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Volume 1[edit]

No. 1. May, 1932[edit]

No. 2. September, 1932[edit]

No. 3. December, 1932[edit]

No. 4. March, 1933[edit]

Volume 2[edit]

No. 1 June, 1933[edit]

  • A Cure for Amnesia Denys Thompson
  • Revaluations (I): John Webster W. A. Edwards
  • Festivals of Fire, Section II Ronald Bottrall; Evaluations (II): Croce James Smith
  • English Tradition and Idiom Adrian Bell
  • The French Novel of To-day Henri Fluchere
  • 'Hero and Leader,' M. C. Bradbrook
Comments and Reviews;
  • 'This Poetical Renascence,' F. R. Leavis
  • Songs of Experience, Words for Music Perhaps, reviewed by M. C. Bradbrook
  • Dunbar and the 'Scottish renaissance,' John Speirs
  • Donne Not an Elizabethan, The Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse, reviewed by W. A. Edwards
  • Sixteen Bobs'-Worth of Culture, The English Muse, reviewed by Douglas Garman
  • The Lost Leader, A Study of Wordsworth, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Reading About Art, a review by Donald Culveer
  • Dostoevsky or Dickens? Light in August, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • 'Quicunque Vult...,' Essays in Order, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • In Job's Balances, reviewed by Michael Oakeshott
  • A Realist Looks at Democracy and If the Blind Lead, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Arnold Bennett: American Version, Dreiser and the Land of the Free, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Short Notices

No. 2 September, 1933[edit]

  • XXX Cantos of Ezra Pound Ronald Bottrall
  • Milton's Verse F. R. Leavis
  • Scrutiny of Examinations L. C. Knights
  • To Maecenas, a Poem C. H. Peacock
  • Will Economics Follow the Robbins Road? Donald K. Kitchin
  • Mr Kitchin on the Insignificance of Economics Harold E. Batson
Comments and Reviews
  • 'Our Serious Weeklies,' Q. D. Leavis
  • Flank-Rubbing and Criticism D. W. Harding and L. C. Knights
  • 'The Machine Unchained' Denys Thompson
  • Art and the Negative Impulses, Voyage au Bout de la Nuit, reviewed by Douglas Garman
  • Joyce and 'The Revolution of the Word' F. R. Leavis
  • Canons of Giant Art, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Battles Long Ago, Conquistador, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Literary Quotation and Allusion, and Plagiarism, reviewed by John Speirs
  • 'Go to the Professors!' Gorley Putt
  • The Christian Renaissance, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Film, reviewed by William Hunter
  • Moscow Dialogues, etc., reviewed by Montagu Hunter
  • Good Intentions in Education, The Educational Frontier, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Short Notices

No. 3 December, 1933[edit]

  • On Metaphysical Poetry James Smith
  • French Literary Periodicals Henri Fluchere
  • Prospectus for a Weekly Denys Thompson
  • The Criticism of William Empson M. C. Bradbrook
  • The Significance of Economics Thus Conceived D. K. Kitchin
  • Foot-Note to the Above H. Batson
  • Sonnet by Gongora and Translation E. M. Wilson
  • Revaluations (II): The Poetry of Pope F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • The Essayist at Large Denys Thompson
  • Mr Eliot at Harvard, The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Latest Yeats F. R. Leavis
  • Henryson, Chaucer and the 'Scottish Language,' a review by John Speirs
  • The Case of Mr Pound, Active Anthology, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Lytton Strachey, a review by T. R. Barnes
  • Towards Standards of Criticism, reviewed by I. M. Parsons
  • Gog-Magog, reviewed by Hugh Gordon Porteus
  • The First Lord Melchett, a review by W. H. Auden
  • Aspects of the Rise of Economic Individualism, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Mr. Christopher Dawson, a note
  • Social Eddies, Recent Social Trends in the United States, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Rigour of the Game, The Dynamics of Education, reviewed by Raymond O'Malley
  • Social Development in Young Children, reviewed by D. Q. Harding
  • Eddington, Jeans and Sullivan, reviewed by C. A. Meredith
  • War: Can the Intelligent Stop It? H. L. Elvin
  • Notes on Contributors

No. 4 March, 1934[edit]

  • Editorial; Revaluations (III): Burns John Speirs
  • The Scientific Best Seller J. L. Russell
  • The Irony of Swift F. R. Leavis
  • What Shall We Teach? Denys Thompson
  • Fleet Street and P...

Volume 3[edit]

No. 1 June, 1934[edit]

  • Evaluations (III): Alfred North Whitehead James Smith
  • Revaluations (IV): Hardy the Novelist Frank Chapman
  • Amateurism and Professionalism in Economics H. E. Batson
  • The Work of L. H. Myers D. W. Harding
  • The Return of Odysseus, a poem Richard Eberhart
  • Comments and Reviews; Means to Social Consciousness: Denys Thompson; Auden, Bottrall and Others: F. R. Leavis
  • Poems of George Barker, reviewed by Hugh Gordon Porteus
  • Shakespeare Criticism: Art and Artifice in Shakespeare, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Poetry Direct and Oblique, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Ideals and Facts in Adult Education: Adult Education in Practice, English in Australia and Reading and Discrimination, reviewed by W. A. Edwards
  • English Studies in the W.E.A., a note
  • How Shall We Teach? Progressive Schools, Their Principles and Practice, reviewed by Eric Capon and D. T.
  • An Atlas of Current Affairs, reviewed by J. B. P.
  • Economics for the Uninformed: reviews by H. E. Batson
  • Modern Man in Search of a Soul, reviewed by D. W. Harding

No. 2 September, 1934[edit]

  • Oxford Letter H. A. Mason; Why Universities? F. R. Leavis
  • Revaluations (V): Shakespeare's Sonnets L. C. Knights
  • History in the Classroom W. E. Brown
  • Advertising and Economic Waste C. H. P. Gifford
  • Comments and Reviews; England and the Octopus: Denys Thompson
  • The Rock, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Mr. Eliot, Mr. Wyndham Lewis and Lawrence: After Strange Gods, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Announcement
  • A B C of Reading, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Journey to the End of the Night, reviewed by William Hunter
  • Soviet Literature, reviewed by D. S. Mirsky
  • Music in Decline: The Reality of Music and Music Ho!, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • Which England?: Here's England, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • Progressive Schools: reviews by Denys Thompson
  • Manifesto, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Russian Sociology, reviewed by H. W. Durant
  • Periodicals; The English Association

No. 3 December, 1934[edit]

  • Culture and Early Environment Raymond O'Malley
  • Revaluations (VI): Wordsworth F. R. Leavis
  • The Novels of Jean Giono Henri Fluchere
  • The Religion of Progress J. L. Russell
  • Correspondence: 'Ephraim Pundit', John Sparrow, George Reavey and Ronald Bottrall
  • Comments and Reviews; Ex Cathedra; 'What is Truth?' The Seventeenth Century Background, reviewed by H. J. C. Grierson
  • Lowes Dickinson: a review by W. H. Auden
  • Shakespeare and Shakespeareans: A Companion to Shakespeare Studies and Elizabethan Essays, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • The Twilight of Intelligence: John Middleton Murray and Aspects of Literature, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Mechanisms of Misery: Tender is the Night, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • A Hope for Poetry, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Modern Prose Style, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • In All Countries, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Longinus and English Criticism, reviewed by James Smith
  • A 'Sceptical' Psychologist: Religion and the Sciences of Life, reviewed by C. E. Lucas

No. 4 March, 1935[edit]

