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"Studies of a Biographer" (1865) by Leslie Stephen.

Studies of a Biographer is a series of four volumes of biographical sketches by critic Leslie Stephen, published between 1898 and 1902. Stephen's main gift was considered to be his ability to write a condensed biography, which served him well in the composition of this work as well as his many contributions to the Dictionary of National Biography.

Who was John Byrom? That is a question to which, if it were set in an examination for students of English literature, an answer might reasonably be expected, but which, if put to less omniscient persons, might not improbably receive a rather vague reply. And yet an answer might be given which would awake some familiar associations. John Byrom was the author of two or three epigrams which for some reason have retained their vitality well into a second century of existence. The unmusical are still happy to recall the comparison between Handel and Buononcini, and to wonder that there should be such a difference between 'tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee,' though they are apt to assign to Swift instead of Byrom the credit of being the first worm to turn against the contempt of more happily endowed natures.

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