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Investiture of the Gods
Return of the Grand Old Master
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Return of the Grand Old Master". Striding through the northern palace gates in a state of complete silence, Yellow Flying Tiger was very worried over the current situation—and thus sent forth Generals Zhou Ji and Huang Ming to follow him immediately. As Bi Gan approached a woman hawker along the way that declared humans as incapable of living without a heart, a sudden pulse surged through the former's veins violently, causing him to fall to the ground with blood surging profusely from his chest. With Zhou Ji and Huang Ming's arrival shortly, they inspected the deceased prime minister's body closely and realized that his heart was strangely nowhere to be found. Unfortunately for Bi Gan however, he still would have remained alive if the woman previously had noted that humans can live even without a heart—for such was the trickery behind Jiang Ziya's magical note. Once the two generals had arrived before the palace gates and immediately reported their resolution on the incident to Yellow Flying Tiger, all ministers present sat heartbroken at such an absurd end to their treasured prime minister. Xia Zhao, a junior minister, could not hold back his emotions as he strode within the Happy Terrace prepared to put a well deserved end to King Zhou's life. Cutting down any guard that dared to oppose his path towards the king, Xia Zhao shortly arrived before the tyrant and charged at him with his flying-cloud sword. As he cleaved at the king's flesh with great renown, King Zhou managed to grab ahold of the blade while swiftly throwing it off to the side. Realizing the situation was rather grim, Xia Zhao ground his teeth until they bled profusely before launching himself off of the terrace to his death. As all ministers around grieved over their second loss, Bi Gan's body was soon returned while a funeral was held immediately for his countless loyal services to the Shang Dynasty. News soon came about during their funeral that none other than Grand Old Master Wen Zhong was finally returning to the capital; all ministers thus made quick preparations to meet the former outside Morning Song's gates. Arriving shortly atop his great dragon unicorn, Wen Zhong gazed towards the capital and realized that a funeral was taking place due to many paper pennants flying about. Inspecting the reason for such, he was astonished to hear that Vice Prime Minister Bi Gan had died—and thus entered immediately to see many gorgeous buildings such as the Happy Terrace all around him. Dismounting before his fellow colleagues at the palace gate's roadside, the Grand Old Master expressed his greetings while entering the Grand Hall.

Being informed by Yellow Flying Tiger of the many torture devices created and the unjust deaths of countless loyal ministers throughout his years of departure, Wen Zhong's third eye burned red with rage as he ordered King Zhou to ascend his throne at once. With Daji joyfully drinking the soup made from Bi Gan's heart, King Zhou was rather frightened to hear that the Grand Old Master had returned -- but nonetheless left immediately in his royal carriage to see the dignified latter. Sitting before Wen Zhong within the Grand Hall, the latter thoroughly elaborated his complete victory at the North Sea District while inspecting the reason as to why two of the four grand dukes have risen in rebellion. Being told that Jiang Huanchu and E Chongyu were executed for conspiring against the throne—even though the king did not possess any such witness that could prove such a case—Wen Zhong became exceedingly wrathful and reprimanded the king for the blatant unbenevolent qualities that he possesses. Telling the former that he will personally endeavor to set the country in order in the name of King Da Yi, his former master, Wen Zhong told the king to return to his apartments while he plans out his next move for the dynasty's benefit. As King Zhou left without uttering a single word against the Grand Old Master, the latter asked his fellow colleagues to join him at his residence. Arriving shortly before the Silver Peace Hall with each minister present, Yellow Flying Tiger came forth from the crowd to personally elaborate the full happenings from Daji's entry to Bi Gan's death. Now fully knowing the ultimate woes of the Shang Dynasty, Wen Zhong let out a great roar of rage before declaring that he will seal the gates for three days while presenting to King Zhou a memorial upon the fourth. Approaching the king on the fourth day with his written memorial, King Zhou placed it before his desk and was handed by the former an ink slab and writing brush to sign his name on ten individual proposals. King Zhou signed his consent on all but (1) the destruction of the Happy Terrace; (5) the deposition of Daji; and (6) the beheading of Fei Zhong and You Hun to as warning to all flatterers. With Wen Zhong's suggestion to the king that the remaining three proposals essentially need to be fulfilled if he is to prevent the Shang Dynasty from falling to utter ruin, the latter stood forth without uttering a word. Fei Zhong, who did not see the true seriousness of the situation, moved forward to speak with King Zhou before being stopped by the Grand Old Master. As Fei Zhong began to state the former's propositions as a clear insult to His Majesty and violation to the general rites of inferior to superior, Wen Zhong seethed with rage at his words -- and thus charged his fist into Fei Zhong's skull, causing the latter to tumble violently down the Grand Hall's steps in an injured state. Seeing Fei Zhong lying on the floor with a bruised head and face, You Hun ran before the Grand Old Master while declaring his actions as being the equivalent to beating King Zhou himself. Learning that the man standing before him is none other than You Hun, Wen Zhong ran forward and smashed his fist into the former's face—sending him crashing seven yards past the Grand Hall stairway in a near death state. Grand Old Master Wen Zhong followed by ordering the two ministers to be taken to the palace gate for their awaited execution immediately afterwards. Just as Fei Zhong and You Hun were to have their heads cleaved off, King Zhou ran forthward to Wen Zhong and pleaded for the two ministers to be placed before court and tried according to law for their former actions. Observing the king's frightened manner, and realizing that it is a crime for the former to possess such intense fear towards him, Wen Zhong ordered the two ministers to be placed in gaol and await their trial while the three remaining proposals are carefully discussed within the near future. With such grand resolve to ensure political reform is effectively instilled, news soon reached the capital that King Ping Ling of the East Sea district had unfortunately declared independence. As Wen Zhong attained word of such, he appeared before Yellow Flying Tiger's residence shortly and asked the latter who would be more fitting to take care of the situation. After they both carefully considered their next move, Grand Old Master stated that he will take 200,000 soldiers to the East Sea district while Flying Tiger remains at the palace for internal defense. Additionally stating that he will deal with the state's administration at his best following his return, Wen Zhong appeared before King Zhou the following morning to elaborate the current happenings within the east. Being very delighted internally at Wen Zhong's words of departure, both Yellow Flying Tiger and King Zhou personally escorted the Grand Old Master beyond the eastern gate of Morning Song. As the king handed Wen Zhong a glass of wine, the master handed it instead to Yellow Flying Tiger for the exceeded loyalty and administrative renown that he shall elaborate while he himself is gone. Telling the king to listen well to his ministers and destroy the evil of the capital at all costs possible during his leave, cannons roared in all directions to signal the Grand Old Master's departure.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • The sudden death of Bi Gan; the funeral pavilion established
  • Grand Old Master Wen Zhong's long awaited arrival
  • Wen Zhong's meeting with the king - great misfortune attained
  • Beatdown of High Counselors
  • The set petition
  • Leave of Old Master