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Tancred (1847)
by Benjamin Disraeli
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Tancred title page



The New Crusade




Chapter I—XX Chapter XXI—XL Chapter XLI—LXI
Chapter I. A Matter of Importance Chapter XXI. Sweet Sympathy Chapter XLI. The Mountains of Lebanon
Chapter II. The House of Bellamont Chapter XXII. The Crusader Receives a Shock Chapter XLII. Strange Ceremonies.
Chapter III. A Discussion about Money Chapter XXIII. Jerusalem by Moonlight Chapter XLIII. Festivities in Canobia
Chapter IV. Montacute Castle Chapter XXIV. A Gathering of Sages Chapter XLIV. Fakredeen's Debts
Chapter V. The Heir Comes of Age Chapter XXV. Gethsemane Chapter XLV. The People of Ansarey
Chapter VI. A Festal Day Chapter XXVI. The Lady of Bethany Chapter XLVI. The Laurellas
Chapter VII. A Strange Proposal Chapter XXVII. Fakredeen and the Rose of Sharon Chapter XLVII. The Feast of Tabernacles
Chapter VIII. The Decision Chapter XXVIII. Besso, the Banker Chapter XLVIII. Eva's Affianced Bridegroom
Chapter IX. Tancred, the New Crusader Chapter XXIX. Capture of the New Crusader Chapter XLIX. A Discussion About Scammony
Chapter X. A Visionary Chapter XXX. Plans for Rescue Chapter L. The Mysterious Mountains
Chapter XI. Advice from a Man of the World Chapter XXXI. Parleyings Chapter LI. Queen of the Ansarey
Chapter XII. The Dreamer Enters Society Chapter XXXII. Suspense Chapter LII. A Royal Audience
Chapter XIII. A Feminine Diplomatist Chapter XXXIII. A Pilgrim to Mount Sinai Chapter LIII. Fakredeen's Plots
Chapter XIV. The Coningsbys Chapter XXXIV. In the Valley of the Shadow Chapter LIV. Astarte is Jealous
Chapter XV. Disenchantment Chapter XXXV. The New Crusader in Peril Chapter LV. Capture of a Harem
Chapter XVI. Tancred Rescues a Lady in Distress Chapter XXXVI. The Angel's Message Chapter LVI. Eva a Captive
Chapter XVII. The Wizard of Fortune Chapter XXXVII. Fakredeen is Curious Chapter LVII. Message of the Pasha
Chapter XVIII. An Interesting Rencontre Chapter XXXVIII. Tancred's Recovery Chapter LVIII. Three Letters of Cabala
Chapter XIX. Lord Henry Sympathises Chapter XXXIX. Freedom Chapter LIX. Tancred Returns to Jerusalem
Chapter XX. A Modern Troubadour Chapter XL. The Romantic Story of Baroni Chapter LX. The Road to Bethany
Chapter LXI. Arrival of the Duke and Duchess