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Edition: American Journal of Science 34 (203): 333–345.
Source: photoscan made at the IOP
Contributor(s): Giro720
Level of progress: proofread and formatted
Proofreaders: Giro720

Typo (error) of subscripts for Time symbol T


The 1887 paper (.pdf) is missing T1 (=T1).

Instead T is defined twice.

T=time light occupies to pass from a to c.

T1 (NOT T)=time light occupies to return from c to a1, (fig. 2.)

(See the 1st paper 1881, its 1st page.)

Maybe that is a scanning (editor’s) error

because the subscript “1”

is very small, thus was missed.

Wiki editors

have used a forward_slash "/", instead of subscript “1”,

which I find NOT appropriate (=not good (enough)), but careful;

indicating they were NOT sure

& thus didn’t know completely what they were doing,

but trying to get around their uncertainty (problem).

Intended (1887) was:

Non_subscripted are for the 1st arm of the path (time);

& subscript 1 is for the 2nd =final arm.

(That alone might be confusing enough, but..)

Subscript “0” is for no (earth) speed, v=0 m/s.

Those are small distractions, that can confuse, leaving some people uncertain.

I hope that's helpful, & not too mean.

If I edit it myself, your software automatically deletes my corrections,

so you guys (& gals) should do it yourself.

Capiert (talk) 16:42, 13 December 2016 (UTC) Capiert 2016 12 13 18:22Reply