Rules of the Public Playground at Stockbridge (1854)

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Rules of The Public Playground at Stockbridge  (1854) 
by John Hope [probable]

Rules of football, taken from the ninth of the published "Rules of The Public Playground at Stockbridge", Edinburgh. The playground was opened in May 1854 by John Hope, who also founded the Foot-Ball Club of Edinburgh. Compare Rules of The Foot-Ball Club (1833).

The Game of Foot-Ball is strongly recommended, as giving the most exercise and fun in a short time. There must be no kicking of shins, nor tripping — for these are apt to produce quarrels and hurts, and do not form part of the game. The ball is not "hailed," unless it is sent between the posts, by one of the side whose duty it is to send it through, and unless it touch the ground. If the ball is sent through by one of the other side, it is not "hailed." The ball should not be kicked out of bounds. When this occurs, it should be lifted up by the hand, and brought within bounds. The party thus lifting it, is entitled to a "free kick," but the ball must not be lifted by the hand from the ground at any other time. The British League Cap, to distinguish sides, cost 2d, is recommended. Beware of kicking the ball over the fences. Mr Gray, saddler, 18, South Hanover Street, can supply round cases of stout grain dressed shoe leather for 3s. 6d. each. They will be found cheapest in the end, and save bladders.


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