Sonnet 10 (Barnfield)

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Thus was my love, thus was my Ganymed,
     (Heavens joy, worlds wonder, natures fairest work,
     In whose aspect Hope and Dispaire doe lurke)
Made of pure blood in whitest snow yshed,
And for sweete Venus only form'd his face,
     And his each member delicately framed,
     And last of all faire Ganymede him named,
His limbs (as their Creatrix) her imbrace.
But as for his pure, spotles, vertuous minde,
     Because it sprung of chaste Dianaes blood,
     (Goddesse of Maides, directresse of all good,)
Hit wholy is to chastity inclinde.
     And thus it is: as far as I can prove,
     He loves to be beloved, but not to love.