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Historically listed and referenced as a "Collected edition," Robert H. Walker—in his biographical sketch of Mrs. Coates (Walker, Robert H. "Coates, Florence Earle." Notable American Women:1607-1950. Cambridge, MA:Belknap Press of the Harvard Univ. Press, 1974:354.)—notes that this two-volume set is "really selected."

Poems from Mrs. Coates' other collections not included in this set:[edit]

See also: Fugitive verse and Pro Patria (1917)[1]


  1. "Better to Die" (1912, 1916, 1917) and "Live thy Life" (1916, 1917) are the only poems not original to Pro Patria, and both are included in the 1916 collection. All other poems in the pamphlet are original to the work.