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Scrutiny: A Quarterly Review

Scrutiny: A Quarterly Review was a literature periodical founded in 1932 by F. R. Leavis, who remained its principal editor until the final issue in 1953. Other editors include Lionel Charles Knights and Harold Andrew Mason.

Volume 1[edit]

No. 1. May, 1932[edit]

No. 2. September, 1932[edit]

No. 3. December, 1932[edit]

No. 4. March, 1933[edit]

Volume 2[edit]

No. 1 June, 1933[edit]

  • A Cure for Amnesia Denys Thompson
  • Revaluations (I): John Webster W. A. Edwards
  • Festivals of Fire, Section II Ronald Bottrall; Evaluations (II): Croce James Smith
  • English Tradition and Idiom Adrian Bell
  • The French Novel of To-day Henri Fluchere
  • 'Hero and Leader,' M. C. Bradbrook
Comments and Reviews;
  • 'This Poetical Renascence,' F. R. Leavis
  • Songs of Experience, Words for Music Perhaps, reviewed by M. C. Bradbrook
  • Dunbar and the 'Scottish renaissance,' John Speirs
  • Donne Not an Elizabethan, The Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse, reviewed by W. A. Edwards
  • Sixteen Bobs'-Worth of Culture, The English Muse, reviewed by Douglas Garman
  • The Lost Leader, A Study of Wordsworth, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Reading About Art, a review by Donald Culveer
  • Dostoevsky or Dickens? Light in August, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • 'Quicunque Vult...,' Essays in Order, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • In Job's Balances, reviewed by Michael Oakeshott
  • A Realist Looks at Democracy and If the Blind Lead, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Arnold Bennett: American Version, Dreiser and the Land of the Free, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Short Notices

No. 2 September, 1933[edit]

  • XXX Cantos of Ezra Pound Ronald Bottrall
  • Milton's Verse F. R. Leavis
  • Scrutiny of Examinations L. C. Knights
  • To Maecenas, a Poem C. H. Peacock
  • Will Economics Follow the Robbins Road? Donald K. Kitchin
  • Mr Kitchin on the Insignificance of Economics Harold E. Batson
Comments and Reviews
  • 'Our Serious Weeklies,' Q. D. Leavis
  • Flank-Rubbing and Criticism D. W. Harding and L. C. Knights
  • 'The Machine Unchained' Denys Thompson
  • Art and the Negative Impulses, Voyage au Bout de la Nuit, reviewed by Douglas Garman
  • Joyce and 'The Revolution of the Word' F. R. Leavis
  • Canons of Giant Art, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Battles Long Ago, Conquistador, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Literary Quotation and Allusion, and Plagiarism, reviewed by John Speirs
  • 'Go to the Professors!' Gorley Putt
  • The Christian Renaissance, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Film, reviewed by William Hunter
  • Moscow Dialogues, etc., reviewed by Montagu Hunter
  • Good Intentions in Education, The Educational Frontier, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Short Notices

No. 3 December, 1933[edit]

  • On Metaphysical Poetry James Smith
  • French Literary Periodicals Henri Fluchere
  • Prospectus for a Weekly Denys Thompson
  • The Criticism of William Empson M. C. Bradbrook
  • The Significance of Economics Thus Conceived D. K. Kitchin
  • Foot-Note to the Above H. Batson
  • Sonnet by Gongora and Translation E. M. Wilson
  • Revaluations (II): The Poetry of Pope F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • The Essayist at Large Denys Thompson
  • Mr Eliot at Harvard, The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Latest Yeats F. R. Leavis
  • Henryson, Chaucer and the 'Scottish Language,' a review by John Speirs
  • The Case of Mr Pound, Active Anthology, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Lytton Strachey, a review by T. R. Barnes
  • Towards Standards of Criticism, reviewed by I. M. Parsons
  • Gog-Magog, reviewed by Hugh Gordon Porteus
  • The First Lord Melchett, a review by W. H. Auden
  • Aspects of the Rise of Economic Individualism, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Mr. Christopher Dawson, a note
  • Social Eddies, Recent Social Trends in the United States, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Rigour of the Game, The Dynamics of Education, reviewed by Raymond O'Malley
  • Social Development in Young Children, reviewed by D. Q. Harding
  • Eddington, Jeans and Sullivan, reviewed by C. A. Meredith
  • War: Can the Intelligent Stop It? H. L. Elvin
  • Notes on Contributors

No. 4 March, 1934[edit]

  • Editorial; Revaluations (III): Burns John Speirs
  • The Scientific Best Seller J. L. Russell
  • The Irony of Swift F. R. Leavis
  • What Shall We Teach? Denys Thompson
  • Fleet Street and P...

Volume 3[edit]

No. 1 June, 1934[edit]

  • Evaluations (III): Alfred North Whitehead James Smith
  • Revaluations (IV): Hardy the Novelist Frank Chapman
  • Amateurism and Professionalism in Economics H. E. Batson
  • The Work of L. H. Myers D. W. Harding
  • The Return of Odysseus, a poem Richard Eberhart
  • Comments and Reviews; Means to Social Consciousness: Denys Thompson; Auden, Bottrall and Others: F. R. Leavis
  • Poems of George Barker, reviewed by Hugh Gordon Porteus
  • Shakespeare Criticism: Art and Artifice in Shakespeare, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Poetry Direct and Oblique, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Ideals and Facts in Adult Education: Adult Education in Practice, English in Australia and Reading and Discrimination, reviewed by W. A. Edwards
  • English Studies in the W.E.A., a note
  • How Shall We Teach? Progressive Schools, Their Principles and Practice, reviewed by Eric Capon and D. T.
  • An Atlas of Current Affairs, reviewed by J. B. P.
  • Economics for the Uninformed: reviews by H. E. Batson
  • Modern Man in Search of a Soul, reviewed by D. W. Harding

No. 2 September, 1934[edit]

  • Oxford Letter H. A. Mason; Why Universities? F. R. Leavis
  • Revaluations (V): Shakespeare's Sonnets L. C. Knights
  • History in the Classroom W. E. Brown
  • Advertising and Economic Waste C. H. P. Gifford
  • Comments and Reviews; England and the Octopus: Denys Thompson
  • The Rock, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Mr. Eliot, Mr. Wyndham Lewis and Lawrence: After Strange Gods, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Announcement
  • A B C of Reading, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Journey to the End of the Night, reviewed by William Hunter
  • Soviet Literature, reviewed by D. S. Mirsky
  • Music in Decline: The Reality of Music and Music Ho!, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • Which England?: Here's England, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • Progressive Schools: reviews by Denys Thompson
  • Manifesto, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Russian Sociology, reviewed by H. W. Durant
  • Periodicals; The English Association

No. 3 December, 1934[edit]

  • Culture and Early Environment Raymond O'Malley
  • Revaluations (VI): Wordsworth F. R. Leavis
  • The Novels of Jean Giono Henri Fluchere
  • The Religion of Progress J. L. Russell
  • Correspondence: 'Ephraim Pundit', John Sparrow, George Reavey and Ronald Bottrall
  • Comments and Reviews; Ex Cathedra; 'What is Truth?' The Seventeenth Century Background, reviewed by H. J. C. Grierson
  • Lowes Dickinson: a review by W. H. Auden
  • Shakespeare and Shakespeareans: A Companion to Shakespeare Studies and Elizabethan Essays, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • The Twilight of Intelligence: John Middleton Murray and Aspects of Literature, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Mechanisms of Misery: Tender is the Night, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • A Hope for Poetry, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Modern Prose Style, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • In All Countries, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Longinus and English Criticism, reviewed by James Smith
  • A 'Sceptical' Psychologist: Religion and the Sciences of Life, reviewed by C. E. Lucas

