Preludes (Meynell)/Sonnet. The Poet to Nature

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Non tengo nascosto
A te mio cor.


I have no secrets from thee, lyre sublime,
My lyre whereof I make my melody.
I sing one way like the west wind through thee,
With my whole heart, and hear thy sweet strings chime.

But thou, who soundest in my tune and rhyme,
Hast tones I wake not, in thy land and sea,
Loveliness not for me, secrets from me,
Thoughts for another, and another time.

And as, the west wind passed, the south wind alters
His intimate sweet things, his hues of noon,
The voices of his waves, sound of his pine,

The meanings of his lost heart,—this thought falters
In my short song—"Another bard shall tune
Thee, O my Lyre, to other songs than mine."