Sheffield Rules (1858) (first draft)

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1. Kick off from Middle must be a place kick.

2. Kick out must not be from more than twenty five yards out of goal.

3. Fair Catch is a Catch direct from the foot of the opposite side and entitles a free kick.

4. Charging is fair in case of a place kick (with the exception of a kick off) as soon as the player offers to kick, but he may always draw back unless he has actually touched the Ball with his foot.

5. No pushing with the Hands or Hacking is fair under any circumstances whatsoever.

6. Knocking or pushing on the Ball is altogether disallowed. The side breaking this Rule forfeits a free kick to the opposite side.

7. No player may be held or pulled over.

8. It is not lawful to take the Ball off the ground (except in touch) for any purpose whatever.

9. If the Ball be bouncing it may be stopped by the Hand (not pushed or hit) but if rolling it may not be stopped except by the foot.

10. No Goal may be kicked from touch nor by a free kick from a catch.

11. A ball in touch is dead. Consequently the side that touches it down, must bring it to the edge of the touch, & throw it straight out at least six yards from touch.

12. Each player must provide himself with a Red and dark blue flannel Cap, one colour to be worn by each side.


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