No. 4 March, 1935[edit]

  • Proletarian Literature William Empson
  • Revaluations (VII): George Chapman James Smith
  • Unpublished Poems Isaac Rosenberg
  • Aspects of the Poetry of Isaac Rosenberg D. W. Harding
  • Musical History Bruce Pattison
  • Comments and Reviews
  • The Times in School Denys Thompson
  • Dr. Richards, Bentham and Coleridge: Coleridge on Imagination, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Poetry 1934: a review by H. A. Mason
  • Mr. Pound's Propertius: a review by John Speirs
  • The Balcony, reviewed by Sylvia Legge
  • The Land of Plenty, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Solid Virtues: Claudius the God, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Early Victorian Novelists, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Criticism of Ballet: Balletomania, reviewed by Erik Mesterton
  • A Public for Art in Industry: a review by J. M. Harding
  • Sociology, reviewed by H. W. Durant

Volume 4[edit]

No. 1 June, 1935[edit]

  • Preamble to a Great Adventure, A Poem Ronald Bottrall
  • Propaganda and Rationalization in War D.W. Harding
  • Approach to Ariosto J.H. Whitfield
  • A Hundred Years of the Higher Journalism Denys Thompson
  • The Scottish Ballads John Speirs; Revaluations (VII): George Chapman ii James Smith
  • Correspondence: from J.B.S. Haldane, J.L. Russell, W. Empson and P. Mansell Jones
Comments and Reviews
  • Apology to 'The Times'
  • Experiment in Arden; American and English Earth, Fiction Kay Boyle
  • William Faulkner, William Saroyan, Erskine Caldwell and T.F. Powys, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • L.H. Myers, The Root and the Flower, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Untouchable, reviewed by Boman Mehta
  • The Eternal Smile, reviewed by I.M. Parsons
  • The Poems of John Clare, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Marianne Moore, Selected Poems, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Elizabethan Drama and the Critic, Themes and Conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Criticism and Literary History, English Poetry and the English Language, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Mr Murry's Autobiography, Between Two Worlds, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • The Sentimental Journey, A Life of Charles Dickens, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Faith of a Schoolmaster, reviewed by Raymond O'Malley

No. 2 September, 1935[edit]

  • Lady Novelists and the Lower Orders Q.D. Leavis
  • 'Intelligent Ideals of Urban Life,' Uno Ahren
  • Tradition and Ben Jonson L.C. Knights
  • Revaluations (VIII): Shelley F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence
Comments and Reviews
  • Poets and the Drama, Murder in the Cathedral and The Dog Beneath the Skin, reviewed by T.R. Barnes
  • Recent Verse, review by John Speirs
  • The Bond and the Free, Growing Opinions, I Was A Prisoner, Means Test Man, Caliban Shrieks, reviewed by W.H. Aude
  • 'The Economic and Social Background,' Literature and a Changing Civilisation, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Coleridge as a Dual Personality, Coleridge and S.T.C., reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Destructive Element, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Mr Maugham and Spanish Literature, Don Fernando, reviewed by E.M. Wilson
  • Ethical Taste, Patterns of Culture, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • The Letters of Gerald Manley Hopkins, The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges, The Correspondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Watson Dixon, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century, reviewed by C.E. Lucas
  • The Appreciation of Poetry, reviewed by Frank Chapman

No. 3 December, 1935[edit]

  • English Poetry in the Seventeenth Century F.R. Leavis
  • The Maddermarket Theatre T.R. Barnes
  • Thomas Hobbes Michael Oakeshott
  • The Critical Writings of George Santayana Q.D. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; Editorial
  • The Soul of Man in the Age of Leisure, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • A Public for Poetry, Janus and Poems by Louis Macneice, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • William Empson's Verse, review by H.A. Mason
  • Hugh Macdiarmid, review by F.R. Leavis
  • The Poet's Tongue, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Shakespeare's Imagery and What It Tells Us, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Achievement of T.S. Eliot, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Gropius, The New Architecture and the Bauhaus, reviewed by Herbert Read
  • Doughty and Hopkins, review by F.R. Leavis
  • The Powys Brothers, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Orage Legend, review by F.R.Leavis
  • The Last Epicurean, The Last Puritan, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Clear Horizon, King Coffin, Beany-Eye, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Chinese Testament and The House of Exile, reviewed
  • The South Africans, reviewed
  • The Golden Grindstone, reviewed

No. 4 March, 1936[edit]

  • Scrutiny of Modern Greats E.W.F. Tomlin
  • English for the School Certification: A Note Frank Chapman
  • Tragic Philosophy G. Santayana; Revaluations (IX): Keats F.R. Leavis
  • Post Obitum: Diaghileff, Pavlova Vladimir Kamen...

Volume 5[edit]

No. 1 June 1936[edit]

  • The Robber Barons Denys Thompson
  • English Poetry in the Eighteenth Century F. R. Leavis
  • Psychology and Criticism Richard March
  • Psychology and Criticism: A Comment D. W. Harding
  • Shakespeare and Profit Inflations L. C. Knights
  • A Note on Hopkins and Duns Scotus W. H. Gardner
Comments and Reviews
  • Recent Pacifist Literature, reviews by Denys Thompson
  • The Revolutionary Simpleton, The Fate of the Middle Classes, reviewed by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Mr. Eliot and Education, Essays Ancient and Modern, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Ontogenetical Criticism, In Defence of Shelley, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • English Novelists and Higher Reviewers, The English Novelists, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Mr. E. M. Forster, Abinger Harvest, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Shakespeare as a Force of Nature, Shakespeare, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Criticism of Life, Strange Glory, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Higher Education of Women, reviews by Sylvia Legge
  • Indian Progressive Writers, When One Is In It, reviewed by Som Nath Chib
  • The Faber Book of Modern Verse and The Progress of Poetry, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Burning Cactus, reviewed by E. S. Huelin
  • An English Technique, reviewed by T. R. Barnes

No. 2 September 1936[edit]

  • Oxford Letter E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Jules Laforgue G. M. Turnell
  • Tight-Ropes to Parnassus
  • A Note on Contemporary Music W. H. Mellers
  • 'Antony and Cleopatra' and 'All For Love'
  • A Critical Exercise F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
Editorial Note
  • T. S. Eliot, 1925-1935, Collected Poems, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Twentieth Century Bunyans; Mr Aldous Huxley; Dustier and Dustier; novels reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Lagerkvist, Guest of Reality, reviewed by Norman Shrapnel
  • The Contemporary Situation in Scotland, reviews by John Speirs
  • American Miscellany, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Omnibus Criticism, reviews by R. G. Cox
  • Logical Negativism, Language, Truth and Logic, reviewed by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Rural Civilisation, The Open Air, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Missionary Survey, The New Survey of London Life and Labour, Vol. IX, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Farming Near Skye, Highland Homespun, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • Educational Experiment, Sane Schooling, reviewed by R. O'Malley and Denys Thompson

No. 3 December 1936[edit]

  • French Intellectuals and the Political Crisis Henri Fluchere
  • The Swallow's Egg: Notes on Contemporary Art Richard March
  • Yeats, Synge, Ibsen and Strindberg T. R. Barnes
  • Bernard Van Dieren: Musical Intelligence and 'The New Language,' W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (X): Piers Plowman D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Mr. Dos Passos Ends His Trilogy, The Big Money, Death of a Man and Summer Will Show, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Entertainment Literature, Antigua, Penny, Puce, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Music and Education, Music, the Child and the Masterpiece, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • Marxism and the Modern Mood, reviews by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • New Writing, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Henry Adams, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres, reviewed by Donald S. Culver
  • Mr. Auden's Talent, Look! Stranger and The Ascent of F.6, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Principles of Shakespearian Production, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Yeats and the Irish Movement, Dramatis Personae, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Reading the Spirit, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Reading and Writing of English, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Propaganda and the News, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Psycho-analysis and Social Psychology, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Fine Writing, Reperusals and Re-collections, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Additions to 'Everyman'; Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry

No. 4 March 1937[edit]

  • The Winter's Tale F. C. Tinkler
  • Christopher Dawson H. B. Parkes
  • Literary Criticism and Philosophy R...

