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Catholic Hymns (1860) is a collection of hymns that were, with but few exceptions, the production of Catholic authors still living at the time of publication. The few poems to which no author's name was affixed were selected from different Catholic Hymn-books in use in the dioceses of the United States of America, although most hymns were collected from Britain and Ireland. A large proportion of the hymns are original to the collection.

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The Holy Guardian Angel.
(October 2nd.)

Kind Angel guardian, thanks to thee
For thy so watchful care of me;
Oh, lead me still in ways of truth,
Dear guide of childhood and of youth.

Kind Angel guardian, let my tears
Implore thee too for riper years;
Oh, keep me safe in wisdom's way,
And bring me back if I should stray.

When angry passions fill my soul,
Subdue them to thy meek control;
Through good and ill, oh, ever be
A guide, a guard, a friend to me.

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