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Investiture of the Gods
Zhao Gongming, the Conqueror of Sun and Moon
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Zhao Gongming, the Conqueror of Sun and Moon". Appearing before the reed pavilion shortly while shouting great words of rage, Jiang Ziya appeared before the former with disciples to his right and left. Commenting on the foul cruelty of Jiang Ziya in his opposition against the greater good, Gongming leaped at the commander with his lightning staff, and as he threw such a staff into the air, it came crashing down upon the prime minister's head with weight exceeding that of a boulder -- killing him instantly. Being distracted by the Zhou forces great fury immediately following, Yang Bliss seized the moment to order his Sky Barking Hound to attack the opposing immortal. Realizing that his precious robes were being torn apart by such a foul beast, Zhao Gongming smacked the dog several times within the head before fleeing temporarily to the Shang camp in dismay. Upon his return before the camp, he informed Grand Old Master Wen Zhong that he managed to kill the rebel commander in a single blow of his staff, but was forced to return upon a furocious attack from the Zhou forces as a resolution. Luckily for Jiang Ziya, however, Grand Completion arrived before the prime minister's mansion to analyze his corpse, and upon the mixing of elixer with water to create a medicine that can effectively revive the fallen prime minister, Jiang revived after around two hours of time. As Grand Completion informed Jiang Ziya of the past happenings involving his suffered death by Gongming's hands, he reported the prime minister's revival to Burning Lamp while heading to the camp of Shang in order to secretly inspect their next move. Being informed by Wen Zhong that a man by the name of "Burning Lamp" is more than likely the second in command amongst the immortal party under the deceased rebel commander, and is thus in need of additional elimination to sully the enemy's morale, Zhao Gongming left the Shang camp early the following morning, and called for Burning Lamp to show himself at once. With Burning Lamp departing from the reed pavilion and thoroughly reprimanding Zhao Gongming for his "defiance of Heaven's will", Gongming knew clearly in his heart that his actions are for the greater good--for the dignity of the land will only suffer when Taoists sully their simple nature by running rampant with weapons of destructional qualities, fighting for a cause that is nothing more than ideal. Thus, for the sake of his eternal friendship with Wen Zhong and reputation as a god amongst Taoists, Gongming lashed forth his staff upon the former, but Yellow Dragon immediately retorted in protection of his leader. Little did Yellow Dragon truly expect, however, Gongming suddenly unleashed a Dragon Binding Rope from the sleeves of his robe, which bound Yellow Dragon instantly. Not taking the chance for Yellow Dragon's life to be cut, Pure Essence lunged forthward at Gongming, but to the great difference of their renown which the former had little knowledge of, Zhao Gongming threw twenty-four Sea Conquering Pearls within the sky, forcing all foes present to their knees in blindness. As each immortal fortunately managed to escape without being taken captive, or being killed at that, Gongming returned to the Shang camp and was welcomly toasted by the Grand Old Master, while their single captive became held on a flagpole within the camp as retortion to the enemy's arrogance. Meanwhile, Burning Lamp was not able to obtain any acknowledgment as to what weapon Gongming had been using to result in such a potential disaster, and nontheless became even further distressed upon the seeing of Yellow Dragon being treated so contemptuously -- and thus asked who, if even possible, could save the immortal from further humiliation. With the volunteership of Yang Bliss, Yang Bliss transformed himself into a flying ant that evening, and upon his approach before the camp of Shang, he ascended the flag pole and removed a magical charm that bound Yellow Dragon in place, thus returning to the reed pavilion in success. As Wen Zhong obtained word that Yellow Dragon had escaped mysteriously shortly afterwards, he clearly realized that no one could have ascended the flagpole without the obvious notice of royal guards, and Yellow Dragon assuredly could not have removed the charm by himself due to being magically and physically bound, thus concluding that a man who possesses transformational capability had to have been the cause for such an incident. With such an assumption in mind, Wen Zhong sent Zhao Gongming to challenge the reed pavilion early the following morning. As Gongming approached the solo Burning Lamp outside the gates of the reed pavilion, while learning that a man by the name of "Yang Bliss" had been the cause behind Yellow Dragon's freedom, he lashed forth his staff and sea conquering pearls upon the opposition.

