Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Memorial Day/By the Little Ones

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(For the smallest ones.)

Holding the Flag:
1st. This is our Flag, and may it wave
Wide over land and sea!
Though others love a different flag,
This is the flag for me.

Concert Recitation:
And that's the flag for all our land.
We will revere no other:
And he who loves the symbol fair,
Shall be to us a brother.

2d. America’s the land we love,
Our broad, fair land so free:
And schoolmates, whereso’er I go.
This is the flag for me.

(Repeat concert recitation.)

3d. These glorious stars and radiant stripes,
With youthful joy I see;
May no rude hand its beauty mar!
This is the flag for me.

(Repeat concert recitation.)

The Intelligence.

Note.—Provide three small flags for use in this exercise and drill on waving in unison during the concert recital.