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Edition: Treaty of Nanking (1842)
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It seems that Qing Dynasty only let the United Kingdom to govern the HongKong island and let the Queen to process it for a period of time. But Qing Dynasty had not ceded the HongKong island to the United Kingdom!

It was an international treaty between the Ta Tsing Empire and the United Kingdom. The fact that the UK chose to translate Ta Tsing as "China" has nothing to do with the PRC.

Actually it was not just UK chose to translate it as such, but both "China" and "Ta Tsing" were used interchangeably as synonyms in the Chinese treaties. There are many more examples, try read the Chinese version of Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1906 (English version is here). It is very formal to say it is an international treaty between China and the United Kingdom.

Article III.[edit]

Other versions different from the latest one on wikisource are found: : ... British subjects should have some port at which they may careen and refit their ships, when required, ... : ... British subjects should have some port whereat they may careen and refit their ships, when required, ...

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I have uploaded the PDF scan and copied the text to the proofreading pages. Proofreading is required.--維基小霸王 (talk) 16:12, 1 December 2017 (UTC)