Sonnet 18 (Barnfield)

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Not Megabætes nor Cleonymus,
     (Of whom great Plutarch makes such mention,
     Praysing their faire with rare inuention)
As Ganymede were halfe so beauteous.
They onely pleas'd the eies of two great Kings,
     But all the worlde at my loue stands amazed,
     Nor one that on his Angels face hath gazed,
But (rauisht with delight) him Presents brings.
Some weaning Lambs, and some a suckling Kyd,
     Some Nuts, and fil-beards, others Peares and Plumbs,
     Another with a milk-white Heyfar comes;
As lately Ægons man (Damætas) did:
     But neither he, nor all the Nymphs beside,
     Can win my Ganymede, with them t'abide.