Representative women of New England

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Representative Women of New England (1904)
Mary Elvira Elliott; Mary A. Stimpson; Martha Seavey Hoyt et al.
2304770Representative Women of New England1904Mary Elvira Elliott; Mary A. Stimpson; Martha Seavey Hoyt et al.

New England Library of Popular Biographies




Mary Elvira Elliot, Mary A. Stimpson, Martha Seavey Hoyt, and Others

Under the Editorial Supervision of JULIA WARD HOWE, assisted by Mary H. Graves

"Honorable women not a few."





IN presenting this book to our patrons, we think it fitting to state that the publication of such a volume was first suggested to us by two ladies who have been since, for most of the time, closely associated with us in its compilation—Mrs. Mary A. Stimpson and Miss Mary E. Elliot. Their labors have been ably supplemented in this department and otherwise by Mrs. Martha S. Hoyt and others, to all of whom we owe a debt of thanks for faithful and efficient service. Our thanks are also due in high measure to Miss Mary H. Graves for her thorough and painstaking work in connection with the editorial department and the verification of the genealogies herein contained ; and to Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, the editor-in-chief, for her many wise suggestions, careful oversight, and valuable personal contributions of biographical matter. That the completion of the work has been delayed somewhat beyond the time at first anticipated has been due partly to the fact that the data for some of the biographies, promised a long time since, were not furnished to us until quite recently, and also to the careful and thorough manner in which every department of the work has been carried on. That all will be fully satisfied we do not expect; yet we believe that our subscribers in general will find little real cause for dissatisfaction, and in particular will this be true of those who readily and heartily co-operated with us in the preparation of their own biographies. The few who failed to do so will be little entitled to complain of any errors or omissions in the matter personal to themselves herein printed. We believe the book will fulfil the reasonable expectations of all those who have taken a friendly interest in its publication.


Boston, Mass., U. S. A.,

September, 1904.

Editor's Preface.

The biographical sketches presented in this volume are mostly of women who are still with us and engaged in active pursuits which embrace a wide variety of callings. The woman minister, doctor, lawyer, all have here their record, and with them the writer, the teacher, the philanthropist, the general care-taker of society.

The sketches naturally vary in importance and interest; but, taken all together, they offer a laudable report of the work of New England women in many departments of public and personal service. They attest the active interest of New England's daughters in the welfare of the State and in all that most vitally concerns its citizens.

Julia Ward Howe.





Achorn, Ada A. 346
Agassiz, Elizabeth C. 5
Allen, Mary E. 187
Andrews, Judith W. 118
Anthony, Susan B. 369
Atherton, Mary A. 416
Ayling, Cora B. 150


Bailey, Anna M. L. 432
Bailey, Hannah J. 365
Bailey, Mercy A. 151
Baker, Julia M. 154
Baldwin, Ella L. T. 239
Barker, E. Florence 110
Barrows, Anna 241
Barton, Clara 295
Bates, Tryphosa D. 311
Beedy, Helen C. 272
Beeman, E. Josephine C. 447
Bemis, Caroline A. 449
Benedict, Harriet E. 235
Benneson, Cora A. 326
Bigelow, Abbie A. 214
Bigelow, Clara P. 441
Blackwell, Alice Stone 406
Blodgett, Adelaide N. 332
Bolt, Elizabeth E. 255
Boothby, Adelaide E. 170
Borden, Bertha V. 81
Boston Women's Educational and Industrial Union 493
Boyden, Sarah J. 169
Bradbury, Eliza Ann 434
Bradley, Amy M. 476
Brazier, Marion H. 433
Brown, Emma E. 131
Brown, Eva M. 408
Brown, Fanny C. 142
Burnham, Mary S. 458
Butler, Margaret J. 480