  • Proletarian Literature William Empson
  • Revaluations (VII): George Chapman James Smith
  • Unpublished Poems Isaac Rosenberg
  • Aspects of the Poetry of Isaac Rosenberg D. W. Harding
  • Musical History Bruce Pattison
  • Comments and Reviews
  • The Times in School Denys Thompson
  • Dr. Richards, Bentham and Coleridge: Coleridge on Imagination, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Poetry 1934: a review by H. A. Mason
  • Mr. Pound's Propertius: a review by John Speirs
  • The Balcony, reviewed by Sylvia Legge
  • The Land of Plenty, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Solid Virtues: Claudius the God, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Early Victorian Novelists, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Criticism of Ballet: Balletomania, reviewed by Erik Mesterton
  • A Public for Art in Industry: a review by J. M. Harding
  • Sociology, reviewed by H. W. Durant

Volume 4[edit]

No. 1 June, 1935[edit]

  • Preamble to a Great Adventure, A Poem Ronald Bottrall
  • Propaganda and Rationalization in War D.W. Harding
  • Approach to Ariosto J.H. Whitfield
  • A Hundred Years of the Higher Journalism Denys Thompson
  • The Scottish Ballads John Speirs; Revaluations (VII): George Chapman ii James Smith
  • Correspondence: from J.B.S. Haldane, J.L. Russell, W. Empson and P. Mansell Jones
Comments and Reviews
  • Apology to 'The Times'
  • Experiment in Arden; American and English Earth, Fiction Kay Boyle
  • William Faulkner, William Saroyan, Erskine Caldwell and T.F. Powys, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • L.H. Myers, The Root and the Flower, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Untouchable, reviewed by Boman Mehta
  • The Eternal Smile, reviewed by I.M. Parsons
  • The Poems of John Clare, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Marianne Moore, Selected Poems, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Elizabethan Drama and the Critic, Themes and Conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Criticism and Literary History, English Poetry and the English Language, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Mr Murry's Autobiography, Between Two Worlds, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • The Sentimental Journey, A Life of Charles Dickens, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • The Faith of a Schoolmaster, reviewed by Raymond O'Malley

No. 2 September, 1935[edit]

  • Lady Novelists and the Lower Orders Q.D. Leavis
  • 'Intelligent Ideals of Urban Life,' Uno Ahren
  • Tradition and Ben Jonson L.C. Knights
  • Revaluations (VIII): Shelley F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence
Comments and Reviews
  • Poets and the Drama, Murder in the Cathedral and The Dog Beneath the Skin, reviewed by T.R. Barnes
  • Recent Verse, review by John Speirs
  • The Bond and the Free, Growing Opinions, I Was A Prisoner, Means Test Man, Caliban Shrieks, reviewed by W.H. Aude
  • 'The Economic and Social Background,' Literature and a Changing Civilisation, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Coleridge as a Dual Personality, Coleridge and S.T.C., reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Destructive Element, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Mr Maugham and Spanish Literature, Don Fernando, reviewed by E.M. Wilson
  • Ethical Taste, Patterns of Culture, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • The Letters of Gerald Manley Hopkins, The Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins to Robert Bridges, The Correspondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Watson Dixon, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century, reviewed by C.E. Lucas
  • The Appreciation of Poetry, reviewed by Frank Chapman

No. 3 December, 1935[edit]

  • English Poetry in the Seventeenth Century F.R. Leavis
  • The Maddermarket Theatre T.R. Barnes
  • Thomas Hobbes Michael Oakeshott
  • The Critical Writings of George Santayana Q.D. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; Editorial
  • The Soul of Man in the Age of Leisure, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • A Public for Poetry, Janus and Poems by Louis Macneice, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • William Empson's Verse, review by H.A. Mason
  • Hugh Macdiarmid, review by F.R. Leavis
  • The Poet's Tongue, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Shakespeare's Imagery and What It Tells Us, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Achievement of T.S. Eliot, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Gropius, The New Architecture and the Bauhaus, reviewed by Herbert Read
  • Doughty and Hopkins, review by F.R. Leavis
  • The Powys Brothers, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Orage Legend, review by F.R.Leavis
  • The Last Epicurean, The Last Puritan, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Clear Horizon, King Coffin, Beany-Eye, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Chinese Testament and The House of Exile, reviewed
  • The South Africans, reviewed
  • The Golden Grindstone, reviewed

No. 4 March, 1936[edit]

  • Scrutiny of Modern Greats E.W.F. Tomlin
  • English for the School Certification: A Note Frank Chapman
  • Tragic Philosophy G. Santayana; Revaluations (IX): Keats F.R. Leavis
  • Post Obitum: Diaghileff, Pavlova Vladimir Kamen...

Volume 5[edit]

No. 1 June 1936[edit]

  • The Robber Barons Denys Thompson
  • English Poetry in the Eighteenth Century F. R. Leavis
  • Psychology and Criticism Richard March
  • Psychology and Criticism: A Comment D. W. Harding
  • Shakespeare and Profit Inflations L. C. Knights
  • A Note on Hopkins and Duns Scotus W. H. Gardner
Comments and Reviews
  • Recent Pacifist Literature, reviews by Denys Thompson
  • The Revolutionary Simpleton, The Fate of the Middle Classes, reviewed by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Mr. Eliot and Education, Essays Ancient and Modern, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Ontogenetical Criticism, In Defence of Shelley, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • English Novelists and Higher Reviewers, The English Novelists, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Mr. E. M. Forster, Abinger Harvest, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Shakespeare as a Force of Nature, Shakespeare, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Criticism of Life, Strange Glory, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Higher Education of Women, reviews by Sylvia Legge
  • Indian Progressive Writers, When One Is In It, reviewed by Som Nath Chib
  • The Faber Book of Modern Verse and The Progress of Poetry, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Burning Cactus, reviewed by E. S. Huelin
  • An English Technique, reviewed by T. R. Barnes

No. 2 September 1936[edit]

  • Oxford Letter E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Jules Laforgue G. M. Turnell
  • Tight-Ropes to Parnassus
  • A Note on Contemporary Music W. H. Mellers
  • 'Antony and Cleopatra' and 'All For Love'
  • A Critical Exercise F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
Editorial Note
  • T. S. Eliot, 1925-1935, Collected Poems, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Twentieth Century Bunyans; Mr Aldous Huxley; Dustier and Dustier; novels reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Lagerkvist, Guest of Reality, reviewed by Norman Shrapnel
  • The Contemporary Situation in Scotland, reviews by John Speirs
  • American Miscellany, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Omnibus Criticism, reviews by R. G. Cox
  • Logical Negativism, Language, Truth and Logic, reviewed by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • Rural Civilisation, The Open Air, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Missionary Survey, The New Survey of London Life and Labour, Vol. IX, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Farming Near Skye, Highland Homespun, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • Educational Experiment, Sane Schooling, reviewed by R. O'Malley and Denys Thompson

No. 3 December 1936[edit]

  • French Intellectuals and the Political Crisis Henri Fluchere
  • The Swallow's Egg: Notes on Contemporary Art Richard March
  • Yeats, Synge, Ibsen and Strindberg T. R. Barnes
  • Bernard Van Dieren: Musical Intelligence and 'The New Language,' W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (X): Piers Plowman D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Mr. Dos Passos Ends His Trilogy, The Big Money, Death of a Man and Summer Will Show, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Entertainment Literature, Antigua, Penny, Puce, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Music and Education, Music, the Child and the Masterpiece, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • Marxism and the Modern Mood, reviews by E. W. F. Tomlin
  • New Writing, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Henry Adams, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres, reviewed by Donald S. Culver
  • Mr. Auden's Talent, Look! Stranger and The Ascent of F.6, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Principles of Shakespearian Production, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Yeats and the Irish Movement, Dramatis Personae, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Reading the Spirit, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Reading and Writing of English, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • Propaganda and the News, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Psycho-analysis and Social Psychology, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Fine Writing, Reperusals and Re-collections, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Additions to 'Everyman'; Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry

No. 4 March 1937[edit]

  • The Winter's Tale F. C. Tinkler
  • Christopher Dawson H. B. Parkes
  • Literary Criticism and Philosophy R...

