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This is a shortcut for {{lang-he|vocalized=1|text=TEXT}} to be used in Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar. See {{lang-he}}.

It also includes the CSS directives "font-weight: normal; font-style: normal", because in GHG it is never bold or italic. (In general, slanted type is rarely used even in modern Hebrew.) So if a Hebrew letter appears in a passage of bold or italic Latin letters, there's no need to cancel it manually – this template takes care of it. For an example the heading of §23.

In the common case where the Hebrew passage is followed by a translation, specify it using the "translate" parameter; if the translation is not to English, you may add the "en" parameter. (See also {{GHGtranslate}}.)


  • {{GHGheb|text=ארץ‎}} -> ארץ
  • {{GHGheb|text=בית|translate=house}} -> בית house
  • {{GHGheb|text=מלך|translate=rex|en=king}} -> מלך rex (put your mouse pointer over rex to see what it does)
  • {{GHGheb|text=קָמָ֫ה|pron=qamá}} -> קָמָ֫ה qamá

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