Volume 6[edit]

No. 1 June 1937[edit]

  • The Great Reviews R. G. Cox
  • Othello and the Mangold-Wurzels: Literacy in the U.S.S.R A. Stawar
  • The Religious Problem in Hopkins W. H. Gardner
  • Coriolanus D. A. Traversi; Literary Criticism and Philosophy: A Reply F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Mrs. Woolf and Life, review by W. H. Mellers
  • A New Symphony, note by W.H.Mellers
  • Poetry in 1936, reviews by H. A. Mason
  • Mediaeval Scots Poetry, Scottish Poetry from Barbour to James VI, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Detachment From Social Norms, The Psychology of Social Norms, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Orpheus Britannicus, Purcell, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • New England Culture, The Flowering of New England, reviewed by Donald Culver
  • A French Critic, Histoire de la Litterature Francaise de 1789 a nos jours, reviewed by P. Mansell Jones
  • Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson, reviewed by L. G. Salingar

No. 2 September 1937[edit]

  • Restoration Comedy: The Reality and the Myth L. C. Knights
  • The Cultural Background of Intelligence Testing D. W. Harding
  • The Great Reviews (II) R. G. Cox
  • Abraham Cowley and the Decline of Metaphysical Poetry Geoffrey Walton
  • Correspondence; Literary Criticism and Philosophy Rene Wellek
  • Christopher Dawson and 'Arena' H. B. Parkes
  • Comments and Reviews; Mass Observation, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • 'The Marxian Analysis,' The Mind in Chains and Education, Capitalist and Socialist, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Arts in Totalitarian Russia, Seven Soviet Arts, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Modern Mind, reviewed by Michael Oakeshott
  • Advanced Verbal Education, The Philosophy of Rhetoric and Scepticism and Poetry, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Teaching Poetry, reviewed by R. O'Malley and Denys Thompson
  • The State of Farming, Farming England, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • What Science Stands For, reviewed by C. E. Lucas
  • Tuesday's Hash, reviews by H. L. Bradbrook
  • The Recognition of Isaac Rosenberg, The Complete Works of Isaac Rosenberg, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Id Quod Visum Placet? Art and Understanding, reviewed by Richard March

No. 3 December 1937[edit]

  • Education by Book Club? H. A. Mason
  • The Role of the Onlooker D. W. Harding
  • Diabolic Intellect and the Noble Hero: A Note on Othello F. R. Leavis
  • Jean Wiener and Music for Entertainment W. H. Mellers
  • Revengers against Time Ronald Bottrall
Comments and Reviews
  • Trahison des Clercs, Gide's Retour and Retouches, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Chinese Poets and Others, reviews by W. H. Mellers
  • The Fall of the City, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Vitality in Social Surveys, Middletown in Transition and May the Twelfth, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • A Plan for Public Taste, Industrial Art in England, reviewed by J. M. Harding
  • There's Only One Sturt, The Carpenter's Shop, reviewed by F. C. Tinkler
  • G.B.S. and the Problem of Music Criticism, London Music in 1888-99 As Heard by Corno di Bassetto, reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • The Case of Miss Dorothy Sayers, reviews by Q. D. Leavis
  • Elizabethan Reading Matter and Elizabethan Literature, Middle-Class Culture in Elizabethan England, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Shakespeare and Mediaeval Thought, Shakespeare's Philosophical Patterns, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • 'The Book of the Week,' Daylight and Champaign, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Wild, Untutored Phoenix, Phoenix, reviewed by F. R. Leavis

No. 4 March 1938[edit]

  • The Modern Universities L. C. Knights
  • A Letter from Ireland Grattan Freyer
  • The Composer and Civilisation: Notes on the Later Work of Gabriel Faure W. H. Mellers
  • 'The Revenger's Tragedy' and the Morality Tradition L. G. Salingar
  • Correspondence, from Boris Ford
Comments and Reviews
  • The Illusion of Cogency, Illusion and Reality, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The End and the Means, The Poetry of Pope, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Lives and Works of Richard Jefferies, Q. D. Leavis

Volume 7[edit]

No. 1 June 1938[edit]

  • The Modern Universities: A Postscript L. C. Knights
  • 'Cymbeline' F. C. Tinkler; The Apotheosis of Post-Impressionism Richard March
  • Wordsworth: A Preliminary Survey James Smith
  • William Dunmar John Speirs
  • Correspondence: Exact Thought and Inexact Language
Comments and Reviews
  • Gissing and the English Novel, review by Q. D. Leavis
  • 'Femina-Vie Heureuse' Please Note, I'm Not Complaining, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Kafka's Life, review by Rene Wellek
  • Left-wing Allegories, reviews by R. G. Cox
  • The Poet and His Readers, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Education of Girls, review by Sylvia Legge
  • The Academic Mind on the Seventeenth Century, Seventeenth Century Studies, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • In Defence of Milton, Milton and Wordsworth and The Miltonic Setting, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Aristocracy and the Middle Classes in Germany, reviewed by Rene Wellek
  • Mr. Turner's Mozart, review by W. H. Mellers
  • Berlioz: A Prophetic Romantic, review by W. H. Mellers
  • Note on Gramophone Records, by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 September 1938[edit]

  • The Philosophy of Marxism, by H. B. Parkes
  • Baudelaire James Smith
  • The Composer and Civilisation (II): Albert Roussel and La Musique Francaise W. H. Mellers
  • E. M. Forster F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Music: Van Dieren and Rubbra, Note by W.H.Mellers
  • Caterpillars of the Commonwealth Unite! Three Guineas, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • The T. E. Hulme Myth, T. E. Hulme, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Hopkins and Patmore, Further Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Mr. Spender's Play, Trial of a Judge, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Poet of Revolution, Arthur Rimbaud and Rimbaud in Abyssinia, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Rainer Maria Rilke, reviews by Richard March
  • Aids to English Teaching, Poetry in Practice and English Poetry: A Students Anthology, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • A History of Economic Thought, reviewed by P. Harris
  • Busoni's Letters to his Wife, noticed by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 December 1938[edit]

  • 'The New Republic' and the Ideal Weekly H. A. Mason
  • Henry James's Heiress: The Importance of Edith Wharton Q. D. Leavis
  • 'The Great and Good Corneille,' Martin Turnell
  • 'Troilus and Cressida,' D. A. Traversi; Revaluations (XI): Arnold as Critic F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Ivor Gurney and the English Art-Song W. H. Mellers
  • Defending Letters, Defense des lettres and translation reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Press, review by H. A. Mason
  • Education, Writing and Action, Writing and Action reviewed by F.C.
  • Poetry and Anarchism reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Mr. Chase on Words, The Tyranny of Words reviewed by James Smith
  • The Significance of Kafka, America reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Auden and Isherwood, On the Frontier reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • 'Human Nature' in Society, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies reviewed by F. C. Tinkler

No. 4 March 1939[edit]