Volume 6[edit]

No. 1 June 1937[edit]

  • The Great Reviews R. G. Cox
  • Othello and the Mangold-Wurzels: Literacy in the U.S.S.R A. Stawar
  • The Religious Problem in Hopkins W. H. Gardner
  • Coriolanus D. A. Traversi; Literary Criticism and Philosophy: A Reply F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Mrs. Woolf and Life, review by W. H. Mellers
  • A New Symphony, note by W.H.Mellers
  • Poetry in 1936, reviews by H. A. Mason
  • Mediaeval Scots Poetry, Scottish Poetry from Barbour to James VI, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Detachment From Social Norms, The Psychology of Social Norms, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Orpheus Britannicus, Purcell, reviewed by Bruce Pattison
  • New England Culture, The Flowering of New England, reviewed by Donald Culver
  • A French Critic, Histoire de la Litterature Francaise de 1789 a nos jours, reviewed by P. Mansell Jones
  • Drama and Society in the Age of Jonson, reviewed by L. G. Salingar

No. 2 September 1937[edit]

  • Restoration Comedy: The Reality and the Myth L. C. Knights
  • The Cultural Background of Intelligence Testing D. W. Harding
  • The Great Reviews (II) R. G. Cox
  • Abraham Cowley and the Decline of Metaphysical Poetry Geoffrey Walton
  • Correspondence; Literary Criticism and Philosophy Rene Wellek
  • Christopher Dawson and 'Arena' H. B. Parkes
  • Comments and Reviews; Mass Observation, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • 'The Marxian Analysis,' The Mind in Chains and Education, Capitalist and Socialist, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Arts in Totalitarian Russia, Seven Soviet Arts, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Modern Mind, reviewed by Michael Oakeshott
  • Advanced Verbal Education, The Philosophy of Rhetoric and Scepticism and Poetry, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Teaching Poetry, reviewed by R. O'Malley and Denys Thompson
  • The State of Farming, Farming England, reviewed by Adrian Bell
  • What Science Stands For, reviewed by C. E. Lucas
  • Tuesday's Hash, reviews by H. L. Bradbrook
  • The Recognition of Isaac Rosenberg, The Complete Works of Isaac Rosenberg, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Id Quod Visum Placet? Art and Understanding, reviewed by Richard March

No. 3 December 1937[edit]

  • Education by Book Club? H. A. Mason
  • The Role of the Onlooker D. W. Harding
  • Diabolic Intellect and the Noble Hero: A Note on Othello F. R. Leavis
  • Jean Wiener and Music for Entertainment W. H. Mellers
  • Revengers against Time Ronald Bottrall
Comments and Reviews
  • Trahison des Clercs, Gide's Retour and Retouches, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Chinese Poets and Others, reviews by W. H. Mellers
  • The Fall of the City, reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Vitality in Social Surveys, Middletown in Transition and May the Twelfth, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • A Plan for Public Taste, Industrial Art in England, reviewed by J. M. Harding
  • There's Only One Sturt, The Carpenter's Shop, reviewed by F. C. Tinkler
  • G.B.S. and the Problem of Music Criticism, London Music in 1888-99 As Heard by Corno di Bassetto, reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • The Case of Miss Dorothy Sayers, reviews by Q. D. Leavis
  • Elizabethan Reading Matter and Elizabethan Literature, Middle-Class Culture in Elizabethan England, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Shakespeare and Mediaeval Thought, Shakespeare's Philosophical Patterns, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • 'The Book of the Week,' Daylight and Champaign, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Wild, Untutored Phoenix, Phoenix, reviewed by F. R. Leavis

No. 4 March 1938[edit]

  • The Modern Universities L. C. Knights
  • A Letter from Ireland Grattan Freyer
  • The Composer and Civilisation: Notes on the Later Work of Gabriel Faure W. H. Mellers
  • 'The Revenger's Tragedy' and the Morality Tradition L. G. Salingar
  • Correspondence, from Boris Ford
Comments and Reviews
  • The Illusion of Cogency, Illusion and Reality, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The End and the Means, The Poetry of Pope, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Lives and Works of Richard Jefferies, Q. D. Leavis

Volume 7[edit]

No. 1 June 1938[edit]

  • The Modern Universities: A Postscript L. C. Knights
  • 'Cymbeline' F. C. Tinkler; The Apotheosis of Post-Impressionism Richard March
  • Wordsworth: A Preliminary Survey James Smith
  • William Dunmar John Speirs
  • Correspondence: Exact Thought and Inexact Language
Comments and Reviews
  • Gissing and the English Novel, review by Q. D. Leavis
  • 'Femina-Vie Heureuse' Please Note, I'm Not Complaining, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • Kafka's Life, review by Rene Wellek
  • Left-wing Allegories, reviews by R. G. Cox
  • The Poet and His Readers, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • The Education of Girls, review by Sylvia Legge
  • The Academic Mind on the Seventeenth Century, Seventeenth Century Studies, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • In Defence of Milton, Milton and Wordsworth and The Miltonic Setting, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Aristocracy and the Middle Classes in Germany, reviewed by Rene Wellek
  • Mr. Turner's Mozart, review by W. H. Mellers
  • Berlioz: A Prophetic Romantic, review by W. H. Mellers
  • Note on Gramophone Records, by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 September 1938[edit]

  • The Philosophy of Marxism, by H. B. Parkes
  • Baudelaire James Smith
  • The Composer and Civilisation (II): Albert Roussel and La Musique Francaise W. H. Mellers
  • E. M. Forster F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Music: Van Dieren and Rubbra, Note by W.H.Mellers
  • Caterpillars of the Commonwealth Unite! Three Guineas, reviewed by Q. D. Leavis
  • The T. E. Hulme Myth, T. E. Hulme, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • Hopkins and Patmore, Further Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Mr. Spender's Play, Trial of a Judge, reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Poet of Revolution, Arthur Rimbaud and Rimbaud in Abyssinia, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Rainer Maria Rilke, reviews by Richard March
  • Aids to English Teaching, Poetry in Practice and English Poetry: A Students Anthology, reviewed by Frank Chapman
  • A History of Economic Thought, reviewed by P. Harris
  • Busoni's Letters to his Wife, noticed by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 December 1938[edit]

  • 'The New Republic' and the Ideal Weekly H. A. Mason
  • Henry James's Heiress: The Importance of Edith Wharton Q. D. Leavis
  • 'The Great and Good Corneille,' Martin Turnell
  • 'Troilus and Cressida,' D. A. Traversi; Revaluations (XI): Arnold as Critic F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Ivor Gurney and the English Art-Song W. H. Mellers
  • Defending Letters, Defense des lettres and translation reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Press, review by H. A. Mason
  • Education, Writing and Action, Writing and Action reviewed by F.C.
  • Poetry and Anarchism reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Mr. Chase on Words, The Tyranny of Words reviewed by James Smith
  • The Significance of Kafka, America reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Auden and Isherwood, On the Frontier reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • 'Human Nature' in Society, Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies reviewed by F. C. Tinkler

No. 4 March 1939[edit]

The American Cultural Scene (I) Political Thought H. B. Parke

  • 'Wuthering Heights,' Boris Ford
  • Music in the Melting Pot: Charles Ives and the Music of the Americas W. H. Mellers
  • Leslie Stephen: Cambridge Critic Q. D. Leavis
  • Giovanni Papini and Italian Literature D. A. Traversi
  • Correspondence: The 'PEP' Report on the Press
Comments and reviews
  • A 'Corresponding Bureau'?; Social Relationships, The Clue to History reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • The Historian's Task, reviews by H. B. Parkes
  • The Progress of Poetry, Modern Poetry and The Year's Poetry reviewed by G. Walton
  • The Fate of Edward Thomas, reviews by F. R. Leavis
  • Hart Crane From This Side, The Collected Poems of Hart Crane reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Hoelderlin, review by H. L. Bradbrook; Nineteenth-Century Scotland in Allegory, The House with the Green Shutters reviewed by John Speirs
  • Ruth Adam Again, There Needs No Ghost revie

