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Oriental Scenery (1816) is an illustrated book by two painters, Thomas Daniell and his nephew William Daniell, who spent seven years together in India painting and writing accounts of their journey. On their return to England, the two set about publishing an extensive collection of these watercolour paintings under the general heading title of Oriental Scenery. A set of six volumes, published between 1795 and 1808, were based on drawings made in India by the Daniells themselves; another consisted of plates of the caves at Ellora after drawings by James Wales. There are 144 plates in total. The collection has been called "The finest illustrated work ever published on India."

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These Edifices are built of stone, in the style of ancient Hindoo architecture: one of them is still in tolerable preservation; it appears to have been built with considerable care, and the ornamental parts are executed in a very good taste. The basement story contains the idol Seva, to whom this temple is dedicated.

At what period they were erected could not be learnt: indeed, to ascertain the date of any of the Hindoo buildings, not merely modern, is exceedingly difficult, and it rarely happens any information can be obtained deserving credit.

Bindrabund is about seventy miles southward of Delhi, a large, populous, and very ancient town, principally inhabited by Hindoos.

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