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Spirella Service

Spirella Service[edit]

An individual system of design, delivery and demonstration.

Copyright, 1924, The Spirella Company Inc.

Making the Demonstration

SERVICE is the foundation principle of Spirella success. It includes the service built into the corset and the service given to you by the trained Corsetiere. The exclusive system of design, the distinctive qualities of the Spirella Stay and its scientific use in the corset, the correct design for each individual type—all of which afford figure control, abdominal support and uplift, and preserve and bring out the natural beauty of your figure—these features constitute the built-in service given to you by the Spirella Company. The Spirella Service Idea is to have every woman who wears a Spirella Corset correctly measured and corseted to care for her individual needs; to have the corset correctly adjusted on her figure, and to have her taught how to wear it to get the greatest comfort and satisfaction. This is the service given to you by the trained Corsetiere. Your home is the place where the Corsetiere can most conveniently, successfully and efficiently render this service. To render such service is the mission of every Spirella Corsetiere.

"Extremes are dangerous," says the doctor of today. "It is right that women should seek escape from discomforts of old-fashioned corsetry, but there is also peril in abandoning corsets entirely. Women should remember that feminine bodies require adequate support to maintain the greatest health and efficiency." The doctor recognizes that the true path to health, comfort and beauty lies in Spirella Service.

To corset you correctly with a Spirella Corset, designed and adjusted to meet your individual needs,

Taking the Measurements

is the Spirella Idea, around which revolves the entire plan of Spirella Service.

Spirella Corsets contain features to be found in no other corset in the world. For example, abdominal support and uplift, which is built into every Spirella Corset, so supports the abdominal organs and assists the wearer in maintaining correct body poise, that good health is assured. And also the Spirella Stay, so strong that it is guaranteed against breakage in corset wear, and yet so flexible as to twist, bend and yield with every movement of the body, contributes to your ease and comfort.

These wonderful exclusive features bear fruit only in their practical application to your needs by the trained Corsetiere. That is why the Spirella cannot be sold as merchandise in stores. The Spirella Corsetiere visits you in your home, studies your type, measurements and conditions, and orders the Spirella that will meet your individual requirements. She is a trained professional, permanently located in your neighborhood, and is competent to

Delivering and Adjusting
Making a Service Call

bear to her client a relation similar to that of the family physician.

When delivering the corset, the Corsetiere teaches you how to lace it properly. Explaining the lacing adjustments, she shows their importance in promoting health, giving the body correct poise and enhancing the best figure lines.

After a reasonable interval, the Corsetiere calls again to ascertain that you fully understand how to put on your corset. The Spirella Corsetiere makes it her business to see that you are receiving the full measure of efficiency built into each Spirella design, which must inevitably raise the standard of your general health, increase your comfort, make your daily duties easier and your leisure more enjoyable. Not until then is Spirella Service complete.

Spirella Service and the Spirella Corset bring out and enhance the best figure lines, which in turn add style and beauty to suit or dress.

The excellence of the workmanship, the use of tested materials only, the famous Spirella Stay guaranteed against rust or breakage—

Comfort Health, Beauty

these make the Spirella a corset of extreme durability.

Due to its scientific design and construction, the Spirella Corset has been recognized by health and style authorities the world over. The Institute of Hygiene, of London, England, having as its members the greatest medical men of the United Kingdom, has granted Spirella Corsets its Certificate of Merit each successive year since 1911.

The completeness of Spirella Service in design, delivery and demonstration has therefore won for the Spirella Corset the approval of women everywhere. It affords day-in and day-out satisfaction—the complete measure of health, comfort and style.


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