The American Cultural Scene (I) Political Thought H. B. Parke

  • 'Wuthering Heights,' Boris Ford
  • Music in the Melting Pot: Charles Ives and the Music of the Americas W. H. Mellers
  • Leslie Stephen: Cambridge Critic Q. D. Leavis
  • Giovanni Papini and Italian Literature D. A. Traversi
  • Correspondence: The 'PEP' Report on the Press
Comments and reviews
  • A 'Corresponding Bureau'?; Social Relationships, The Clue to History reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Historian's Task, reviews by H. B. Parkes
  • The Progress of Poetry, Modern Poetry and The Year's Poetry reviewed by G. Walton
  • The Fate of Edward Thomas, reviews by F. R. Leavis
  • Hart Crane From This Side, The Collected Poems of Hart Crane reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Hoelderlin, review by H. L. Bradbrook; Nineteenth-Century Scotland in Allegory, The House with the Green Shutters reviewed by John Speirs
  • Ruth Adam Again, There Needs No Ghost revie

Volume 8[edit]

No. 1 June 1939[edit]

  • The American Cultural Scene (II) Criticism H. B. Parkes
  • The Ideas of Machiavelli Grattan Freyer
  • Classics and Education: A Note H. A. Mason
  • Marlowe's 'Dr Faustus,' James Smith
  • Edmund Rubbra and Symphonic Form W. H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • The Background of Twentieth-Century Letters, reviews by Q. D. Leavis
  • The Central All-Connecting Study, Interpretation in Teaching reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Method and Theory of the Bauhaus, The New Vision reviewed by Storm Jameson
  • Mr. C. S. Lewis and the Status Quo, Rehabilitations and Other Essays reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Arnold's Thought, Matthew Arnold reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Function of Science, review of The Social Function of Science C. E. Lucas
  • Mr. Eliot's New Play, The Family Reunion reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Euclid on Helicon, The Poet's Defence reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Modern Poets in Love and War, reviews by W. H. Mellers

No. 2 September 1939[edit]

  • The Claims of Politics: Richard Church, Geoffrey Davies, Christopher Dawson, George Every, S.S.M., Michael Oakeshott, Olaf Stapleton, L. Susan Stebbing, R. H. Tawney
  • Literary Criticism in France (I) Martin Turnell
  • Harmony and Composition Edmund Rubbra
  • A Classical Education and Eighteenth-Century Poetry A. R. Humphreys
Comments and Reviews
  • The End of the 'Modern Movement,' Wyndham Lewis the Artist and Art Lies Bleeding reviewed by Richard March
  • Ronald Bottrall, The Turning Path reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Post-Marxist Criticism, The Poet and Society reviewed by E. M. Bewley
  • Fairies in Bloomsbohemia, Portrait of Stella Benson reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Critical Guidance and Contemporary Literature, The Present Age from 1914 reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Mr. Wilson Knight, The Burning Oracle reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Pope on the Upswing, The Twickenham Edition Vol. IV and The Poetical Career of Alexander Pope reviewed by F. R. Leavis

No. 3 December 1939[edit]

  • The Spens Report: A Symposium-Review
  • The American Cultural Scene (III): Education H. B. Parkes
  • The Tragedy of Blood James Smith
  • Literary Criticism in France (II) Martin Turnell
  • Escapism in Literature Olaf Stapleton
Comments and Reviews
  • 'The Turning Path': a correction
  • Christian or Liberal?, The Idea of a Christian Society reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Twentieth-Century Music-Making, Music in the Modern World reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Philosophy at Oxford, An Autobiography by R. G. Collingwood, reviewed by J. G. Maxwell
  • Poetry in France, Introduction a la Poesie Francaise reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Roger Fry and Art Criticism, Lectures reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Hollywooden Hero, The Fifth Column reviewed by W. H. Mellers

No. 4 March 1940[edit]

  • Regulated Hatred: An Aspect of the Work of Jane Austen D. W. Harding
  • 'Athalie' and the Dictators, by Martin Turnell
  • Searchlight on Tin-Pan Alley, W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XII): The Poetry of Coleridge, Eugene Marius Bewley
  • Correspondence: James Smith, D. W. Harding, Professor Parrott, James Smith
Comments and Reviews
  • English in Schools
  • How to Read a Newspaper, Between the Lines reviewed by F. Chapman
  • Educational, Village Life and Labour and The Control of Language reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Scientific Humanism, Dangerous Thoughts reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • The Great Yeats, and the Latest, Last Poems and Plays reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Classical and Romantic Again, Tradition and Romanticism reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • 'Nature' in the Eighteenth Century, The Eighteenth Century Background reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Music, The Music Review reviewed by W.H. Mellers

Volume 9[edit]

No. 1 June 1940[edit]

  • The American Cultural Scene (IV): The Novel H. B. Parkes
  • 'As You Like It,' James Smith; Tradition and Innovation To-Day Olaf Stapleton
  • Music and the Dramatic W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XIII): Coleridge in Criticism F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • 'New Writing' in the 1930's, Folios of New Writing, Spring, 1940, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • The Bard and the Prep-School, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog and The Backward Son reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • What Boys and Girls Read, What Do Boys and Girls Read? reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Greek Tragedy, Greek Tragedy reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Remy de Gourmont - Precursor, Remy de Gourmont - Essai de Biographie Intellectuelle reviewed by G. D. Klingopulos
  • Folk-Song in its Cultural Setting, The Blue Grove: the Poetry of the Uraons reviewed by D.W. Harding

No. 2 September 1940[edit]

  • Education and the University: Sketch for an English School F. R. Leavis
  • Rubbra's No. 3 W. H. Mellers
  • The Significance of Manzoni's 'Promessi Sposi,' D. A. Traversi
  • Prince Hamlet L. C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • A Statement of Positives, The Pool of Vishnu, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Marxists and History, The English Revolution, 1640, and The Role of the Individual in History, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • The Literary Life Respectable, reviews of Edwin Muir and George Orwell by Q. D. Leavis
  • Pelicans, reviews of Pelican Books by G.W., W.H. Mellers and F.R.Leavis
  • Art History and/or Art Criticism, Modern French Painters, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Machiavelli, The Statecraft of Machiavelli, reviewed by D. A. Traversi
  • Scottish Literature, The Scots Literary Tradition, reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Petulant Peacock, Letters on Poetry from W. B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley, reviewed. W. H. Auden, reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 3 December 1940[edit]

  • The Custom of War and the Notion of Peace D. W. Harding
  • Crime and Punishment in Ben Jonson D. J. Enright
  • Postscript on Verlaine Martin Turnell
  • Education and the University: Criticism and Comment F. R. Leavis
  • 'Greats,' J. C. Maxwell
Comments and Reviews
  • Marxism: a Post-mortem reviewed by Christopher Hill
  • A Scientist on Propaganda, Political Propaganda reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Milton and his Critics; Folios of New Writing, Autumn, 1940 reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Cats in Air-pumps, or Poets in 1940, reviews by W. H. Mellers of Richard Eberhart, T. S. Eliot, William Empson and Poets of Tomorrow: Cambridge Poetry 1940 Marvell, Andrew Marvell reviewed by L. C. Knights

No. 4 March 1941[edit]

  • Education and the University (III) Literary Studies F. R. Leavis
  • The Politeness of Racine R. C. Knight
  • The Theme of 'The Ancient Mariner,' D. W. Harding
  • Mahler as Key-Figure W. H. Mellers
  • Henry the Fifth D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Poets in Wartime, reviews by T. R. Barnes
  • A Book on Yeats, The Poetry of W. B. Yeats, reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Proust, Introduction to Proust, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Essays on Culture and Civilisation, Topics, reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Musical Conditions in the XVIIIth Century, The Orchestra in the XVIIIth Century, reviewed by Eric Blom
  • Science in War, reviewed by C. E. Lucas
  • Knowledge and Experience, The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge, reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler

