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Speeches are examples of the art of oratory, which is almost as old as speech itself. Speeches are a form of communication that adds to the knowledge and wisdom of listeners, or that influences their attitudes or behavior.

Speeches are often given on regular occasions, and for ceremonial or traditional reasons, such as United States State of the Union Address or the British Queen's Speech; however, particularly in Parliamentary democracies they can be much less formal and are an essential part of political debate. In other countries they may have a less traditional or ritualised role but are still an effective tool in informing listeners and motivating them to action.

The purpose of the Speeches Portal is to provide one central point to co-ordinate, organise and increase our collection of speeches. Guidelines on the addition, format and proofreading of speeches are available at Speeches Guidelines.

Please see Portal:Speeches for our full collection of speeches. For information on copyright see Speeches Copyright.