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Title Sketches by Mark Twain
Author Mark Twain
Year 1879
Publisher Belfords, Clarke & Co.
Location Toronto
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded


The Recent French Duel 9
The Great Revolution in Pitcairn 23
Story of the Bad Little Boy 40
Story of the Good Little Boy 45
The Experiences of the McWilliamses with Membranous Croup 52
Some Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls — Part First 62
Some Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls — Part Second 77
Some Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls — Part Third 86
The Jumping Frog 92
My Watch — An Instructive Little Tale 110
Political Economy 115
Journalism in Tennessee 124
Two Poems — By Moore and Twain 132
To Raise Poultry 134
My First Literary Adventure 138
The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract 142
The Facts in the Case of George Fisher, Deceased 152
The Judge's “Spirited Woman” 162
The Facts Concerning the Late Senatorial Secretaryship 165
Riley — Newspaper Correspondent 171
Science vs. Luck 177
The Killing of Julius Cæsar “Localized” 181
An Item which the Editor himself could not understand 186
A Mediæval Romance 191
After-Dinner Speech 202
Lionising Murderers 205
A New Crime 211
A Curious Dream 218
Personal Habits of the Siamese Twins 231
Speech at the Scottish Banquet at London 237
A Ghost Story 240
Legend of the Capitoline Venus 249
Speech on Accident Insurance 257
John Chinaman in New York 260
How I once Edited an Agricultural Paper 263
The Petrified Man 271
My Bloody Massacre 276
Concerning Chambermaids 281
About Barbers 284
History Repeats Itself 290
First Interview with Artemus Ward 292
A Visit to Niagara 297
Answers to Correspondents 307