Volume 10[edit]

No. 1 June 1941[edit]

  • Correspondence (re Marxism) H.B Parkes
  • Towards a Musical Academy W.H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XIV): Joseph Conrad (I) F.R. Leavis
  • Nietzche H.B. Parkes
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings Q.D. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • BARTOK ON WAX, Quartet No.2 reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Louis Macneice, Plant and Phantom reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The Ox in Spain, For Whom the Bell Tolls reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Science and Society, The Social Relations of Science reviewed by C.E. Lucas

No. 2 October, 1941[edit]

  • Conservatism and Tradition: Post Obitum - Donald Francis Tovey, Hamilton Harty, Frank Bridge W.H. Mellers
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings (II): 'Lady Susan' into 'Mansfield Park,' Q.D. Leavis
  • The Development of Modern Italian Poetry (I), D.A. Traversi
  • Revaluations (XIV): Joseph Conrad (concluded), F.R Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • A Plea for the English Ballet, Boris Ford
  • The 'Thirties Reply, Folios of New Writing, Spring 1941 reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Crumbs from the Banquet, Points of View by T.S. Eliot, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkley
  • Ideals and Illusions by Susan Stebbing, reviewed by J.C. Maxwell
  • the Concise 'C.H.E.L.', The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature reviewed by Boris Ford
  • Mr Auden's Weltanschauung, New Year Letter reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • ABrahms Recording, Trio in A minor for clarinet, 'cello and piano reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Mr Newton and the Conquest of Appearances, European Painting and Sculpture reviewed by Stephen Reiss

No. 3 January, 1942[edit]

  • 'First Broadcast Performance,' W.H. Mellers
  • The Ambiguity of 'Measure for Measure,' L.C. Knights
  • The Greatness of 'Measure for Measure,' F.R. Leavis
  • A Note on Literature and the Irish Tradition, D.J. Enright
  • The Significance of the 'Princesse de Cleves,' by Martin Turnell
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings (II): 'Lady Susan' into 'Mansfield Park' (concluded), Q. D. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; After 'To the Lighthouse' Between the Acts reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • A Book on Rilke, Rainer Maria Rilke, reviewed by D. J. Enright
  • Dickens as Journalist, The Dickens World, reviewed by R.C. Churchill
  • The Starlit Dome, reviewed by T.R. Barnes
  • Tippettan Discovery, Fantasy Sonata for Piano, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Dvorak Centenary Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers
  • Cornish Microcosm, Tudor Cornwall, reviewed by Vero Mellers
  • Science and Values, Knowledge for What? and The Scientific Attitude, reviewed by C.E. Lucas
  • Editorial Note on Reviewing

No. 4 April, 1942[edit]

  • After Ten Years: Editorial
  • The Significance of 'Cymbeline', A.A. Stephenson, The Criticism of Shakespeare's Late Plays: A Caveat, F.R. Leavis
  • Language and Function in American Music, by W.H. Mellers
  • Dickens, Drama and Tradition, R.C. Churchill
Comments and Reviews
  • Master of the King's Musick, 1942, W.H.M.; Poetry and Politics, Life and the Poet, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • A Prescription for the West, The Recovery of the West, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • Modern Verse and the Anthologist, reviews by R.C. Lienhardt
  • Recent Political Theory, reviews by J.C. Maxwell
  • Academic Scholarship, English and American, reviews by R.G. Cox
  • Shchedrin: The Russian Swift, Shchedrin's Fables, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Gramophone Records, Bloch's Quartet for piano and strings and String Quartet, reviewed by W.H.M.

Volume 11[edit]

No. 1 Summer, 1942[edit]

  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (I): Melody and Texture, Mediaeval and Modern W.H. Mellers
  • Farewell and Welcome: A Sequence of Poems Ronald Bottrall
  • A Case for Kipling? Boris Ford
  • Demigods and Pickpockets: The Augustan Myth in Swift and Rousseau J.C. Maxwell
  • 'Measure for Measure' D.A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Eliot's Later Poetry, The Dry Salvages reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • An American Critic, Edmund Wilson's The Wound and the Bow reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Gramaphone Records, Byrd: Mass for Five Voices and Recital of Russian Songs reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Johnson, The Poems of Samuel Johnson reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Ruins and Warnings, Stephen Spender's Ruins and Visions and Henry Treece's Invitation and Warning reviewed by D.J. Enright

No. 2 December, 1942[edit]

  • Evidence Evalued Ronald Bottrall
  • Chaucer: (I) 'Troilus and Criseyde' John Speirs
  • A Letter on the Music Criticism of W.H. Mellers Boris Ford and Stephen Reiss
  • A Reply W.H. Mellers
  • Benjamin Constant and 'Adolphie' Martin Turnell
Comments and Reviews
  • Milton Again, A Preface to Paradise Lost, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Landor and the Seasoned Epicure, Savage Landor, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Scientific Attitudes, A History of Science and its Relations with Philosophy and Religion, reviewed by R.O.C Winkler
  • Holderlin: Poet of the Gods, Holderlin: Gedichte, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • A Novel to Recommend, Darkness at Noon, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis

No. 3 Spring, 1943[edit]

  • Education and the University: Considerations at a Critical Time F.R. Leavis
  • New English and American Music W.H. Mellers
  • Cormac's Ruined House: A Survey of the Modern Irish Novel D.J. Enright
  • Chaucer (II): The Canterbury Tales (I) John Speirs
Comments and Reviews
  • 'We have not Reached Conclusion', Little Gidding, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Hopkins and Yeats, Gerard Manley, Hopkins, Priest and Poet, and The Development of William Butler Yeats, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • 'Education for Democracy', A New Order in English Education and The Universities in Transformation, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Hardy and Criticism, Thomas Hardy (English Men of Letters) and Hardy the Novelist, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Current Pamphleteering, reviews by Geoffrey Walton

No. 4 Summer, 1943[edit]

  • 'Le Misanthrope' (I) Martin Turnell
  • Objections to a Review of 'Little Gidding' R.N. Higinbotham
  • Reflections on the Above F.R. Leavis
  • Bacon and the Seventeenth-Century Dissociation of Sensibility L.C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • The Innocence of Dr. Wooster R.C. Churchill
  • The Heirs of Baudelaire, The Heritage of Symbolism, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Architecture and Society, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Academic Case-History, Haddon the Head Hunter, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Physics and Metaphysics Again, Physics and Philosophy, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • Thomas Mann and the Abyss, Stories of Three Decades, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Note on Music W.H. Mellers.

