gan's tearing of heart; the fleeing from Noon Gate