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This template will automatically generate a readable link to an article within a larger work (such as periodicals and encyclopaedia) from just the page name of the article.


{{autolink|full page name|alternative article name}}

The second unnamed parameter is optional.

 | title        = 
 | displaytitle = 
 | date         = 
 | author       = 

The parameters displaytitle, date and author are optional.

Automatic formatting[edit]

The data will be extracted from the link automatically in the cases of the following common works, in some cases calling specific link templates:

Work Link template
1911 Encyclopædia Britannica {{EB1911 link}}
1922 Encyclopædia Britannica {{EB1922 Link}}
The American Review {{American Review link}}
Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography {{Appletons' link}}
The Encyclopedia Americana (1906) {{Americana link}}
The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)
Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) {{CE link}}
A Chinese Biographical Dictionary {{CBD article link}}
CIA World Fact Book, 2004 none
Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921) {{Collier's link}}
A Compendium of Irish Biography {{IrishBio link}}
Dictionary of Christian Biography... {{DCBL link}}
A Dictionary of Music and Musicians {{DMM link}}
Easton's Bible Dictionary {{EBD link}}
The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915) {{IndianBio link}}
Men-at-the-Bar {{Men-at-the-Bar link}}
The New International Encyclopædia {{NIE link}}
The New Student's Reference Work {{NSRW link}}
Popular Science Monthly {{PSM link}}
A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature {{SBDEL link}}
Southern Historical Society Papers {{SHSP link}}


{{autolink|Popular Science Monthly/Volume 16/February 1880/Maps and Map-Making Before Mercator}}

"Maps and Map-Making Before Mercator" in Popular Science Monthly, 16 (February 1880).

{{autolink|Popular Science Monthly/Volume 16/February 1880/The Origin of Criminal Law|author=William Weldon Billson}}

"The Origin of Criminal Law" by William Weldon Billson in Popular Science Monthly, 16 (February 1880).

{{autolink|1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Bligh, William}}

"Bligh, William," in Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed., 1911).

{{autolink|Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/The Bollandists}}

"The Bollandists," in Catholic Encyclopedia, (ed.) by Charles G. Herbermann and others, New York: The Encyclopaedia Press (1913).

{{autolink|CIA World Fact Book, 2004/Brazil}}

"Brazil," in the CIA World Fact Book, 2004.

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