Sketches by Mark Twain/Lionising Murderers

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I HAD heard so much about the celebrated fortune-teller Madame ——, that I went to see her yesterday. She has a dark complexion naturally, and this effect is heightened by artificial aids which cost her nothing. She wears curls — very black ones, and I had an impression that she gave their native attractiveness a lift with rancid butter. She wears a reddish check handkerchief, cast loosely around her neck, and it was plain that her other one is slow in getting back from the wash. I presume she takes snuff. At any rate, something resembling it had lodged among the hairs sprouting from her upper lip. I know she likes garlic — I knew that as soon as she sighed. She looked at me searchingly for nearly a minute, with her black eyes, and then said — Page:Sketches by Mark Twain.djvu/208 Page:Sketches by Mark Twain.djvu/209 Page:Sketches by Mark Twain.djvu/210 Page:Sketches by Mark Twain.djvu/211 Page:Sketches by Mark Twain.djvu/212