Volume 12[edit]

No. 1 Winter, 1943[edit]

  • Literature and Society F.R. Leavis
  • 'The Discipline of Letters': A Sociological Note Q.D. Leavis
  • 'Le Misanthrope' (II) Martin Turnell
  • Chaucer (III): The Canterbury Tales (II) John Speirs
Comments and Reviews
  • The Modern Universities, Redbrick University, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Advertising and Civilisation, Voice of Civilisation, reviewed by R.C. Churchill
  • English Character, Orientations and Man and Boy, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Hugh Macdiamid, Lucky Poet, reviewed by John Durkan
  • 'the Dunciad', Poems of Alexander Pope, Vol.V., reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 2 Spring, 1944[edit]

  • Evaluations (IV): Gerard Manley Hopkins, by F.R. Leavis
  • Rilke and Hoelderlin in Translation D.J. Enright
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings: III. The Letters Q.D. Leavis
  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (II): Voice and Dance in the XVI and XVII Centuries W.H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • The Ultimate Vision, An Anthology of Religious Verse, etc., reviewed by R.C. Lienhardt
  • How Shall we Teach? Education Through Art, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Climate, Shakespeare and the Nature of Man, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Charlotte Younge and 'Christian Discrimination', reviews by Q.D. Leavis
  • Bax and the British Council, Symphony No.3, records reviewed by W.H.Mellers

No. 3 Summer, 1944[edit]

  • Stefan George and the New Empire D.J. Enright
  • George Herbert L.C. Knights
  • Johnson as Critic F.R. Leavis
  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (II): Voice and Dance in the XVI and XVII Centuries (ii) W.H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • Co-Prosperity?, The Case for Examinations, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • The Liberal Case, The Road to Serfdom, reviewed by J.C. Maxwell
  • 'Attitude for the Modern Poet', The Personal Principle, reviewed by R.C. Lienhardt
  • Approach to Shakespeare, Shakespeare and the Popular Dramatic Tradition, reviewed by A.I. Doyle
  • 'Modern Poetry' in School, Introducing Modern Poetry, reviewed by Frank Chapman

No. 4 Summer, 1944[edit]

  • Moral Bewilderment Morris Ginsberg
  • Tragedy and the 'Medium': a Note on Mr. Santayana's 'Tragic Philosophy' F.R. Leavis
  • Two Generations of English Music W.H. Mellers
  • 'Phedre', by Martin Turnell
  • J.B. Leishman and the Art of Translation D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Catholicity or Narrowness?, A Critical History of English Poetry reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Hopkins Commemorated, Gerard Manley Hopkins reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Tristan and Isolt, Tristan and Isolt reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Meet Mr. Forster, E.M. Forster reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Age of Yeats or the Age of Eliot?, poetry reviewed by Geoffrey Walton

Volume 13[edit]

No. 1 Spring, 1945[edit]

  • The Interpretation of History A.J. Woolford
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word (I) The First Part D.J. Enright
  • On the Social Background of Metaphysical Poetry L.C. Knights
  • 'Thought' and Emotional Quality: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F.R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Hail Butler!, Willingly to School, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Sociology and Literature, The Sociology of Literary Taste and English Social History, reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 2 September, 1945[edit]

  • Existentialism and Literature: A Letter from Switzerland H.A. Mason
  • The Controlling Hand: Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice Reuben A. Brower
  • Correspondence: Rilke, George and 'Re-integration W. Schenk and D.J. Enright
  • Imagery and Movement: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F.R. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; Cobbet as a Classic, The Opinions of William Cobbet, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Auden's Inverted Development, For the Time Being, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Contemporary Verse, reviews by A.I. Doyle
  • Non Sequitur, A Planned Economy, review by A.J. Woolford
  • A Debussy Recording, review by W.H. Mellers
  • Tippet, Concerto for double string orchestra, note by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 Autumn-Winter, 1945[edit]

  • The Dark Ages: Culture and the Oratorio W.H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XV): George Eliot (I) F.R. Leavis
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (II) A Chapter of Accidents D.J. Enright
  • Flaubert (I) Martin Turnell
Comments and Reviews
  • Reform is Altogether? Fifty-five Years at Oxford, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • From Playground to Grace, The Unquiet Grave and The Condemned Playground, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The Grammar Schools, The Boy's Grammar School, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Symbolism and Apocalypse, Holderlin's Symbolism, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Music, reviews by W.H. Mellers
  • British Council Recordings, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 4 Spring, 1946[edit]

  • 'Much Ado About Nothing' James Smith
  • Revaluations (XV): George Eliot (II) F.R. Leavis
  • Flaubert (Concluded) Martin Turnell
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (III) The Second Part D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • A Partial Convert? The Yogi and the Commissar, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Aragon: Capitulation or Resistance? Reviews by A.I. Doyle
  • Calderon and the Morality, The Allegorical Drama of Calderon, reviewed by James Smith
  • Critical Essays by George Orwell, reviewed by T.R. Barnes

Volume 14[edit]

No. 1 Summer, 1946[edit]

  • Les Chemins de la Liberte H.A. Mason
  • Revaluations (XV) : George Eliot (III) F.R. Leavis
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (III) The Second Part (Concluded) D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Planning your life at the University, First Year at the University, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Clio Elevated, or the Spirit of English History, The Spirit of English History, reviewed by A.J. Woolford
  • Mr Lewis's Theology, The Great Divorce, reviewed by E.K.T. Dock
  • Mixed Currency, The Mint, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Dylan Thomas, Deaths and Entrances, reviewed by Wolf Mankowitz
  • Elucidating Eliot, Four Quartets Rehearsed, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Malinnowski, The Dynamics of Culture Change, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 December, 1946[edit]

  • M. Camus and the Tragic Hero H.A. Mason
  • The Rhythmical Intention in Wyatt's Poetry D.W. Harding
  • George Eliot (IV): 'Daniel Deronda' and 'The Portrait of a Lady' F.R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Henry James and the English Association
  • 'The Times Literary Supplement'
  • An Irish Monthly
  • 'The Kenyon Review' and 'Scrutiny'
  • For Whom do Universities Exist?; A Passage to Palestine, Thieves in the Night reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Eliot's Heir, A Map of Verona and The Garden reviewed by G.D. Klingopulos
  • Modern Poetic Drama, The Poet in the Theatre reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Guillaume Apollinaire, Choix de Poesie and Apollinaire reviewed by G.D. Klingopulos
  • The Sights of Coney Island, The Cosmological Eye reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The English Kafka, The Cult of Power reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 Spring, 1947[edit]

  • Andre Malraux and His Critics H.A. Mason
  • The Cultural Implications of Planning and Popularization G.H. Bantock
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (I): 'Hard Times' F.R. Leavis
  • Professor Chadwick and English Studies A Pupil
Comments and Reviews; Rehabilitating Isben, Ibsen
the Intellectual Background and Ibsen the Norwegian, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Room for Doubt? Mr Bottrall's Selected Poems, Selected Poems, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Henry James: The Stories, Fourteen Stories by Henry James, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • The Appreciation of Henry James, Henry James: the Major Phase, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Secret Chromatic Art in the Netherlands Motet, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Gramophone Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 4 September, 1947[edit]

  • The Two Henry Jameses Quentin Anderson
  • Professor Chadwick and English Studies: Comments by J.C. Maxwell and Redbrick
  • The Critical Review Today: Prolegomena to a Historical Inquiry R.G. Cox
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (II): 'Wuthering Heights' G.D. Klingopulos
  • Music Chronicle W.H. Mellers
  • Correspondence from R. Bottrall
Comments and Reviews
  • Henry James's First Novel, Roderick Hudson, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Poetic Image, Day Lewis, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Folk Songs of Chhattisgarh, Verrier Elwin, reviewed by D.W.H.
  • Note on The Great Short Novels of Henry James, Philip Rahv Q.D.Leavis
  • Albert Camus: Difficult Hope, La Peste, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Hugo - All the Best, Modern French Literature, Denis Saurat, reviewed by C.A. Hackett
  • Inyerpreter or Oracle? The Crown of Life, G. Wilson Knight, reviewed by R.G. Cox.

