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Selma Louise Freudenberg

Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921-2009) was the coordinator of home preparedness for the Paramus Civil Defense and Disaster Control.

Selma Louise Freudenberg

Works about Selma Louise Freudenberg[edit]

"Mrs. Selma Norton, 268 Gordon Drive, Paramus, also charged cruelty in the complaint against her husband, Thomas, 45, an accountant, of the same address. They were married in Jersey City Oct. 3, 1942"
"Mrs. Sally Norton, Paramus C. D. coordinator, claimed people need something to wake them up."
"Mrs. Sally L. Norton was appointed adviser of the home preparedness program."
"Four women and one man showed up, 'I couldn't believe it,' remarked C.D. coordinator Mrs. Sally Norton, who had assisted in programming the event, 'if it had just been a social event I could have understood, but this means peoples' lives,' she said."
The program will include exhibits on communication and radiological defense equipment, according to Mrs. Sally Norton chairman of the event. A film on radiological defense will also be shown, Mrs. Norton said.
"C. D. Co-ordinator Mrs. Sally Norton said the class will take place in Ridge Ranch School at 8:30, with Mrs. Rose D'Aruto the instructor."
"Mrs. Norton announced that 71 women had answered her call for volunteer help. The women will canvass the Ridge Ranch section next Monday to distribute copies of "Home Preparedness", a Civil Defense booklet. Purpose of the drive, the Borough's first, will be to prompt residents to stock 2-weeks food supply in their homes In case of emergency, Mrs. Norton said. Anyone interested is invited to attend the meeting, she said."
"Mrs. Norton will conduct a meeting at Ridge Ranch School during which she hopes to transfuse her preparedness feelings to other women of the Borough. The program will begin at 8:30. 'I really feel we have a big job to do to keep women from getting panicky if something happens; what will they do then, go out and get prepared when it's too late? … If I have time with my three children plus the job, then I'm sure many others do too,' she said. She also said it was more than a little disappointing that no programs were under way in other towns. 'Some one has to wake them up and I'm sure going to try,' she said. Courses in first aid and practical nursing will be offered along the regular C.D. procedures, she added. Mrs. Norton herself will study radio and communications to prepare for her coordinating job."
"Mothers will march on the Board of Education to spur a Civil Defense preparedness drive, Mrs. Sally Norton said last night. "We'll also write them so much that they're bound to do something" said the Borough home-preparedness director. Purpose of the drive, she added, was to get the Board to erect fallout shelters in the schools. … Mrs. Norton said her volunteer group would initiate a 5-week first-aid course Thursday at the school. … The first goal of the home-preparedness group, Mrs. Norton said, was to prod homeowners into storing 2-weeks food in case of an emergency. She said if something happens, it will be too late to acquire food. Deputy C. D. Directors Archie Petronzio and Edward Sharkey last night installed 16 volunteer women. Mrs. Norton said she hopes to swell the ranks to 70 in less than 2 weeks. The unit is planning a home-preparedness day in the near future."
"Thomas, husband of the former Selma Freudenberg, enlisted in June 1942."
"Miss Selma Freudenberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Freudenberg, 11 Claremont Avenue, was united in marriage recently at Trinity Lutheran Church to Mr. Thomas Norton, second class seaman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norton, 603 Garfield Avenue."
"Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Freudenberg, 11 Claremont Avenue, recently announced the engagement of their daughter, Selma, to Mr. Thomas Norton, 603 Garfield Avenue. Miss Freudenberg and Mr. Norton are graduates of Henry Snyder High School."
"Selma Freudenberg, 15, of 11 Claremont Avenue, sustained a laceration of the right leg when she fell from her sled while coasting in front of her home last night."
"The following were on the honor roll for attendance with three stars: Eleanor Bennett, Lillian Ruffley. Selma Freudenberg, Marjorie Nelson and Gilbert Black. Those who had three stars for memory work were Winifred Reynolds, Marjorie Nelson. Lillian Ruffley and Selma Freudenberg."
"Mr. and Mrs. Freudenberg are the parents of two daughters: Naida Muriel; and Selma Louise."

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