Sonnet 19 (Barnfield)

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Ah no; nor I my seife: though my pure love
     (Sweete Ganymede) to thee hath still beene pure,
     And even till my last gaspe shall aie endure,
Could ever thy obdurate beuty move:
Then cease oh Goddesse sonne (for sure thou art,
     A Goddesse sonne that canst resist desire)
     Cease thy hard heart, and entertaine loves fire,
Within thy sacred breast: by Natures art.
And as I love thee more then any Creature,
     (Love thee, because thy beautie is divine:
     Love thee, because my selfe, my soule is thine:
Wholie devoted to thy lovelie feature),
     Even so of all the vowels, I and U,
     Are dearest unto me, as doth ensue.