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Investiture of the Gods
The Occupation of Sishui Pass
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "The Occupation of Sishui Pass". Once Han Sheng approached his father, Han Rong, he would spout many great words of devotion and loyalty towards his country. Even though Han Rong remained rather hesistant in order to ensure the safety of his subjects, he would smile in admiration at his son's resolve. To boost the confidence of their father, Han Sheng and Han Bian would both go to the drilling grounds and unleash the renown of their Ten Thousand Knife Vehicle. With a mere few chants, this technique had the ability to unleash an unparalleled amount of strong winds across the ground -- effectively allowing any object present to be absorbed and launched at will due to being controlled with magic. Han Rong, who was rather confused at how his two sons could attain such a powerful technique, would be told that it was attained by Fa Jie, an official of Morning Song, who simply wished for this ability to be their entity of resolve. Now in a state of high morale, Han Rong would order 3,000 soldiers of the Shang forces to be dresses in pure black armor and individually equipped and drilled effectively with thousand knife vehicles. As Han Rong and his army thus set out to challenge Jiang Ziya, the latter would immediately present himself with his own army -- determined to defeat his opposition one last time. After Han Sheng had clashed violently against Wei Ben, the former would retreat temporarily while signaling his three-thousand soldiers to unleash their individual vehicles. Caught immensely unsurprised, over eight-thousand soldiers of the Zhou army would be completely slaughtered by their own weapons and other controlled objects that ran amok through the air in a mere few moments. With unparalleled fear, the remnants of Zhou would flee back to camp in quick pace. For the sake of his honor and dignified spirit to the Shang Dynasty, Han Rong would call off the slaughter so that he could personally kill Jiang Ziya in the future. With this resolve set in his mind, Han Rong would order a night surprise attack with his three-thousand soldiers of Shang. Like great waves of blackness hidden under the veil of night, the army of Shang stealthily ran through the camps of Zhou slaughtering soldiers right and left. With corpses littered in every direction, Jiang Ziya would desperately flee atop his horse for miles with his remaining soldiers. After being pursued by the forces of Han Sheng and Han Bian for a great while longer, Zheng Lun would finally arrive with his crow troops and clash blades against the former. In great personal fear at the sight of the Shang army's destructive vehicles, Zheng Lun would immediately unleash his two white columns of light to place his neighboring enemies in an unconscious state. With immense luck on the side of Zhou, all 3,000 soldiers of Shang would unfortunately lose their superior magical abilities as Han Sheng and Han Bian were seized by Zheng Lun.

As Han Rong and his forces had thus retreated due to their loss of power, and general morale, the Zhou forces would toast eachother over their luck-won victory. Once it had been reported that the army of Zhou were calling at the gates of Sishui the following day, Han Rong would personally climb the city wall to hear them out. Jiang Ziya would shortly present himself before the gates with the former's two sons in a captive state. Han Rong, who immediately offered the pass if his two sons were to be spared, would only stand in agony as he saw their heads tumble to the ground after spouting threatening words to Jiang Ziya. With rage and sorrow that was equivalent to the very heavens, Han Rong would jump from the city walls to his death. Following Han Rong's death, Jiang Ziya would thus seize Sishui Pass and pacify the people. At this same point in time Paragon would be approached by White Crane Lad at his green touring bed -- and would thus be asked to assist in the Immortal Slaughtering Trap's destruction. Upon the hearing of such a need, Paragon would call for his disciple, Nezha, and toast him with wine and dates. Just before Nezha was to be dismissed, he suddenly grew three heads and six additional arms. With this transformational ability that could be activated upon the user's will, Nezha would effectively be able to carry six different treasures before departing from his master to assist Jiang Ziya. Just as the Zhou forces were planning their assault upon Jiepai Pass, Yellow Dragon would arrive from the skies and ask Jiang Ziya to create a reed pavilion in preparation for their attack upon the Fairy Immortal Trap. Following the pavilion's construction, each superiorman and disciple would attend to the former location while each general of Zhou protected Sishui Pass and King Wu. As each superiorman had finally arrived, Multi-Precious would clap his hands to completely expose his trap to the competitors that stood before him. A great air of death and cold misty winds would shoot forth from the trap -- thus putting the superiormen into great misery and fright.