Volume 8[edit]

No. 1 June 1939[edit]

  • The American Cultural Scene (II) Criticism H. B. Parkes
  • The Ideas of Machiavelli Grattan Freyer
  • Classics and Education: A Note H. A. Mason
  • Marlowe's 'Dr Faustus,' James Smith
  • Edmund Rubbra and Symphonic Form W. H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • The Background of Twentieth-Century Letters, reviews by Q. D. Leavis
  • The Central All-Connecting Study, Interpretation in Teaching reviewed by H. A. Mason
  • The Method and Theory of the Bauhaus, The New Vision reviewed by Storm Jameson
  • Mr. C. S. Lewis and the Status Quo, Rehabilitations and Other Essays reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • Arnold's Thought, Matthew Arnold reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Function of Science, review of The Social Function of Science C. E. Lucas
  • Mr. Eliot's New Play, The Family Reunion reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Euclid on Helicon, The Poet's Defence reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Modern Poets in Love and War, reviews by W. H. Mellers

No. 2 September 1939[edit]

  • The Claims of Politics: Richard Church, Geoffrey Davies, Christopher Dawson, George Every, S.S.M., Michael Oakeshott, Olaf Stapleton, L. Susan Stebbing, R. H. Tawney
  • Literary Criticism in France (I) Martin Turnell
  • Harmony and Composition Edmund Rubbra
  • A Classical Education and Eighteenth-Century Poetry A. R. Humphreys
Comments and Reviews
  • The End of the 'Modern Movement,' Wyndham Lewis the Artist and Art Lies Bleeding reviewed by Richard March
  • Ronald Bottrall, The Turning Path reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Post-Marxist Criticism, The Poet and Society reviewed by E. M. Bewley
  • Fairies in Bloomsbohemia, Portrait of Stella Benson reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Critical Guidance and Contemporary Literature, The Present Age from 1914 reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Mr. Wilson Knight, The Burning Oracle reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler
  • Pope on the Upswing, The Twickenham Edition Vol. IV and The Poetical Career of Alexander Pope reviewed by F. R. Leavis

No. 3 December 1939[edit]

  • The Spens Report: A Symposium-Review
  • The American Cultural Scene (III): Education H. B. Parkes
  • The Tragedy of Blood James Smith
  • Literary Criticism in France (II) Martin Turnell
  • Escapism in Literature Olaf Stapleton
Comments and Reviews
  • 'The Turning Path': a correction
  • Christian or Liberal?, The Idea of a Christian Society reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Twentieth-Century Music-Making, Music in the Modern World reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Philosophy at Oxford, An Autobiography by R. G. Collingwood, reviewed by J. G. Maxwell
  • Poetry in France, Introduction a la Poesie Francaise reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Roger Fry and Art Criticism, Lectures reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Hollywooden Hero, The Fifth Column reviewed by W. H. Mellers

No. 4 March 1940[edit]

  • Regulated Hatred: An Aspect of the Work of Jane Austen D. W. Harding
  • 'Athalie' and the Dictators, by Martin Turnell
  • Searchlight on Tin-Pan Alley, W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XII): The Poetry of Coleridge, Eugene Marius Bewley
  • Correspondence: James Smith, D. W. Harding, Professor Parrott, James Smith
Comments and Reviews
  • English in Schools
  • How to Read a Newspaper, Between the Lines reviewed by F. Chapman
  • Educational, Village Life and Labour and The Control of Language reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Scientific Humanism, Dangerous Thoughts reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • The Great Yeats, and the Latest, Last Poems and Plays reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Classical and Romantic Again, Tradition and Romanticism reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • 'Nature' in the Eighteenth Century, The Eighteenth Century Background reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Music, The Music Review reviewed by W.H. Mellers

Volume 9[edit]

No. 1 June 1940[edit]

  • The American Cultural Scene (IV): The Novel H. B. Parkes
  • 'As You Like It,' James Smith; Tradition and Innovation To-Day Olaf Stapleton
  • Music and the Dramatic W. H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XIII): Coleridge in Criticism F. R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • 'New Writing' in the 1930's, Folios of New Writing, Spring, 1940, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • The Bard and the Prep-School, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog and The Backward Son reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • What Boys and Girls Read, What Do Boys and Girls Read? reviewed by T. R. Barnes
  • Greek Tragedy, Greek Tragedy reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Remy de Gourmont - Precursor, Remy de Gourmont - Essai de Biographie Intellectuelle reviewed by G. D. Klingopulos
  • Folk-Song in its Cultural Setting, The Blue Grove: the Poetry of the Uraons reviewed by D.W. Harding

No. 2 September 1940[edit]

  • Education and the University: Sketch for an English School F. R. Leavis
  • Rubbra's No. 3 W. H. Mellers
  • The Significance of Manzoni's 'Promessi Sposi,' D. A. Traversi
  • Prince Hamlet L. C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • A Statement of Positives, The Pool of Vishnu, reviewed by D. W. Harding
  • Marxists and History, The English Revolution, 1640, and The Role of the Individual in History, reviewed by L. C. Knights
  • The Literary Life Respectable, reviews of Edwin Muir and George Orwell by Q. D. Leavis
  • Pelicans, reviews of Pelican Books by G.W., W.H. Mellers and F.R.Leavis
  • Art History and/or Art Criticism, Modern French Painters, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Machiavelli, The Statecraft of Machiavelli, reviewed by D. A. Traversi
  • Scottish Literature, The Scots Literary Tradition, reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Petulant Peacock, Letters on Poetry from W. B. Yeats to Dorothy Wellesley, reviewed. W. H. Auden, reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 3 December 1940[edit]

  • The Custom of War and the Notion of Peace D. W. Harding
  • Crime and Punishment in Ben Jonson D. J. Enright
  • Postscript on Verlaine Martin Turnell
  • Education and the University: Criticism and Comment F. R. Leavis
  • 'Greats,' J. C. Maxwell
Comments and Reviews
  • Marxism: a Post-mortem reviewed by Christopher Hill
  • A Scientist on Propaganda, Political Propaganda reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Milton and his Critics; Folios of New Writing, Autumn, 1940 reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Cats in Air-pumps, or Poets in 1940, reviews by W. H. Mellers of Richard Eberhart, T. S. Eliot, William Empson and Poets of Tomorrow: Cambridge Poetry 1940 Marvell, Andrew Marvell reviewed by L. C. Knights

No. 4 March 1941[edit]

  • Education and the University (III) Literary Studies F. R. Leavis
  • The Politeness of Racine R. C. Knight
  • The Theme of 'The Ancient Mariner,' D. W. Harding
  • Mahler as Key-Figure W. H. Mellers
  • Henry the Fifth D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Poets in Wartime, reviews by T. R. Barnes
  • A Book on Yeats, The Poetry of W. B. Yeats, reviewed by W. H. Mellers
  • Proust, Introduction to Proust, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Essays on Culture and Civilisation, Topics, reviewed by J. C. Maxwell
  • Musical Conditions in the XVIIIth Century, The Orchestra in the XVIIIth Century, reviewed by Eric Blom
  • Science in War, reviewed by C. E. Lucas
  • Knowledge and Experience, The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge, reviewed by R. O. C. Winkler

Volume 10[edit]

No. 1 June 1941[edit]

  • Correspondence (re Marxism) H.B Parkes
  • Towards a Musical Academy W.H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XIV): Joseph Conrad (I) F.R. Leavis
  • Nietzche H.B. Parkes
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings Q.D. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • BARTOK ON WAX, Quartet No.2 reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Louis Macneice, Plant and Phantom reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The Ox in Spain, For Whom the Bell Tolls reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Science and Society, The Social Relations of Science reviewed by C.E. Lucas

