The Bergen Record/1961/Paramus C.D. Aide Ready For Trouble

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Paramus C. D. Aide Ready For Trouble  (1961) 
The Bergen Record
Selma Louise Freudenberg (1921-2009) in The Record of Hackensack, New Jersey on 9 October 1961.png

Paramus C. D. Aide Ready For Trouble. Hopes Other Women Will Share Opinion Preparedness Is Important To All. Paramus, New Jersey. Mrs. Sally Norton of 268 Gordon Drive is one woman who believes civil seriously. She is the home-preparedness C.D.-D.C. coordinator for the Borough. Meeting Tonight. Tonight Mrs. Norton will conduct a meeting at Ridge Ranch School during which she hopes to transfuse her preparedness feelings to other women of the Borough. The program will begin at 8:30. "I really feel we have a big job to do to keep women from getting panicky if something happens; what will they do then, go out and get prepared when it's too late?" she asked. Mrs. Norton, who also works part time said she was tired of hearing canasta and bridge clubs were more important than survival. "If I have time with my three children plus the job, then I'm sure many others do too," she said. She also said it was more than a little disappointing that no programs were under way in other towns. "Some one has to wake them up and I'm sure going to try," she said. Courses in first aid and practical nursing will be offered along the regular C.D. procedures, she added. Mrs. Norton herself will study radio and communications to prepare for her coordinating job. Thus far half of the 70 women needed to staff the drive, expected to reach the 300 homes in the Ridge Ranch area, have volunteered. Mrs. Norton said she is determined to make up the deficit by next meeting. The volunteers will be sworn in by Deputy C.D. D.C. Director Archie Petronzio. Borough Director Warren Hildenbrand, Jr. is in charge of the program.

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