Fleeing immediately to the southwest less he suffers by the hands of Gongming's mysterious weaponry, Zhao Gongming gave chase at the very same moment. Approaching a slope and seeing two distinguished men playing Go underneath the shade of a pine tree, Burning Lamp had no idea who these men were, but knowing that he was in a desperate situation indeed, he began to elaborate the past and current circumstances all at once. As the men--known as Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao--believed it best to assist this strange man for the sake of their morals and overall mutual cooperation within the future, they suddenly caught sight upon a man Burning Lamp claimed to be "Zhao Gongming", and lashed at the latter as a result. Being infuriated at such unexpected obstinace, Gongming unleashed his Dragon Binding Rope upon Xiao Sheng. As Xiao Sheng flipped his Treasure Catching Golden Coin into the air, which resulted in any weapon standing before him to fall to the ground with the weight of a large rock, such an action reciprocated as Gongming attempted the additional usage of his Sea Conquering Pearls. Becoming even more enraged at such a resolution, he used his staff, which is unaffected by any immortal weapon, to smash Xiao Sheng's head in, killing him instantly. Being devastated over the death of a man that was seemingly innocent and had little to do with the current situation, Burning Lamp protected the remaining Cao Bao by gravely wounding Zhao Gongming from behind with his Universal Ruler. As Gongming thus ragefully fled atop his black tiger, Burning Lamp approached Cao Bao and upon the recieving of the enemy's Sea Conquering Pearls, they both left to Phoenix City shortly following. With the Zhou forces now in possession of Gongming's most powerful weapon, which was to their knowledge, Gongming had little choice but to report the issue to Grand Old Master upon his return, and then leave to the Three Fairy Island in order to obtain an essential backing. Promising his old friend that he shall swiftly return, Zhao Gongming soared across the skies with the greatest of speed atop his mystical black tiger, and upon his arrival before the intended island, he approached the residence of his three younger sisters: High Firmament, Jade Firmament, and Green Firmament, who reciprocated a bow of greeting to their elder brother while inspecting the reason for his arrival. Elaborating the current situation with the loss of his treasured items and the need for either the Golden Dragon Scissors or the Golden Universe Muddling Dipper as an essential replacement, his three sisters declined, stating it best to await until Jiang Ziya has created the gods less they end up losing their lives fighting against the cause stated to be one with Heaven. With continued refusal to assist their brother in any form as a measure of caution rather than unwilling defiance, Gongming left their residence in a great fume of rage, considering he already knew Jiang Ziya had been killed by his hands, and his sisters were resolved to act against his views even with such a reality. Traveling a few miles on foot in search of other comrades that could assist in his cause, Gongming was suddenly met by his old friend Celestial Lotus, who, after being informed of the former's woes, grabbed his hand and returned to the residence of High Firmament and the others immediately. With Celestial Lotus's persistant intentions to obtain at least the Golden Dragon Scissors for the sake of Gongming's cause, High Firmament agreed to give her brother the scissors upon one condition: Gongming makes constant threats to this "Burning Lamp" until the Sea Conqueroring Pearls are obtained out of fear. Ensuring his sister that he will do what he can in order to reobtain the pearls at all costs, Zhao Gongming returned to the camp of Shang and was welcomed by Wen Zhong momentarily following. As the next day arrived with immediate departure before the reed pavilion, Burning Lamp met the former and remained obstinant to never hand back the treasure--for such an action would be nothing other than detrimental, even if the opposition declares a supposed level of truce following. Clashing blade against staff as a resolution of such, Zhao Gongming decided to finish matters quickly by casting his Golden Dragon Scissors within the sky at once.