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Investiture of the Gods
Confronting the Destructive Forces
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Confronting the Destructive Forces". As all immortals present left the pavilion to confront the noise from outside, Superiorman Burning Lamp of Prime Consciousness Cave was seen before their eyes. Expressing his apologies over such a late arrival, Burning Lamp was given the seal of commandership upon proposal, and thus elaborated the visible attributes of each of the ten known traps -- as such knowledge could easily be obtained from his magical bull eye, which had the ability to see in distances far unparalleled to that of human vision. Not desiring to wait any longer, less the rebel commander obtains some type of immortal assistance against the traps, a note of challenge involving the ten traps was given to Jiang Ziya via the messengership of Deng Zhong. With reply to meet in three days of time for battle, the ten lords suddenly noticed auspicious clouds and golden lanterns only present within the residence of immortals upon their leave from camp the second night, and each lord thus returned to their respective traps, entirely resolved to destroy the opposition even with such expected assistance. Leaving the camp of Shang the following morning with the ten traps at his left and right hands, Wen Zhong obtained sight of the Zhou forces approaching before him steadily with many individuals of conjectured immortal traits. As Qin Wan's Heavenly Destruction Trap was of the closest distance, Burning Lamp and his forces appeared before the trap at once. Pondering over a method that will lead to the trap's destruction without excessive sacrifice, Deng Hua, a junior disciple of the Jade Emptiness Palace, descended from the skies, immediately declaring his desire to tear the opposition before him to shreds. Qin Wan, who was currently present outside of his trap, knew the man standing before him could be destroyed by his own primitive aggression without any real trouble -- and thus lashed at Deng Hua with his staff. Leading Deng into his trap with a mere faint, Qin Wan grabbed ahold of three representative pennants upon the desk present, and placed them in a triangle formation upon the ground. As a large beam of thunder shot from the gap between the pennants, Qin directed the thunder into the direction of his opponent, burning Deng Hua into ash in a single blinking of the eye. Declaring his easily-won victory upon the exiting of the trap, Burning Lamp felt great grievance at such words, but nontheless asked Outstanding Culture to have a try against Qin Wan. Lashing forth his sword at Qin Wan upon full consention, the latter retreated to his trap following a single faint, and to the great fear of entry on the part of Oustanding Culture, he nontheless entered the trap while floating upon two lotus flowers. Unfortunately for Qin Wan, however, large lotus flowers sprouted in every direction from the very finger tips of Outstanding Culture. Seizing the chance to bind the enemy with his invisible stakes, Qin Wan became terrified for his life, but nontheless died just following a single cleave from Outstanding Culture's blade. As Outstanding Culture left the trap with Qin Wan's head firmly within the grip of his palm as a display of his prowess, Grand Old Master gazed at such a sight from the skies, and with great rage filled within his breast, charged down upon the former like a dragon seething with bloodlust. Being intercepted, however, by Yellow Dragon, who declared that they are solely competing in magic prowess, not physical conquerorship despite the situation which reinforces such rationale, Master Zhao Jiang had meanwhile rode forth from his Earthly Fury Trap to place forth a challenge. As Han Dulong accepted such a challenge upon the consent of Burning Lamp, Zhao gave up ground shortly starting, while Han pursued with great determination to wipe out the opposition.

Ascending his platform within the trap, Zhao Jiang grabbed ahold of his two pennants, and upon the acquiring of fire and lightning attributes by waving such pennants, the unfortunate Han Dulong became mere dust before the wind in a single second. Exiting his trap with immense confidence, Krakucchanda strode forth from the Zhou forces and offered battle against the former. Upon the entering of the Earthly Fury Trap, Krakucchanda negated any potential harm from the fire and lightning by covering his entire body with mystical clouds acquired from the crust of his skull. Tieing Zhao Jiang with his Immortal Binding Rope at such a moment, Krakucchanda felt great mercy for the life of Zhao -- and thus ordered his genie to forcefully drop the heavenly master within the Reed Pavilion, still in a captive state. Spouting with great wrath at the destruction of two of ten traps, and the death of Zhao Jiang and Qin Wan, Wen Zhong called off the competition, and returned to the Shang camp to hold a military conference over the current circumstances. Having intense confidence in the renown of his Roaring Typhoon and its fierce wind attributes, Master Dong ensured the Grand Old Master that he shall obtain revenge in his stead no matter what opponent he is forced to fight. Back at the Reed Pavilion, Zhao Jiang had been hung upon the pavilion gates, still nothing more than a capitve, while Burning Lamp and the others discussed how they shall go about with the destruction of the Roaring Typhoon Trap, as it is the third trap standing before their midst. During their discussion, Superiorman Spiritual Treasure stated that his friend at Cloud Light Cave of Mount Nine Tripods and Iron Forks possesses an item known as the "Wind Stopping Pearl" that is used to negate wind at the user's will. Receiving such a pearl from "Wo Evading Sage" shortly, the two sped to the Western Foothills at high speed, but to their detriment, no ferries operated for over two days following their arrival before the Yellow River. Approaching a fellow passerby and inspecting the reason for such, San Yisheng became informed that two giants--in this case being the Fang Brothers--monopolized the river by demanding great fares if any individual is to pass, and as a result of such a recent incident, only one additional ferry had been open for current use. Approaching such a ferry, Fang Bi and Fang Xiang were indeed seen, and upon Chao Tian's recognition of such men, he declared his intentions and was thus allowed passage. Informing the two brothers of their recent obtainment of the Wind Stopping Pearl as their reason for departure, Fang Bi asked to gaze at it; holding the pearl within his hand, he knew that he could obtain great reputation if such power was wielded effectively, and thus pocketed the pearl, declaring such as being toll for passage. Not having any true courage to act against such a resolution, the two officials had little choice but to accept. As San Yisheng and Chao Tian thus made their way back to the Western Foothills, they luckily ran into Yellow Flying Tiger, who was bringing supplies of grain within the city gates. Elaborating their story immediately upon arrival, Yellow Flying Tiger set out at once, knowing fully that the two giants will heed his call. Luckily catching the two brothers before they returned to the opposite bank at the Yellow River, Yellow Flying Tiger approached Fang Bi and Fang Xiang and essentially retrieved the pearl with a single demand. Being informed of their current position within society after elaborating his disdainment of King Zhou, Yellow Flying Tiger convinced the two brothers to serve under King Wu by his side, and then followed by handing San Yisheng the pearl as he returned. Arriving before the prime minister at the reed pavilion and elaborating the incidents lattering their departure, Jiang Ziya handed the pearl to Burning Lamp without a moment of hesitation.