Sonnet 12 (Barnfield)

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Some talke of Ganymede th' Idalian Boy,
     And some of faire Adonis make their boast,
     Some talke of him whom lovely Laeda lost,
And some of Ecchoes love that was so coy.
They speake by heere-say, I of perfect truth,
     They partially commend the persons named,
     And for them, sweet Encomions have framed:
I onely t'him have sacrifized my youth.
As for those wonders of antiquitie,
     And those whom later ages have injoy'd
     (But ah what hath not cruell death destroide?
Death, that envies this worlds felicitie),
     They were (perhaps) lesse faire then Poets write.
     But he is fairer then I can indite.