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Information about this edition
Source: This material is an article from the historical book:
  • Daskalova-Obretenova, Senior Research Associate Dr. Klara Aleksandrova, Eng. Aleksander Obretenov, Konstantin Pchelinski, translator, „ARCHITEKTON ALEXI RILETS”, NOVA ZVEZDA Publishing House, Sofia 2005, ISBN 954-8981-61-0
  • (Original) ст.н.с. д-р Клара Ал. Обретенова, Александър Обретенов, „Полетът на майстор Алекси Рилец през вековете“, ISBN 954-8683-15-6.
Level of progress:
Notes: The original texts and pictures are used with permission from Eng. Aleksander Obretenov, for a publication under the GNU Free documentation license. The translator, Mr Konstantin Pchelinski, has signed a written permission to publish this specific article under the GFDL.

Other articles in the book are not licensed with the GFDL.



Hi, I am Petko Yotov of the Bulgarian Wikipedia team. We have recieved permission from the author Mr Obretenov, to publish this article about one of the greatest Bulgarian architects who worked several times on the Rila Monastery. It was Mr Obretenov who sent us the files (pictures and texts, both in Bulgarian language and in English). Because the article is very large, we suggested to put it on Wikisource, and to have a smaller one in the encyclopedia.

Most of the communication with Mr Obretenov was done by me by email, after a short exchange on the infobg-L Wikimedia mailing list.

There is one picture with unclear license but I believe it classifies for a fair use and 'free use' under Bulgarian copyright law. However I only put here a link to the Bulgarian Wikisource copy of the picture. If fairuse pictures are accepted on en.Wikisource, please let me know and I will upload it here, as it is important for the article.

About the translation in English, Mr Obretenov stated that the Translator Mr Konstantin Pchelinski was hired "once" to do the work and was payed also "once", so probably the copyright belongs to Mr Obretenov and d-r Klara Obretenova (w:Work for hire). However Mr Obretenov talked to him, and showed him my letter (explaining about the GNU license), and Mr Pchelinski said no problem, he even signed on my letter that he is OK. (I don't have the signed letter but in case it is required Mr Obretenov will scan it and send it to us.)

If you have any questions, please let me know. --5ko 19:38, 1 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello. I'm not sure that this text is appropriate for Wikisource; this article appears to be licensed for distribution by Wikisource only, while the rest of the book is probably incompatible with Wikisource's license ("The translator, Mr Konstantin Pchelinski, has signed a written permission to publish this specific article on Wikisource under the GFDL. Other articles in the book are not licensed with the GFDL"). Wikisource's copyright policy requires that works permit use by third-party redistributors and reusers, and Wikisource historically does not accept partial works such as this would represent. I'll bring this up on the community discussion page to see what others think. // [admin] Pathoschild (talk/map) 21:45, 1 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Well, when one reads it, it is clear this article is a "work", really finished, autonomous chapter, not really a partial work. Like every article or picture in Wikipedia is licensed either GFDL, PD, or CC, the authors released this one under the GFDL and the others under traditional copyright. While under the GFDL, it is redistributable and reusable by third parties. Not only for Wikisource, but for everywhere, as long as the authors are credited and the GFDL is respected. --5ko 21:52, 1 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]