Songs of Love and Rebellion/Robert Emmet

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He gave thee life, he gave thee all,
And nobly in thy cause did fall;
For thee he lived, for thee he died,
For thee his heart was crucified,
Ireland, O Ireland!

For thee! For thee! Not only so,
For all the world he braved the blow;
In freedom's cause, for truth and right,
He faced the legions of the night,
Ireland, O Ireland!

He was no traitor to his God,
No traitor to his native sod;
Upon his soul there is no stain,
And death like his is not in vain,
Ireland, O Ireland!

He is not dead—death is a dream—
There is no death for souls supreme!
His burning words will ring sublime
Through every age and every clime,
Ireland, O Ireland!

They could not veil his life in gloom,
They could not shroud him in the tomb;
His very foes upon him gaze
And bow in homage and in praise,
Ireland, O Ireland!

Up to the love from whence it came
His freeborn soul shot like a flame—
A glowing sun, a blazing light,
A north star to the sons of right,
Ireland, O Ireland!

He lives! He reigns! He's with us yet!
His spirit's star has never set!
Wherever freedom's flag's unfurled
The soul of Emmet thrills the world,
Ireland, O Ireland!