No. 2 October, 1941[edit]

  • Conservatism and Tradition: Post Obitum - Donald Francis Tovey, Hamilton Harty, Frank Bridge W.H. Mellers
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings (II): 'Lady Susan' into 'Mansfield Park,' Q.D. Leavis
  • The Development of Modern Italian Poetry (I), D.A. Traversi
  • Revaluations (XIV): Joseph Conrad (concluded), F.R Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • A Plea for the English Ballet, Boris Ford
  • The 'Thirties Reply, Folios of New Writing, Spring 1941 reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Crumbs from the Banquet, Points of View by T.S. Eliot, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkley
  • Ideals and Illusions by Susan Stebbing, reviewed by J.C. Maxwell
  • the Concise 'C.H.E.L.', The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature reviewed by Boris Ford
  • Mr Auden's Weltanschauung, New Year Letter reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • ABrahms Recording, Trio in A minor for clarinet, 'cello and piano reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Mr Newton and the Conquest of Appearances, European Painting and Sculpture reviewed by Stephen Reiss

No. 3 January, 1942[edit]

  • 'First Broadcast Performance,' W.H. Mellers
  • The Ambiguity of 'Measure for Measure,' L.C. Knights
  • The Greatness of 'Measure for Measure,' F.R. Leavis
  • A Note on Literature and the Irish Tradition, D.J. Enright
  • The Significance of the 'Princesse de Cleves,' by Martin Turnell
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings (II): 'Lady Susan' into 'Mansfield Park' (concluded), Q. D. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; After 'To the Lighthouse' Between the Acts reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • A Book on Rilke, Rainer Maria Rilke, reviewed by D. J. Enright
  • Dickens as Journalist, The Dickens World, reviewed by R.C. Churchill
  • The Starlit Dome, reviewed by T.R. Barnes
  • Tippettan Discovery, Fantasy Sonata for Piano, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Dvorak Centenary Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers
  • Cornish Microcosm, Tudor Cornwall, reviewed by Vero Mellers
  • Science and Values, Knowledge for What? and The Scientific Attitude, reviewed by C.E. Lucas
  • Editorial Note on Reviewing

No. 4 April, 1942[edit]

  • After Ten Years: Editorial
  • The Significance of 'Cymbeline', A.A. Stephenson, The Criticism of Shakespeare's Late Plays: A Caveat, F.R. Leavis
  • Language and Function in American Music, by W.H. Mellers
  • Dickens, Drama and Tradition, R.C. Churchill
Comments and Reviews
  • Master of the King's Musick, 1942, W.H.M.; Poetry and Politics, Life and the Poet, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • A Prescription for the West, The Recovery of the West, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • Modern Verse and the Anthologist, reviews by R.C. Lienhardt
  • Recent Political Theory, reviews by J.C. Maxwell
  • Academic Scholarship, English and American, reviews by R.G. Cox
  • Shchedrin: The Russian Swift, Shchedrin's Fables, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Gramophone Records, Bloch's Quartet for piano and strings and String Quartet, reviewed by W.H.M.

Volume 11[edit]

No. 1 Summer, 1942[edit]

  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (I): Melody and Texture, Mediaeval and Modern W.H. Mellers
  • Farewell and Welcome: A Sequence of Poems Ronald Bottrall
  • A Case for Kipling? Boris Ford
  • Demigods and Pickpockets: The Augustan Myth in Swift and Rousseau J.C. Maxwell
  • 'Measure for Measure' D.A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Eliot's Later Poetry, The Dry Salvages reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • An American Critic, Edmund Wilson's The Wound and the Bow reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Gramaphone Records, Byrd: Mass for Five Voices and Recital of Russian Songs reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Johnson, The Poems of Samuel Johnson reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Ruins and Warnings, Stephen Spender's Ruins and Visions and Henry Treece's Invitation and Warning reviewed by D.J. Enright

No. 2 December, 1942[edit]

  • Evidence Evalued Ronald Bottrall
  • Chaucer: (I) 'Troilus and Criseyde' John Speirs
  • A Letter on the Music Criticism of W.H. Mellers Boris Ford and Stephen Reiss
  • A Reply W.H. Mellers
  • Benjamin Constant and 'Adolphie' Martin Turnell
Comments and Reviews
  • Milton Again, A Preface to Paradise Lost, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Landor and the Seasoned Epicure, Savage Landor, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Scientific Attitudes, A History of Science and its Relations with Philosophy and Religion, reviewed by R.O.C Winkler
  • Holderlin: Poet of the Gods, Holderlin: Gedichte, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • A Novel to Recommend, Darkness at Noon, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis

No. 3 Spring, 1943[edit]

  • Education and the University: Considerations at a Critical Time F.R. Leavis
  • New English and American Music W.H. Mellers
  • Cormac's Ruined House: A Survey of the Modern Irish Novel D.J. Enright
  • Chaucer (II): The Canterbury Tales (I) John Speirs
Comments and Reviews
  • 'We have not Reached Conclusion', Little Gidding, reviewed by D.W. Harding
  • Hopkins and Yeats, Gerard Manley, Hopkins, Priest and Poet, and The Development of William Butler Yeats, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • 'Education for Democracy', A New Order in English Education and The Universities in Transformation, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Hardy and Criticism, Thomas Hardy (English Men of Letters) and Hardy the Novelist, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Current Pamphleteering, reviews by Geoffrey Walton

No. 4 Summer, 1943[edit]

  • 'Le Misanthrope' (I) Martin Turnell
  • Objections to a Review of 'Little Gidding' R.N. Higinbotham
  • Reflections on the Above F.R. Leavis
  • Bacon and the Seventeenth-Century Dissociation of Sensibility L.C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • The Innocence of Dr. Wooster R.C. Churchill
  • The Heirs of Baudelaire, The Heritage of Symbolism, reviewed by Martin Turnell
  • Architecture and Society, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Academic Case-History, Haddon the Head Hunter, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Physics and Metaphysics Again, Physics and Philosophy, reviewed by R.O.C. Winkler
  • Thomas Mann and the Abyss, Stories of Three Decades, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Note on Music W.H. Mellers.

Volume 12[edit]

No. 1 Winter, 1943[edit]

  • Literature and Society F.R. Leavis
  • 'The Discipline of Letters': A Sociological Note Q.D. Leavis
  • 'Le Misanthrope' (II) Martin Turnell
  • Chaucer (III): The Canterbury Tales (II) John Speirs
Comments and Reviews
  • The Modern Universities, Redbrick University, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Advertising and Civilisation, Voice of Civilisation, reviewed by R.C. Churchill
  • English Character, Orientations and Man and Boy, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Hugh Macdiamid, Lucky Poet, reviewed by John Durkan
  • 'the Dunciad', Poems of Alexander Pope, Vol.V., reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 2 Spring, 1944[edit]

  • Evaluations (IV): Gerard Manley Hopkins, by F.R. Leavis
  • Rilke and Hoelderlin in Translation D.J. Enright
  • A Critical Theory of Jane Austen's Writings: III. The Letters Q.D. Leavis
  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (II): Voice and Dance in the XVI and XVII Centuries W.H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • The Ultimate Vision, An Anthology of Religious Verse, etc., reviewed by R.C. Lienhardt
  • How Shall we Teach? Education Through Art, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Climate, Shakespeare and the Nature of Man, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Charlotte Younge and 'Christian Discrimination', reviews by Q.D. Leavis
  • Bax and the British Council, Symphony No.3, records reviewed by W.H.Mellers

No. 3 Summer, 1944[edit]

