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Commentary concerning MiG shoot down refers to an event three minutes into section "b" which you do not yet have. "a" 1:33 long and "b" 16 minutes long need to be hooked end to end together This problem occuring because I, (computer ignorant) do not know how to hook the two recordings together into the proper continuous recording.

Question: Do you want the timing in transcript 2b, that I am now writing now, to start at "0" or at 1:33?

If everybody is happy, you should be planing now for the inclusion of Parts 3,4,5, work which will require from me several weeks.

The Commentary for the 18 minute (a+b) complete sequence is a compression of Kingfish #1's FOUR hours in the air:

Kingfish flight while protecting strike flights from SAM suffers Kingfish #2 shot down by AAA. #1 proceeds to fly to and locate the downed crew and radios their position to Crown, the search & rescue coordinator. Kingfish immediately spots a MiG-17 and shoots it down, immediately to be attacked by the Mig flight, which it evades; is now on minimum fuel; and must go find a tanker. Upon return, Kingfish records that Sandy 2 (AD-1 Skyraider) has been shot down by the migs and that Sandy #1 is under attack. Panda, a flight of four F-105s lacking all armament except a few round of 20mm attaks the Migs to divert them from Sandy #1, Panda #1 is hit in the process, but survives. Sandy #1 survives.


  • Since it's a new sound file, it would make more sense to start the transcript at zero. Thank you! Emt147 19:20, 18 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Uploaded, today, Sat. 18 Mar script for same has been attached to an e-mail for emt147