Volume 15[edit]

No. 1 December, 1947[edit]

  • Henry Sidgwick's Cambridge Q.D. Leavis
  • Henry James, His Symbolism and His Critics Quentin Anderson
  • Contemporary French Criticism Henri Peyre and H.A. Mason
  • Henry IV - Part I D.A. Traversi
  • Marivaux Martin Turnell
  • Correspondence from T.S. Eliot; Comments and Reviews; Approaches to T. S. Eliot, T.S. Eliot: a Study of his Writings by Several Hands, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Institution of Henry James, The Question of Henry James, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Recent Literary Criticism in German, Die Freien Rhythmen in der Deutschen Lyrik, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Education, Young Enthusiasts, reviewed by R. O'Malley
  • The Poet as Exucutant, Four Quartets, read by the author, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 Spring, 1948[edit]

  • Some Cultural Implications of Freedom in Education G.H. Bantock
  • Henry James and the Function of Criticism F.R. Leavis
  • Reflections on Clarendon's History of the Rebellion L.C. Knights
  • Henry IV - Part II D.A. Traversi
  • Music Chronicle W.H. Mellers
  • Correspondence re Mr. Bottrall and Mr. Eliot, and 'Henry IV Part I'
  • Comments and Reviews; 'Critique': The First Two Years, review by H.A. Mason
  • Ambiguity Revised, Seven Types of Ambiquity, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Footnotes on Literature and Art, The Harp of Aeolus, reviewed by Geoffrrey Walton
  • Mr Auden's Quartet, The Age of Anxiety, reviewed by H.A Mason
  • Progressive Exercises on Reading, reviewed by T.A. Birrell

No. 3 Summer, 1948[edit]

  • Freedom in Education: Thoughts Provoked by Mr. Bantock Boris Ford
  • Goethe's 'Roman Elegies' D.J. Enright
  • Mencken and the American Language Marius Bewley
  • 'Timon of Athens' J.C. Maxwell
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (III): 'The Europeans' F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence Ronald Bottrall
  • Comments and Reviews; A Note on Intellectual Life in the USA H.A. Mason
  • Background and Doctrine, Five Poems 1470-1870, An Elementary Essay on the Background of English Literature E.M.W. Tillyard, and Essays on Literary Criticism and the English Tradition by S.K. Bethell, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Reason and Unreason in Society by M. Ginsberg, reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • 'The Portrait of a Lady' Reprinted, review by F.R. Leavis

No. 4 December, 1948[edit]

  • The Case of Stefan George D.J. Enright
  • Notes from American (II): Kenneth Burke as Literary Critic Marius Bewley
  • Intellectual Life in the U.S.A.: Comment and Reply Seymour Betsky
  • Authority and Method in Education: Some Reflections on Mr Ford's Rejoinder G.H. Bantock
  • Comments and Reviews; The Progress of Poesy F.R. Leavis
  • Some Marginal Notes to a Study of History, by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Translation into Scots, A Braird o Thristles, by Douglas Young, reviewed by J.H. Speirs
  • What is a National Monument? Reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Three Books on Music, The Poetics of Music by Igor Stravinsky, Music and Poetry of the English Renaissance by Bruce Pattison, A History of Music in Scotland by H.G. Farmer, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Scientific Man Versus Power Politics H.J. Morganthau, reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • The British Council in the Council in the Golden Age, records reviewed by W.H. Mellers.

Volume 16[edit]

No. 1 March, 1949[edit]

  • Measure for Measure: Or Anglo-American Exchanges H.A. Mason
  • The Colloquial Mode of Byron Marius Bewley
  • The Moral Basis of Political Conflicts Morris Ginsberg
  • Correspondence from Boris Ford
  • The Case of John Webster, by Ian Jack
Comments and Reviews
  • D.H. Lawrence Placed, F.R.L., and Letter from H. Coombes
  • Culture and Dr. Joad, R.C. Churchill
  • A Note on Contemporary 'Philosophical' Literary Criticism in France H.A. Mason
  • Puritan Bunyan, John Bunyan: L'homme et l'ouvre reviewed by Maurice Hussey
  • Mr Eliot and Education, Notes Towards a Definition of Culture reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • American Critics and Poetic Drama, reviews by R.G. Cox
  • Cross-Currents in Twentieth Century Music, records reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • 'Humanitas', Note

No. 2 June, 1949[edit]

  • Arthur Koestler G.D. Klingopulos
  • The 'Cortegiano' and the Civilization of the Renaissance Wilhelm Schenk
  • Mill, Beatrice Webb and the 'English School' F.R. Leavis
  • 'The Tempest' Derek Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Shakespeare and the Meaning of 'Nature', Shakespeare's Doctrine of Nature, by John F. Danby, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Lovejoy and the History of Ideas, The Great Chain of Being and Essays in the History of Ideas, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • Homage to Common Sense, Francis Jeffrey of the Edinburgh Review by James A. Grieg, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Men of Letters and the English Public in the XVIIIth Century by Beljame, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Beatrice Webb in Partnership, Our Partnership reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 3 September, 1949[edit]

  • James' Debt to Hawthorne (I): 'The Blithedale Romance' and 'The Bostonians' Marius Bewley
  • The Shakespearean Dialectic: An Aspect of 'Antony and Cleopatra' John F. Danby
  • Required Literature Courses as a Contribution to Culture Margaret Diggle
  • 'The Family Reunion' John Peter
  • In Memoriam: W. Schenk, 1928-1949
  • Correspondence, D.R. Browning, Donald A. Davie, Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Keynes, Lawrence and Cambridge, Two Memoirs, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Cult of Dylan Thomas, Dylan Thomas by Henry Treece, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Mr Turnell's Criticism, The Classical Moment, reviewed by Alan M. Boase
  • The New Antiquarianism, The Theory of Literature by Wellek and Warren, reviewed by Seymour Betsky
  • Proust and his Critics, reviews by Martin Turnell
  • The Content of Education, An Essay on the Content of Education, reviewed by G.H. Bantock

No. 4 Winter, 1949[edit]

  • 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight', by John Speirs
  • James's Debt to Hawthorne (II): 'The Marble Faun' and 'The Wings of the Dove' Marius Bewley
  • On The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra L.C. Knights
  • Correspondence: G. Wilson Knight and John F. Danby
Comments and Reviews
  • The Shakespeare Industry: Progress Report, Shakespeare Survey 2, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Logic of Christian Discrimination, Poetry and Personal Responsibility, by George Every, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Art: The Religion and the Saint, Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith reviewed by H.A. Mason.

Volume 17[edit]

No. 1 Spring, 1950[edit]

  • Mr Eliot and Social Biology L.A Cormican
  • James's Debt to Hawthorne (III): The American Problem Marius Bewley
  • 'The Windhover' F.N Lees
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (IV): 'St. Mawr', by F.R Leavis
  • Correspondence: Leon Edel and Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Sin and Soda, The Cocktail Party, by T.S. Eliot, reviewed by John Peter
  • The American People, by Henry Bamford Parkes, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • Wyatt and the Scholars, The Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt, The Poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt, Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Palisades of Fear, by Ronald Bottrall, reviewed by Peter Lienhardt
  • English Art, 1307-1461 Joan Evans, reviewed by Peter Ferriday

No. 2 Summer, 1950[edit]

  • Appearance and Reality in Henry James Marius Bewley
  • James's 'What Maisie Knew': A Disagreement F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence re 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
  • John Marston's Plays John Peter
  • The 'Doctor Faustus' of Thomas Mann D.J. Enright
Theory and Criticism: English Poetry: a Critical Introduction, by F.W. Bateson, reviewed by F.R.G. Cox
  • Sire Gauvain et le Chevalier Vert, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Art Books For All, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Academic Criticism Today, Shakespeare's Problem Plays and English Drama from Early Times to the Elizabethans, reviewed by Derek Traversi