Cade, Salome T. 212
Cahill, Eliza B. 82
Calkins, Adelaide A. H. 163
Capron, Sarah B. T. 203
Carver, Mary C. L. 141
Cass, Eleanor B. 472
Chamberlin, Harriet A. 374
Chapin, Mary E. T. 475
Chapman, Anna D. H. 381
Chapman, Mary A. W. 419
Chase, Adelaide F. 347
Cheney, Ednah D. 7
Clark, Carro M. 393
Clark, Emily L. 470
Clark, Susie C. 366
Cobb, Almeda H. 140
Cobb, Eunice H. W. 136
Cook, Evelyn T. 288
Cooke, Harriette J. 175
Crane, Sibylla A. B. 348
Curry, Anna B. 388


Dana, Olive E. 278
Darlingtone, Nina K. 453
Daughters of the Revolution, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 495
Davis, Delilah S. 237
Day, Agnes B. 473
Deane, Mary G. 268
Delano, Ellen V. 360
Dickerman, Sarah A. P. 233
Dix, Dorothea L. 423
Dixon, Sarah A. 242
Doherty, Helen I. 261
Drake, Stella E. P. 412
Dyer, Clara L. B. 378
Dyer, Julia K. 126


Eastman, Mary F. 484
Elliot, Emily J. 307
Elliot, Mary E. 305
Emerson, Alice W. 201
Evans, Clara H. B. 226


Fales, Mary J. P. 225
Faxon, Grace B. 294
Faelten, Marie D. 79
Fenwick, Minnie L. 254
Fessenden, Susan B. S. 391
Fielding, Sarah E. 264
Fields, Annie 382
Fisher, Lucy B. 234
Fitz, Adeline F. 406
Flint, Harriet N. 123
Fogg, Ellen M. 160
Foster, Abby K. 22
Foster, Edna A. 211
Foster, Elizabeth B. 469
Foster, Harriet W. 279
Fowle, Elida R. 84
Frazar, Mae D. 293
Frissell, Seraph 292
Frothingham, Eugenia B. 321
Frye, Eunice N. 46
Fulton, Sarah B. 339
Fuller, Sarah 219
Fuller, Sarah E. 355


Galpin, Barbara 354
Gary, Clara E. 109
Geddes, Alice S. 145
Gifford, Augusta H. 43
Gilman, Hannah E. 173
Gilman, Julia R. 173
Gilman, Marv L. 444
Gilson, Helen L. 68
Goddard, Alice M. 387
Going, Maria W. 331
Goodale, Mary S. 50
Gosse, Elisabeth S. M. 442
Gould, Elizabeth P. 11
Grant, Anna Florence 377
Graves, Helen M. 475
Greely, Emma A. 57
Greene, Clara M. 490
Greene, Mary A. 37
Greene, Sarah P. M. 262
Griswold, Kate E. 44


Hale, Sarah J. 407
Hamilton, Julia 206
Hamilton, Margaret 301
Hartwell, Effie M. F. N. 147
Hatch, Lavina A. 114
Hawley, Annie A. 108
Hayward, Elizabeth E. 362
Hazen, Fanny T. 466
Heald, L. Isabel 167
Hecht, Lina F. 334
Higginbotham, Helena 465
Hill, Eliza Trask 230
Hitchcock, Caroline H. 421
Hodgkins, Louise M. 97
Holbrook, Isabel N. 156
Howe, Julia Ward 401
Hoyle, Katherine L. 183
Hoyt, Jane W. 87
Hoyt, Martha S. 251
Hunt, Augusta M. 450
Hyde, Ethel 95


Jameson, Lucy A. 99
Jewett, Sarah Orne 428
Jones, Calista R. 148
Jones, Fannie M. 425
Jones, Pauline S. 478


Kent, Georgia T. 120
Kimball, Mary Elizabeth 222
Kinney, Eunice D. 266
Kirby, Mary C. W. 273
Kirk, Lucy A. 256
Knapp, Roselth A. 380
Knowles, Mary E. 93
Kotzschmar, Mary A. 253


Lambard, Harriet S. 491
Laughton, Marie W. 437
Lawrence, Lillian 324
Lee, Charlotte A. B. 492
Leighton, Annie H. S. 411
Lincoln, Mary J. B. 35
Livermore, Mary A. 430
Loud, Hulda B. 471
Lowe, Martha Perry 426
Lyman, Dorcas H. 435


