Songs of Long Ago/America

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For works with similar titles, see America (Smith).


F. S. Smith.
\relative c'' { << \new Voice = "a" { \time 3/4 \key g \major g g a fis4. g8 a4 b b c b4. a8 g4 a g fis g2 r4 d' d d d4. c8 b4 c c c c4. b8 a4 b c8[b] a[g] b4. c8 d4 e8 c b4 a g2 r4 \bar ".." } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"1. " My coun -- try, ’tis4. of8 thee,4 Sweet land of lib4. -- er8 ty,4 Of thee I sing;2 \skip4 Land4 where my fa4. -- thers8 died,4 Land of the pil4. -- grim’s8 pride,4 From ev -- ’ry mount4. -- ain8 side4 Let free -- dom ring.2 \skip4 } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"2. " My4 na -- tive coun4. -- try,8 thee,4 Land of the no4. -- ble8 free,4 Thy name I love;2 \skip4 I4 love thy rocks4. and8 rills,4 Thy woods and tem4. -- pled8 hills;4 My heart with rapt4. -- ure8 thrills,4 Like that a -- bove.2 \skip4 } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"3. " Let4 mu -- sic swell4. the8 breeze,4 And ring from all4. the8 trees,4 Sweet free -- dom’s song;2 \skip4 Let4 mor -- tal tongues4. a8 -- wake,4 Let all that breathe4. par8 -- take,4 Let rocks their si4. -- lence8 break,4 The sound pro -- long.2 \skip4 } \new Lyrics \lyricmode { \set associatedVoice = #"a" \set stanza = #"4. " Our4 fa -- ther’s God,4. o8 Thee,4 Au -- thor of lib4. -- er8 -- ty,4 To Thee we sing;2 \skip4 Long4 may our land4. be8 bright,4 With free -- dom’s ho4. -- ly8 light,4 Pro -- tect us by4. Thy8 might,4 Great God, our King.2 \skip4 } >> }