No. 3 Autumn, 1950[edit]

  • Medieval Idiom in Shakespeare: (I) Shakespeare and the Liturgy L.A. Cormican
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (V): 'Women in Love' (I) F.R. Leavis
  • 'Wynnere and Wastoure' and 'The Parlement of the Thre Ages' John Speirs
  • Correspondence: 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' Again Q.D. Leavis
  • Maisie, Miles and Flora, the Jamesian Innocents: A Rejoinder by Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • What Oft was Thought..., The Meaning of Beauty by Eric Newton and Aesthetics and History by Bernard Berenson, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Victorian Journalism, The Story of the Pall Mall Gazette, by J.W. Robertson Scott, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Social Anthropology, Past and Present, Note by D.F. Pocock
  • Symposium on Mr Eliot's 'Notes' (III) D.F. Pocock
  • Who are the English Baroque Poets?, Poetry and Humanism by M.M. Mahood, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton

No. 4 March, 1951[edit]

  • Roger North and Political Morality in the Later Stuart Period T.A. Birrell
  • Medieval Idiom in Shakespeare (II): Shakespeare and the Medieval Ethic L.A. Cormican
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (V): 'Women in Love' (II) F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence: The Relation between William and Henry James Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Aspects of Modern American Poetry, Focus Number Five: Modern American Poetry, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • What is Background? The Enchanted Glass by Hardin Craig, reviewed by L.A. Cormican
  • Anthropology and the Lay Reader, Male and Female by Margaret Mead, reviewed by D.F. Pocock.

Volume 18[edit]

No. 1 June, 1951[edit]

  • Victorian Criticism of Poetry: The Minority Tradition R. G. Cox
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VI) F. R. Leavis
  • Matthew Arnold, H.M.I. G. H. Bantock
Comments and Reviews
  • Keynes, Spender and Currency-Values: World within World by Stephen Spender and The Life of John Maynard Keynes by R. F. Harrod, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • History and Criticism in the Home University: Seventeenth Century English Literature by C. V. Wedgwood, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • The Arnoldian Function in American Criticism: The Liberal Imagination by Lionel Trilling, reviewed by N. Podhoretz
  • Mr. Eliot and Lawrence: D. H. Lawrence and Human Existence by Father Wm. Tiverton and Portrait of a Genius, But... by Richard Aldington, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Pound in His Letters: The Letters of Ezra Pound and Ezra Pound, a collection of essays edited by Peter Russell, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Verse of Christopher Fry: Venus Observed, The Lady's not for Burning and A Sleep of Prisoners reviewed by Marius Bewley

No. 2 Autumn, 1951[edit]

  • The Mystery Cycle (I): Some Towneley Cycle Plays John Speir
  • 'Reason' and the Restoration Ethos Harold Wendell Smith
  • Correspondence: Lawrence and Eliot: Robert D. Wagner and F. R. Leavis
  • 'Troilus and Cressida' Again L. C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • Auden as Critic and Poet: The Enchafed Flood by W. H. Auden and Auden: an Introductory Note by Richard Hoggart, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Middle English Literature by George Kane, reviewed by John Speirs

No. 3 Winter, 1951-52[edit]

  • Scott Fitzgerald D.W. Harding
  • 'The Dissociation of Sensibility' Harold Wendell Smith
  • Correspondence: Marjorie Cox, V. de S. Pinto, John Gillard Watson, John Speirs
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VII): 'The Rainbow' (I) F. R. Leavis
  • Poetic Satire and the Satire in Verse D. J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Mr Pryce-Jones, The British Council and British Culture: Edmund Wilson of 'The New Yorker': Classics and Commercials reviewed by John Farrelly
  • An Approach to Sophocles: Sophocles the Dramatist by A. J. A. Waldock, and Shakespeare's Tragedies by G. B. Harrison, reviewed by R. Mayhead
  • Shakespeare's Imagery: The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery by W. H. Clemen, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Donne Re-considered: The Monarch of Wit by J. B. Leishman, reviewed by R. Mayhead

No. 4 June, 1952[edit]

  • The Mystery Cycle (II): Some Towneley Plays John Speirs
  • Scott Fitzgerald: Another View John Farrelly
  • 'The Novel as a Dramatic Poem (VII): 'The Rainbow' (II) F. R. Leavis
  • Nature, Correctness and Decorum Harold Wendell Smith
Comments and Reviews
  • The Latest Auden: Nones by W. H. Auden, reviewed by R. Mayhead
  • Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: Shakespeare and Elizabethan Poetry by M. C. Bradbrook, reviewed by L. A. Cormican.

Volume 19[edit]

No. 1 October, 1952[edit]

  • Reflections on the Milton Controversy John Peter
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VII) F. R. Leavis
  • Graham Greene: A Comment F. N. Lees
  • 'King Lear' (I) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • American Criticism: The Fields of Light by Reuben Arthur Brower
  • Modern Poetry and the Tradition by Cleanth Brookes
  • The Permanence of Yeats, Selected Criticism edited by James Hall and Martin Steinmann
  • Critiques and Essays on Modern Fiction, 1920-51 selected by John W. Aldridge
  • Gertrude Stein: a Biography of her Work by Donald Sutherland, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • Emily Dickinson: Emily Dickinson by Richard Chase, reviewed by John Farrelly
  • Social Anthropology: Structure and Function in Primitive Society by A. R. Radcliffe-Browne
  • and Social Anthropology by E. E. Evans-Pritchard, reviewed by D. F. Pocock

No. 2 Winter, 1952-3[edit]

  • The New Scholarship? R. G. Cox
  • Reality and Sincerity: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F. R. Leavis
  • Revaluations (XVI): James Fenimore Cooper Marius Bewley
  • 'King Lear' (II) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Dylan Thomas: Collected Poems, 1934-1952 by Dylan Thomas, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • French Poetry: The Poetry of France, an Anthology by Alan M. Boase, reviewed by Henri Fluchere
  • Great Sidney and Great Shakespeare: Poets on Fortune's Hill: Studies in Sidney, Shakespeare, Beaumont and Fletcher by John F. Danby, reviewed by J. C. F. Littlewood

No. 3 Spring, 1953[edit]

  • The Responsible Critic: or The Function of Criticism at Any Time F. R. Leavis
  • Cowley, Marvell and the Second Temple Harold Wendell Smith
  • 'King Lear' (III) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • The Cult of Benjamin Britten: Benjamin Britten edited by Donald Mitchell and Hans Keller, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • A New Journal of Education: British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. I, reviewed by G. H. Bantock
  • Lives and Letters: Some Recent German Studies, reviewed by D. J. Enright

No. 4 October, 1953[edit]

  • Valedictory; Crawshaw and 'The Weeper' John Peter
  • 'The Captain's Doll' F. R. Leavis
  • 'Much Ado About Nothing' T. W. Craik
  • Correspondence: 'The Responsible Critic', from F. W. Bateson
  • Reply F. R. Leavis; Letter from Geoffrey Walton
Comments and Reviews
  • Shakespeare Criticism: Shakespeare by Henri Fluchere and The Shakespearean Tempest by G. Wilson Knight, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Joyce-Eliot-Tradition: The Anathemata by David Jones, reviewed by J. C. F. Littlewood

Volume 20[edit]

  • Retrospect and Index: A Retrospect — F. R. Leavis
  • Indexes — Maurice Hussey
  • Index
    • A Subjects
    • B Authors, Artists and Composers
    • C Books reviewed
    • D Contributors
    • E Poetry published
    • F Music reviewed
    • G Gramophone records reviewed
    • H Correspondence
  • List of Errata