Stops of Various Quills/Respite

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Howells, Stops of Various Quills, 1895 029 large a.jpg


DROWSING, the other afternoon, I lay 
 In that sweet interlude that falls between
 Waking and sleeping, when all being is seen
Of one complexion, and the vague dreams play
Among the thoughts, and the thoughts go astray
 Among the dreams. My mother, who has been
 Dead almost half my life, appeared to lean
Above me, a boy, in a house far away,
That once was home, and all the troubled years
 That have been since were as if they were not.
The voices that are hushed were in my ears,
 The looks and motions that I had forgot
Were in my eyes; and they disowned the tears
 That now again beneath their lids are hot.

Howells, Stops of Various Quills, 1895 001 large f.jpg