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This module is used to send notifications to all members of a WikiProject or other group. As of September 2015, this template is only able to send notifications to 50 users or less at once. This is a limit in the Echo extension and would need to be changed there before it can be changed here.


{{mass notification|group name}} Your message. ~~~~

Available groups[edit]

The following is a list of all available groups:

Adding new groups[edit]

To add a new group, you need to create a subpage of Module:Mass notification/groups ending in your group name, e.g. Module:Mass notification/groups/WikiProject Example. You can do this by using the button below. Group names are case-sensitive; {{mass notification|WikiProject Example}} and {{mass notification|wikiproject example}} are different groups.

Please make sure there is a consensus to create a group before creating its submodule here, otherwise you risk annoying editors who do not wish to be included. If in doubt, post at the group's talk page (or another suitable talk page if the group doesn't have one) and wait for editors in the group to comment.

If you have any problems when adding a group you can ask for help on Template talk:Mass notification.


{{mass notification|WikiProject Example}} Your message. ~~~~

Notifying all members of WikiProject Example (more info · opt out): (User:Example, User:Example2, User:Example3, User:Inductiveload) Your message. ~~~~

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