  • Stefan George and the New Empire D.J. Enright
  • George Herbert L.C. Knights
  • Johnson as Critic F.R. Leavis
  • Towards a Conception of Musical Tradition (II): Voice and Dance in the XVI and XVII Centuries (ii) W.H. Mellers
Comments and Reviews
  • Co-Prosperity?, The Case for Examinations, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • The Liberal Case, The Road to Serfdom, reviewed by J.C. Maxwell
  • 'Attitude for the Modern Poet', The Personal Principle, reviewed by R.C. Lienhardt
  • Approach to Shakespeare, Shakespeare and the Popular Dramatic Tradition, reviewed by A.I. Doyle
  • 'Modern Poetry' in School, Introducing Modern Poetry, reviewed by Frank Chapman

No. 4 Summer, 1944[edit]

  • Moral Bewilderment Morris Ginsberg
  • Tragedy and the 'Medium': a Note on Mr. Santayana's 'Tragic Philosophy' F.R. Leavis
  • Two Generations of English Music W.H. Mellers
  • 'Phedre', by Martin Turnell
  • J.B. Leishman and the Art of Translation D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Catholicity or Narrowness?, A Critical History of English Poetry reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Hopkins Commemorated, Gerard Manley Hopkins reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Tristan and Isolt, Tristan and Isolt reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Meet Mr. Forster, E.M. Forster reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Age of Yeats or the Age of Eliot?, poetry reviewed by Geoffrey Walton

Volume 13[edit]

No. 1 Spring, 1945[edit]

  • The Interpretation of History A.J. Woolford
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word (I) The First Part D.J. Enright
  • On the Social Background of Metaphysical Poetry L.C. Knights
  • 'Thought' and Emotional Quality: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F.R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Hail Butler!, Willingly to School, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Sociology and Literature, The Sociology of Literary Taste and English Social History, reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 2 September, 1945[edit]

  • Existentialism and Literature: A Letter from Switzerland H.A. Mason
  • The Controlling Hand: Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice Reuben A. Brower
  • Correspondence: Rilke, George and 'Re-integration W. Schenk and D.J. Enright
  • Imagery and Movement: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F.R. Leavis
  • Comments and Reviews; Cobbet as a Classic, The Opinions of William Cobbet, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Auden's Inverted Development, For the Time Being, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Contemporary Verse, reviews by A.I. Doyle
  • Non Sequitur, A Planned Economy, review by A.J. Woolford
  • A Debussy Recording, review by W.H. Mellers
  • Tippet, Concerto for double string orchestra, note by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 Autumn-Winter, 1945[edit]

  • The Dark Ages: Culture and the Oratorio W.H. Mellers
  • Revaluations (XV): George Eliot (I) F.R. Leavis
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (II) A Chapter of Accidents D.J. Enright
  • Flaubert (I) Martin Turnell
Comments and Reviews
  • Reform is Altogether? Fifty-five Years at Oxford, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • From Playground to Grace, The Unquiet Grave and The Condemned Playground, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The Grammar Schools, The Boy's Grammar School, reviewed by Denys Thompson
  • Symbolism and Apocalypse, Holderlin's Symbolism, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Music, reviews by W.H. Mellers
  • British Council Recordings, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 4 Spring, 1946[edit]

  • 'Much Ado About Nothing' James Smith
  • Revaluations (XV): George Eliot (II) F.R. Leavis
  • Flaubert (Concluded) Martin Turnell
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (III) The Second Part D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • A Partial Convert? The Yogi and the Commissar, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Aragon: Capitulation or Resistance? Reviews by A.I. Doyle
  • Calderon and the Morality, The Allegorical Drama of Calderon, reviewed by James Smith
  • Critical Essays by George Orwell, reviewed by T.R. Barnes

Volume 14[edit]

No. 1 Summer, 1946[edit]

  • Les Chemins de la Liberte H.A. Mason
  • Revaluations (XV) : George Eliot (III) F.R. Leavis
  • Goethe's 'Faust' and the Written Word: (III) The Second Part (Concluded) D.J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Planning your life at the University, First Year at the University, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Clio Elevated, or the Spirit of English History, The Spirit of English History, reviewed by A.J. Woolford
  • Mr Lewis's Theology, The Great Divorce, reviewed by E.K.T. Dock
  • Mixed Currency, The Mint, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Dylan Thomas, Deaths and Entrances, reviewed by Wolf Mankowitz
  • Elucidating Eliot, Four Quartets Rehearsed, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Malinnowski, The Dynamics of Culture Change, reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 December, 1946[edit]

  • M. Camus and the Tragic Hero H.A. Mason
  • The Rhythmical Intention in Wyatt's Poetry D.W. Harding
  • George Eliot (IV): 'Daniel Deronda' and 'The Portrait of a Lady' F.R. Leavis
Comments and Reviews
  • Henry James and the English Association
  • 'The Times Literary Supplement'
  • An Irish Monthly
  • 'The Kenyon Review' and 'Scrutiny'
  • For Whom do Universities Exist?; A Passage to Palestine, Thieves in the Night reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Eliot's Heir, A Map of Verona and The Garden reviewed by G.D. Klingopulos
  • Modern Poetic Drama, The Poet in the Theatre reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Guillaume Apollinaire, Choix de Poesie and Apollinaire reviewed by G.D. Klingopulos
  • The Sights of Coney Island, The Cosmological Eye reviewed by R.G. Lienhardt
  • The English Kafka, The Cult of Power reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 3 Spring, 1947[edit]

  • Andre Malraux and His Critics H.A. Mason
  • The Cultural Implications of Planning and Popularization G.H. Bantock
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (I): 'Hard Times' F.R. Leavis
  • Professor Chadwick and English Studies A Pupil
Comments and Reviews; Rehabilitating Isben, Ibsen
the Intellectual Background and Ibsen the Norwegian, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Room for Doubt? Mr Bottrall's Selected Poems, Selected Poems, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Henry James: The Stories, Fourteen Stories by Henry James, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • The Appreciation of Henry James, Henry James: the Major Phase, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Secret Chromatic Art in the Netherlands Motet, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Gramophone Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 4 September, 1947[edit]

  • The Two Henry Jameses Quentin Anderson
  • Professor Chadwick and English Studies: Comments by J.C. Maxwell and Redbrick
  • The Critical Review Today: Prolegomena to a Historical Inquiry R.G. Cox
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (II): 'Wuthering Heights' G.D. Klingopulos
  • Music Chronicle W.H. Mellers
  • Correspondence from R. Bottrall
Comments and Reviews
  • Henry James's First Novel, Roderick Hudson, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Poetic Image, Day Lewis, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Folk Songs of Chhattisgarh, Verrier Elwin, reviewed by D.W.H.
  • Note on The Great Short Novels of Henry James, Philip Rahv Q.D.Leavis
  • Albert Camus: Difficult Hope, La Peste, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Hugo - All the Best, Modern French Literature, Denis Saurat, reviewed by C.A. Hackett
  • Inyerpreter or Oracle? The Crown of Life, G. Wilson Knight, reviewed by R.G. Cox.

