Registration by Kiliaen van Rensselaer and associates of a colony above and below Fort Orange, on both sides of the North River

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Extract from the register of resolutions kept by the directors of the Chartered West India Company, Chamber of Amsterdam

Monday the 19th of November, 1629

Kiliaen van renselaer declares himself cum suis from now on as patroon on the North River of New Netherland beginning above and below Fort Orange,25 on both sides of the river with the islands therein, as many leagues downwards as the Assembly of the XIX has determined, intending to send a colony thither at the first opportunity on the conditions framed as aforesaid by the Assembly of the XIX.

Agrees with the aforesaid register,
In the absence of the advocate
Johannes Dijckman

After collation this is found to agree with the authentic extract, which I, notary public residing at Amsterdam certify and in witness whereof 1 have hereto affixed my signature, this igth of April 1649.

J. vande Ven
nots Pub.