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Use this template in An Ainu–English–Japanese Dictionary where two entries (taking up roughly four lines) go to one definition.


The template only places the text in a table, with a right curly brace between the entries and the definition.


In the original text, this is not really treated as a table, but as a block element (think div float=left in terms of HTML). Since the formatting rules concerning this end up being too complex to handle in pure HTML/CSS (e.g. vertically centering the definition if it will fit in the column), it is easier to just treat these as static tables for now and assume they’ll be read on a typical screen resolution for the most part, but in the future, it would be desirable to come up with a solution that looks acceptable with both wide and narrow columns.

Moreover, the Latin entries are left-aligned within the first cell, while the kana entries are right-aligned. The template currently does not reflect this, and there is no good way to do it from the template's input at present.