Sacred Books of the East/Kullavagga

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Sacred Books of the East, Vol. XVII & XX
Vinaya Texts: Part II-III

edited by
Max Müller,
translated by
T. W. Rhys-Davids and H. Oldenberg

Cullavagga includes accounts of the First and Second Buddhist Councils and the establishment of the community of Buddhist nuns, as well as rules for addressing offenses within the community. Excerpted from Khandhaka on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A part of the 50-volume series of the Sacred Books of the East, were the Vinaya Texts, translated from the Pâli by H. Oldenberg T. W. Rhys-Davids. They came in 3 parts, that as part of the series were volume XIII, XVII, and XX. The Kullavagga spanned from the end of Part II (i.e. Vol. XVII) to the whole of Part III (i.e. Vol. XX). This page is created for readers' convenience, as it gives the full contents of the book that had been divided in paper-based edition.