Postcard from H. P. Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith

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Postcard from H. P. Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith, 14th December 1933
by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Well—no sooner had my epistle gone out of the house that the expressman brought your welcome packet—the "Geography" & the "Lady". Have thumbed through the pages of the former, & it looks as though it promises an even rarer feast than the kindred volumes I have recently read. Old Monty's scholarship certainly is profound to the very last degree. I shall be interested to see how far the "Lady" comes forward justifying the intemperate admiration of Comte d'Erlette & Jehvish-Ei.

"Dark Chamber" & cuttings will go on the road as soon as I get down town. The weather has slightly moderated, so that I may make it today or tomorrow.

This card shews a finely panelled room taken from an old house at the front of the hill not so very far from here. I never saw it in its original site, but have visited it in its present Brooklyn habitat. Another room from the same house is in a museum in Minneapolis, Minn—young Melmoth's home territory. The old brick house, stripped of its fine woodwork, still stands—in a neighbourhood of slowly decaying commercialism.

Yrs with the blessing of Nefren-Ka-


Glad to see the item about Crowley. What a queer duck! He is the original of Clinton in Wakefield's "They Return at Evening."

Clark Ashton Smith, Esq.,

Box 385,



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