Rules of The Foot-Ball Club (1833)

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1. Single-soled shoes, no iron

2. No tripping

3. Ball to pass imaginary line

4. A free kick if ball out of bounds

5. Pushing is allowed. Holding not illegal

6. Allow the ball to be lifted between fields[1]

Aff[irmative] Fun, air, exercise

Neg[ative] — No tripping —


  1. Compare Rules of the Public Playground at Stockbridge (1854). According to one source, this rule "appears to mean that the only time the ball could be lifted, i.e. picked up or handled, was when it was out of play 'between fields'": see "Playing the game in 1833 - the world's earliest known rules of football". Scottish Sport History. 2018-05-05. Retrieved 2019-07-07.  (Wikisource contributor note)

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