Volume 15[edit]

No. 1 December, 1947[edit]

  • Henry Sidgwick's Cambridge Q.D. Leavis
  • Henry James, His Symbolism and His Critics Quentin Anderson
  • Contemporary French Criticism Henri Peyre and H.A. Mason
  • Henry IV - Part I D.A. Traversi
  • Marivaux Martin Turnell
  • Correspondence from T.S. Eliot; Comments and Reviews; Approaches to T. S. Eliot, T.S. Eliot: a Study of his Writings by Several Hands, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Institution of Henry James, The Question of Henry James, reviewed by Q.D. Leavis
  • Recent Literary Criticism in German, Die Freien Rhythmen in der Deutschen Lyrik, reviewed by D.J. Enright
  • Education, Young Enthusiasts, reviewed by R. O'Malley
  • The Poet as Exucutant, Four Quartets, read by the author, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Records, reviews by W.H. Mellers

No. 2 Spring, 1948[edit]

  • Some Cultural Implications of Freedom in Education G.H. Bantock
  • Henry James and the Function of Criticism F.R. Leavis
  • Reflections on Clarendon's History of the Rebellion L.C. Knights
  • Henry IV - Part II D.A. Traversi
  • Music Chronicle W.H. Mellers
  • Correspondence re Mr. Bottrall and Mr. Eliot, and 'Henry IV Part I'
  • Comments and Reviews; 'Critique': The First Two Years, review by H.A. Mason
  • Ambiguity Revised, Seven Types of Ambiquity, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Footnotes on Literature and Art, The Harp of Aeolus, reviewed by Geoffrrey Walton
  • Mr Auden's Quartet, The Age of Anxiety, reviewed by H.A Mason
  • Progressive Exercises on Reading, reviewed by T.A. Birrell

No. 3 Summer, 1948[edit]

  • Freedom in Education: Thoughts Provoked by Mr. Bantock Boris Ford
  • Goethe's 'Roman Elegies' D.J. Enright
  • Mencken and the American Language Marius Bewley
  • 'Timon of Athens' J.C. Maxwell
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (III): 'The Europeans' F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence Ronald Bottrall
  • Comments and Reviews; A Note on Intellectual Life in the USA H.A. Mason
  • Background and Doctrine, Five Poems 1470-1870, An Elementary Essay on the Background of English Literature E.M.W. Tillyard, and Essays on Literary Criticism and the English Tradition by S.K. Bethell, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Reason and Unreason in Society by M. Ginsberg, reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • 'The Portrait of a Lady' Reprinted, review by F.R. Leavis

No. 4 December, 1948[edit]

  • The Case of Stefan George D.J. Enright
  • Notes from American (II): Kenneth Burke as Literary Critic Marius Bewley
  • Intellectual Life in the U.S.A.: Comment and Reply Seymour Betsky
  • Authority and Method in Education: Some Reflections on Mr Ford's Rejoinder G.H. Bantock
  • Comments and Reviews; The Progress of Poesy F.R. Leavis
  • Some Marginal Notes to a Study of History, by R.G. Lienhardt
  • Translation into Scots, A Braird o Thristles, by Douglas Young, reviewed by J.H. Speirs
  • What is a National Monument? Reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Three Books on Music, The Poetics of Music by Igor Stravinsky, Music and Poetry of the English Renaissance by Bruce Pattison, A History of Music in Scotland by H.G. Farmer, reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • Scientific Man Versus Power Politics H.J. Morganthau, reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • The British Council in the Council in the Golden Age, records reviewed by W.H. Mellers.

Volume 16[edit]

No. 1 March, 1949[edit]

  • Measure for Measure: Or Anglo-American Exchanges H.A. Mason
  • The Colloquial Mode of Byron Marius Bewley
  • The Moral Basis of Political Conflicts Morris Ginsberg
  • Correspondence from Boris Ford
  • The Case of John Webster, by Ian Jack
Comments and Reviews
  • D.H. Lawrence Placed, F.R.L., and Letter from H. Coombes
  • Culture and Dr. Joad, R.C. Churchill
  • A Note on Contemporary 'Philosophical' Literary Criticism in France H.A. Mason
  • Puritan Bunyan, John Bunyan: L'homme et l'ouvre reviewed by Maurice Hussey
  • Mr Eliot and Education, Notes Towards a Definition of Culture reviewed by G.H. Bantock
  • American Critics and Poetic Drama, reviews by R.G. Cox
  • Cross-Currents in Twentieth Century Music, records reviewed by W.H. Mellers
  • 'Humanitas', Note

No. 2 June, 1949[edit]

  • Arthur Koestler G.D. Klingopulos
  • The 'Cortegiano' and the Civilization of the Renaissance Wilhelm Schenk
  • Mill, Beatrice Webb and the 'English School' F.R. Leavis
  • 'The Tempest' Derek Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Shakespeare and the Meaning of 'Nature', Shakespeare's Doctrine of Nature, by John F. Danby, reviewed by L.C. Knights
  • Lovejoy and the History of Ideas, The Great Chain of Being and Essays in the History of Ideas, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • Homage to Common Sense, Francis Jeffrey of the Edinburgh Review by James A. Grieg, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Men of Letters and the English Public in the XVIIIth Century by Beljame, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Beatrice Webb in Partnership, Our Partnership reviewed by F.R. Leavis

No. 3 September, 1949[edit]

  • James' Debt to Hawthorne (I): 'The Blithedale Romance' and 'The Bostonians' Marius Bewley
  • The Shakespearean Dialectic: An Aspect of 'Antony and Cleopatra' John F. Danby
  • Required Literature Courses as a Contribution to Culture Margaret Diggle
  • 'The Family Reunion' John Peter
  • In Memoriam: W. Schenk, 1928-1949
  • Correspondence, D.R. Browning, Donald A. Davie, Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Keynes, Lawrence and Cambridge, Two Memoirs, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • The Cult of Dylan Thomas, Dylan Thomas by Henry Treece, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Mr Turnell's Criticism, The Classical Moment, reviewed by Alan M. Boase
  • The New Antiquarianism, The Theory of Literature by Wellek and Warren, reviewed by Seymour Betsky
  • Proust and his Critics, reviews by Martin Turnell
  • The Content of Education, An Essay on the Content of Education, reviewed by G.H. Bantock

No. 4 Winter, 1949[edit]

  • 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight', by John Speirs
  • James's Debt to Hawthorne (II): 'The Marble Faun' and 'The Wings of the Dove' Marius Bewley
  • On The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra L.C. Knights
  • Correspondence: G. Wilson Knight and John F. Danby
Comments and Reviews
  • The Shakespeare Industry: Progress Report, Shakespeare Survey 2, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • The Logic of Christian Discrimination, Poetry and Personal Responsibility, by George Every, reviewed by F.R. Leavis
  • Art: The Religion and the Saint, Recollections of Logan Pearsall Smith reviewed by H.A. Mason.

Volume 17[edit]

No. 1 Spring, 1950[edit]

  • Mr Eliot and Social Biology L.A Cormican
  • James's Debt to Hawthorne (III): The American Problem Marius Bewley
  • 'The Windhover' F.N Lees
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (IV): 'St. Mawr', by F.R Leavis
  • Correspondence: Leon Edel and Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Sin and Soda, The Cocktail Party, by T.S. Eliot, reviewed by John Peter
  • The American People, by Henry Bamford Parkes, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • Wyatt and the Scholars, The Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt, The Poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt, Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century, reviewed by H.A. Mason
  • Palisades of Fear, by Ronald Bottrall, reviewed by Peter Lienhardt
  • English Art, 1307-1461 Joan Evans, reviewed by Peter Ferriday

No. 2 Summer, 1950[edit]

  • Appearance and Reality in Henry James Marius Bewley
  • James's 'What Maisie Knew': A Disagreement F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence re 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'
  • John Marston's Plays John Peter
  • The 'Doctor Faustus' of Thomas Mann D.J. Enright
Theory and Criticism: English Poetry: a Critical Introduction, by F.W. Bateson, reviewed by F.R.G. Cox
  • Sire Gauvain et le Chevalier Vert, reviewed by John Speirs
  • Art Books For All, reviews by Geoffrey Walton
  • Academic Criticism Today, Shakespeare's Problem Plays and English Drama from Early Times to the Elizabethans, reviewed by Derek Traversi

No. 3 Autumn, 1950[edit]

