Wild Weasel mission 19 April 1967

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Audio recording and transcript of a Vietnam War F-105 Wild Weasel combat mission.
35250Audio recording and transcript of a Vietnam War F-105 Wild Weasel combat mission.

00:00 You got him

00:06 Valid launch at 5:30

00:09 Keep it down Kingfish, valid launch

00:15 It's gone; it's gone

00:24 Overheat light... keep it going toward the hills

00:30 5:30 The only one I got

00:51 Heading 210

01:00 Right over the xxx target

01:04 Get rid of the xxx tanks

01:15 OK, give me a short count

01:33 WoooWoooWooo

00:00 Kingfish Two has ejected; One is on Guard, I'll try to ADF his beeper

00:31 Come up Guard

00:57 Give me coordinates

01:14 Only one SAM in this area

01:31 I have both chutes in sight, in the air

01:45 Three ringer

02:12 Chutes still airborne

02:54 That's him at 1:30

03:07 Right in the xxx village, it looks like

03:13 You've got a MiG, low

03:48 I can't get behind him

03:58 You got a part of him

04:28 I can't see him, but I saw him a while ago

04:51 I'm by myself

05:35 I've had to jettison my (exteral fuel) tank

06:08 Sandy is approaching the area now (trailing Kingfish One)

06:40 Turning my oxygen off

07:25 Indicating 20 miles out, going to Guard

08:18 I see the Sandys off to your left, 5 o'clock high, into the sun, now

08:56 Wooo, Wooo, Wooo

09:26 Sandy One is going down

10:13 Come on in Panda

10:19 Sandy One is holding down

10:40 Come on in, Panda, I got your MiGs for you, four of them

10:57 Keep turning that thing, they can't get you down there

11:27 Turn right, turn right, come on back Panda

12:02 They are all over me

12:56 You got a Mig on your tail, 105s, three of you, break!

13:54 Panda Lead has been hit

14:12 You got Udorn in

14:18 Kingfish One going to channel 12

14:53 We (Panda) are out of gas

15:36 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1, Panda Lead out

15:57 Heading for 97

16:03 Got a hell of a bundle