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Investiture of the Gods
An Attempted Theft Ends in Failure
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "An Attempted Theft Ends in Failure". Once Thunder Quaker was wounded in addition by Yu Hua's dagger, Yang Bliss would arrive shortly and conclude that he suffered from some type of poison. Deciding that he would meet Yu Ha himself, Yang Bliss would purposely allow himself to be hit in the right arm by the former's dagger so that he could flee back to camp and analyze his wound. With no knowledge of what type of poison flowed from his blood, Yang Bliss would immediately see his master, Jade Tripod. After being informed that the dagger had originally been converted by Yu Yuan of Penglai Island, and three pills are needed from him directly in order to nullify the poison, Yang Bliss would disguise himself as Yu Hua and head to the island. By telling Yu Yuan that his dagger had been redirected into his own flesh while fighting against the Zhou forces, the latter would immediately hand his psuedo-disciple his desired pills. Once Yang Bliss had thus left the island, Yu Yuan would conclude that is was relatively impossible for his dagger to be redirected, and Yu Hua's wounds wouldn't have allowed for him to come from such a grand distance due to the dagger's deathly attributes. Now knowing that he had been tricked, he would pursue Yang Bliss through the clouds -- but would only end up fleeing back to Penglai Island after suffering from the former's Sky Barking Hound. Back at the Zhou camp, Yang Bliss would meet Yu Hua on the battlefield once more the next day -- and Thunder Quaker would fight in addition to attain his personal revenge. Unfortunately for Yu Ha however, his beast could not take beating from the two individuals and thus allowed an opening for Yang Bliss to severely wound Yu Ha -- resulting in the latter's death.

As Han Rong sat in desperation at the reported death of Yu Hua and the lack of desired reinforcements, the former would be confronted by a man by the name of Yu Yuan who had arrived in the name of avenging his disciple. With great delight over the turn of his fortune, Han Rong would feast with the latter before he left to challenge Yang Bliss for revenge. After realizing that Yang Bliss was not present at the Zhou camp, Yu Yuan would charge his blade at Jiang Ziya to unveil his rage. Even after unleashing his Golden Light Katana, Yu Yuan would have little choice but to flee back to the Shang pass once he was attacked by generals Wei Hu and Li Jing in addition. Earth Traveler Sun, who gazed at Yu Yuan fleeing atop his camel, would lust to steal the latter's mount due to its superb attributes. Deciding not to risk this chance by discussing it with Jiang Ziya, Sun would burrow through the ground and effectively arrive within Sishui Pass during the second watch that night. As Yu Yuan sat with his eyes closed, deep in meditation, he would hear an individual stealthily moving about through the pass -- and would thus feign many snores as to ensure that this suspicious individual knew he was asleep. Once Earth Traveler Sun had effectively seen Yu Yuan fast asleep, he would quickly beat him across the head a few dozen times. Confused that his beatings did not budge the former to any extent, he would decide to deal with him later and just take his mount for the moment. Once Sun had thus mounted Yu Yuan's camel, it would at first ride to the skies but would immediately return to it's original position on the ground shortly. Not having any time to react over the camel's unexpected defiance, the earth traveler would suddenly find his head being firmly gripped by Yu Yuan's palm. By finding many exceedingly deep burrow holes across the pass, Yu Yuan would confirm that this dwarf must have been traveling underground -- and he would thus present the latter to Han Rong with his hands clutching Sun's head to present escape.

As Yu Yuan thus presented the thief before Han Rong, the former would ask for the Universal Bag that was present beneath his cushion. With the desire in mind to burn Earth Traveler Sun alive within the bag, a large fire would be immediately constructed by the soldiers of Shang. Unfortunately for Yu Yuan however, Krakucchanda would be informed of the situation by White Crane Lad and would thus snatch the Universal Bag that held Sun in short time. As Yu Yuan glared at Krakucchanda from the skies with seethful rage, he would vow his life upon the chance to kill the latter. Following Krakucchanda's arrival at the Zhou camp, Jiang Ziya would have sentenced Earth Traveler Sun to death for his impulsiveness if it wasn't for the former's pursuation. Once Yu Yuan had continuously called for Krakucchanda to show himself the next day, Jiang Ziya would appear instead with the resolve to take him captive. Being thrashed about across the ground in desperation over Yu Yuan's keen renown with his sword, Krakucchanda would immediately appear and bind the latter with his Immortal Binding Rope. Back in the camp of Zhou, Jiang Ziya would order Yu Yuan beheaded; but each attempt to behead the latter would result as a mere scratch to the neck. After the failed attempt of Wei Hu in addition, Krakucchanda would order for Yu Yuan to be locked inside an iron box -- which would be thrown deeply into the North Sea. By combining the elements of metal and water into one, Yu Yuan would easily break through the iron box and return to the Green Touring Palace.

Even though he escaped from the box, he would still be tightly bounded by Krakucchanda's rope and would thus plead to his master, Mother Golden Spirit, to confront the Grand Master of Heaven so that such an issue could be ammended. Once each disciple had seen Yu Yuan in such a desperate state, their rage would burn even brighter against the immortals of Zhou. After the Grand Master of Heaven had essentially released Yu Yuan from his tight bonds, the latter would leave from the palace with one true desire: to attain the head of Krakucchanda no matter what it would take. As Yu Yuan thus gave challenge the following day, with the retortion of Jiang Ziya, the former would violently charge his blade into the latter's flesh. Without delay less the latter would be killed by Yu Yuan's great prowess, Krakucchanda would immediately bind the immortal with his seconday binding rope. With confusion in his mind over Krakucchanda's subordinate rope, Yu Yuan's fear would be heightened as Lu Ya arrived at the Zhou encampment. With detmination to kill Yu Yuan for his past treachery, no matter how justifed it may have been, Lu Ya would remove the lid from his gourd -- thus releasing a brilliant white light that would pierce through the clouds. As the great beam of light revolved in the air several times, it would come crashing down like an enormous blade to clieve the unfortunate Yu Yuan into two halves. With Yu Yuan now dead, Lu Ya would burry his body and then take his leave. Back in Sishui Pass, Han Rong would soon attain a report on Yu Yuan's passing. After holding a military conference to determine their resolution, it would be concluded that each individual soldier should pack their treasured belongings in carts to be transported into the mountainous regions: they're temporary home. Han Sheng and Han Bian, the two sons of Han Rong, would immediately meet with their father to state their personal resolve.