  • Medieval Idiom in Shakespeare: (I) Shakespeare and the Liturgy L.A. Cormican
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (V): 'Women in Love' (I) F.R. Leavis
  • 'Wynnere and Wastoure' and 'The Parlement of the Thre Ages' John Speirs
  • Correspondence: 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' Again Q.D. Leavis
  • Maisie, Miles and Flora, the Jamesian Innocents: A Rejoinder by Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • What Oft was Thought..., The Meaning of Beauty by Eric Newton and Aesthetics and History by Bernard Berenson, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton
  • Victorian Journalism, The Story of the Pall Mall Gazette, by J.W. Robertson Scott, reviewed by R.G. Cox
  • Social Anthropology, Past and Present, Note by D.F. Pocock
  • Symposium on Mr Eliot's 'Notes' (III) D.F. Pocock
  • Who are the English Baroque Poets?, Poetry and Humanism by M.M. Mahood, reviewed by Geoffrey Walton

No. 4 March, 1951[edit]

  • Roger North and Political Morality in the Later Stuart Period T.A. Birrell
  • Medieval Idiom in Shakespeare (II): Shakespeare and the Medieval Ethic L.A. Cormican
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (V): 'Women in Love' (II) F.R. Leavis
  • Correspondence: The Relation between William and Henry James Marius Bewley
Comments and Reviews
  • Aspects of Modern American Poetry, Focus Number Five: Modern American Poetry, reviewed by Marius Bewley
  • What is Background? The Enchanted Glass by Hardin Craig, reviewed by L.A. Cormican
  • Anthropology and the Lay Reader, Male and Female by Margaret Mead, reviewed by D.F. Pocock.

Volume 18[edit]

No. 1 June, 1951[edit]

  • Victorian Criticism of Poetry: The Minority Tradition R. G. Cox
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VI) F. R. Leavis
  • Matthew Arnold, H.M.I. G. H. Bantock
Comments and Reviews
  • Keynes, Spender and Currency-Values: World within World by Stephen Spender and The Life of John Maynard Keynes by R. F. Harrod, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • History and Criticism in the Home University: Seventeenth Century English Literature by C. V. Wedgwood, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • The Arnoldian Function in American Criticism: The Liberal Imagination by Lionel Trilling, reviewed by N. Podhoretz
  • Mr. Eliot and Lawrence: D. H. Lawrence and Human Existence by Father Wm. Tiverton and Portrait of a Genius, But... by Richard Aldington, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • Pound in His Letters: The Letters of Ezra Pound and Ezra Pound, a collection of essays edited by Peter Russell, reviewed by F. R. Leavis
  • The Verse of Christopher Fry: Venus Observed, The Lady's not for Burning and A Sleep of Prisoners reviewed by Marius Bewley

No. 2 Autumn, 1951[edit]

  • The Mystery Cycle (I): Some Towneley Cycle Plays John Speir
  • 'Reason' and the Restoration Ethos Harold Wendell Smith
  • Correspondence: Lawrence and Eliot: Robert D. Wagner and F. R. Leavis
  • 'Troilus and Cressida' Again L. C. Knights
Comments and Reviews
  • Auden as Critic and Poet: The Enchafed Flood by W. H. Auden and Auden: an Introductory Note by Richard Hoggart, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Middle English Literature by George Kane, reviewed by John Speirs

No. 3 Winter, 1951-52[edit]

  • Scott Fitzgerald D.W. Harding
  • 'The Dissociation of Sensibility' Harold Wendell Smith
  • Correspondence: Marjorie Cox, V. de S. Pinto, John Gillard Watson, John Speirs
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VII): 'The Rainbow' (I) F. R. Leavis
  • Poetic Satire and the Satire in Verse D. J. Enright
Comments and Reviews
  • Mr Pryce-Jones, The British Council and British Culture: Edmund Wilson of 'The New Yorker': Classics and Commercials reviewed by John Farrelly
  • An Approach to Sophocles: Sophocles the Dramatist by A. J. A. Waldock, and Shakespeare's Tragedies by G. B. Harrison, reviewed by R. Mayhead
  • Shakespeare's Imagery: The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery by W. H. Clemen, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Donne Re-considered: The Monarch of Wit by J. B. Leishman, reviewed by R. Mayhead

No. 4 June, 1952[edit]

  • The Mystery Cycle (II): Some Towneley Plays John Speirs
  • Scott Fitzgerald: Another View John Farrelly
  • 'The Novel as a Dramatic Poem (VII): 'The Rainbow' (II) F. R. Leavis
  • Nature, Correctness and Decorum Harold Wendell Smith
Comments and Reviews
  • The Latest Auden: Nones by W. H. Auden, reviewed by R. Mayhead
  • Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: Shakespeare and Elizabethan Poetry by M. C. Bradbrook, reviewed by L. A. Cormican.

Volume 19[edit]

No. 1 October, 1952[edit]

  • Reflections on the Milton Controversy John Peter
  • The Novel as Dramatic Poem (VII) F. R. Leavis
  • Graham Greene: A Comment F. N. Lees
  • 'King Lear' (I) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • American Criticism: The Fields of Light by Reuben Arthur Brower
  • Modern Poetry and the Tradition by Cleanth Brookes
  • The Permanence of Yeats, Selected Criticism edited by James Hall and Martin Steinmann
  • Critiques and Essays on Modern Fiction, 1920-51 selected by John W. Aldridge
  • Gertrude Stein: a Biography of her Work by Donald Sutherland, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • Emily Dickinson: Emily Dickinson by Richard Chase, reviewed by John Farrelly
  • Social Anthropology: Structure and Function in Primitive Society by A. R. Radcliffe-Browne
  • and Social Anthropology by E. E. Evans-Pritchard, reviewed by D. F. Pocock

No. 2 Winter, 1952-3[edit]

  • The New Scholarship? R. G. Cox
  • Reality and Sincerity: Notes in the Analysis of Poetry F. R. Leavis
  • Revaluations (XVI): James Fenimore Cooper Marius Bewley
  • 'King Lear' (II) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • Dylan Thomas: Collected Poems, 1934-1952 by Dylan Thomas, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • French Poetry: The Poetry of France, an Anthology by Alan M. Boase, reviewed by Henri Fluchere
  • Great Sidney and Great Shakespeare: Poets on Fortune's Hill: Studies in Sidney, Shakespeare, Beaumont and Fletcher by John F. Danby, reviewed by J. C. F. Littlewood

No. 3 Spring, 1953[edit]

  • The Responsible Critic: or The Function of Criticism at Any Time F. R. Leavis
  • Cowley, Marvell and the Second Temple Harold Wendell Smith
  • 'King Lear' (III) D. A. Traversi
Comments and Reviews
  • The Cult of Benjamin Britten: Benjamin Britten edited by Donald Mitchell and Hans Keller, reviewed by Robin Mayhead
  • A New Journal of Education: British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. I, reviewed by G. H. Bantock
  • Lives and Letters: Some Recent German Studies, reviewed by D. J. Enright

No. 4 October, 1953[edit]

  • Valedictory; Crawshaw and 'The Weeper' John Peter
  • 'The Captain's Doll' F. R. Leavis
  • 'Much Ado About Nothing' T. W. Craik
  • Correspondence: 'The Responsible Critic', from F. W. Bateson
  • Reply F. R. Leavis; Letter from Geoffrey Walton
Comments and Reviews
  • Shakespeare Criticism: Shakespeare by Henri Fluchere and The Shakespearean Tempest by G. Wilson Knight, reviewed by R. G. Cox
  • Joyce-Eliot-Tradition: The Anathemata by David Jones, reviewed by J. C. F. Littlewood

Volume 20[edit]

  • Retrospect and Index: A Retrospect — F. R. Leavis
  • Indexes — Maurice Hussey
  • Index
    • A Subjects
    • B Authors, Artists and Composers
    • C Books reviewed
    • D Contributors
    • E Poetry published
    • F Music reviewed
    • G Gramophone records reviewed
    • H Correspondence
  • List of Errata