MacBride, Marion A. 425
Mace, Frances L. 342
MacGregor, Ellen B. 162
MacGregor, Mary E. 162
Magennis, Margaret J. 385
Mann, Martha E. F. 339
Mattoon, Laura A. G. 317
May, Abby Williams 479
McHenry, Mary S. 72
Merrill, Anne E. 236
Merrill, Estelle M. H. 375
Merritt, Salome 299
Miller, Ida L. F. 304
Mitchell, Elizabeth W. 349
Mitchell, Maria 481
Moore, Ella Maude 395
Morey, Ellen B. 282
Morton, Deborah N. 440
Moulton, Louise Chandler 14
Murray, Annie G. 80
Mulford, Helen C. 181


Nason, Emma H. 209
Newell, A. Elizabeth 414
Newell, Ophelia S. 414
Norton, Lillian 491
Nottage, Addie A. 322


Orth, Mrs. L. E. 429
Osgood, Etta H. 284


Packard, Helen N. 185
Packard, Lizzie A. 368
Parker, S. Agnes 143
Parkhurst, Mary J. 66
Partington, Lura C. 29
Peabody, Elizabeth P. 403
Peakes, Vina B. 493
Pendergast, Ella W. 351
Perkins, Annie S. 446
Perkins, Sarah A. 457
Pickett, Rebecca A. 152
Pilsbury, Anne 286
Pope, Grace Atwood 359
Porter, Florence C. 246
Posse, Rose M. 105
Potter, Isabella A. 291
Prang, Mary D. H. 40
Proctor, Edna Dean 438
Purington, Louise C. 74
Putnam, Mary P. 171


Quinlan, Gertrude 489


Ralph, Harriet A. 216
Richardson, Ellen A. 218
Ricker, Katherine M. 344
Ripley, Emma J. M. 88
Roache, Josephine 287
Robertson, Alice K. 76
Robinson, Angle A. 157
Rockwood, Lelia F. H. 451
Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre 335
Russell, Georgia A. 383
Russell, Julia A. B. 224
Rust, Annie Coolidge 89


Salisbury, Gertrude F. 168
Sanborn, Gulielma P. 100
Sanborn, Kate 244
Scott, Lucy J. 97
Shattuck, Annie C. 473
Simpson, Harriet P. 280
Smith, Dora Bascom 227
Smith, Louise Humphrey 53
Soule, Elizabeth H. 482
Southwick, Jessie E. 172
Spaulding, Lavina J. 376
Spofford, Harriet P. 130
Spooner, Florence G. 258
Sprague, Ann M. M. 178
Stanley, Augusta W. 128
Steeves, Alice M. 285
Stevens, Lillian M. N. 19
Stone, Ellen Maria 459
Stone, Lucy 191
Sutherland, Evelyn G. 32
Swain, Eleanor L. 266


Talbot, Sarah E. 314
Thomas, Charlotte J. 119
Tibbetts, Elvira A. 397
Todd, Mabel Loomis 276
Towne, Clara F. 310
Turner, Lizabeth A. 463


Upham, Grace Le Baron 64
Usher, Abbie T. 398


Von Olnhausen, Mary P. 58


Wadsworth, Lue S. 449
Walden, Pauline J. 97
Walker, Jennie P. 318
Walton, Electa N. L. 247
Ward, May Alden 47
Warren, Harriet C. M. 98
Weber, Florence G. 270
Wellington, Lydia G. 177
Wellington, Sarah C. F. 132
Wentworth, Caroline Y. 333
Wetherell, Lucretia H. 448
Whitaker, Alice E. W. 213
White, Armenia S. 134
Whitmarsh, Mary A. S. 492
Whitney, Adelaide D. T. 404
Whitney, Anne 102
Whiton, Ella C. R. 330
Wiggin, Kate Douglas 417
Wilkin, Matilda J. C. 229
Williams, Elizabeth Orr 62
Windsor, Sarah S. 411
Winslow, Helen M. 313
Woodbury, Ida S. V. 60
Woolley, Emma M. 210


Young, Cora D. 165


Zakrzewska, Marie Elizabeth 319

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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