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Information about this edition
Edition: First published 1914 by CHARLES SCRIBNER’S SONS of New York.
Source: Taken from compared against Through The Brazilian Wilderness, Heron Books, 1968.
Contributor(s): AllanHainey
Level of progress:
Notes: Reasonably reliable. No preface by TR & no dedication. Some problems in adding to wikisource - Drawings of native American signs can't be correctly rendered in ch 9, noted on talk page. In Appendix 2 The outfit for travelling the tables of provisions don't display right at all (tabulation all wrong & not in tables), don't know enough to fix this. No illustrations are included as they are in the original book. Bartleby had converted "degrees" used in the book to ° & "minutes" converted to '. I've corrected this to match the original book version.
Proofreaders: AllanHainey

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