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Phil Trans - Illuminated Initial - W.pngELCOME to my user page. Have a look around my galleries and contributions if you like, or leave messages on my talk page. It is also worth checking in the IRC channels if you need me quickly. I am usually present in the main Wikisource channel, #wikisource. Come and have a chat!

If you can suggest improvements to my own work, tell me. Don't let any poor quality work hang around!

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Admins have no greater enemies than themselves.

About Inductiveload
Awards for Participationedit
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Proofread of the Month
November 2010

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Proofread of the Month
November 2011

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Quick links for me[edit]

My sandboxes (you need a few for template developments:

User preferences and custom javascripts:

Commons scripts

Some extra functions that might be handy for other scripts:

Maintenance and reports[edit]

Below are lists of pages in Wikisource which are useful for various purposes. All of these could be out of date. If you really need up-to-date reports, just leave me a note, and I will do it as soon as I can.

  • templates A list of all templates in use on enWS, along with links and usage counts.
  • wikisource pages A list of all Wikisource namespace pages.
  • portals A list of all Portal pages.
  • ws-portal redirects A list of all Wikisource pages which redirect to Portal pages. No pages should link to these.
  • ws-wp no backlink A list of Wikisource pages linking to Wikipedia pages which do not link back here.
  • false root pages A list of pages that should be subpages but aren't.
  • site-css-js: in-progress CSS tidying-up - look here for CSS and/or JS moved out of MediaWiki namespace (rather than being deleted)

Bot activities[edit]

I operate a bot, InductiveBot, which performs minor maintenance tasks. It is based on pywikipedia and is quite flexible. If you have a specific request, please let me know on my talk page, and I'll see what I can do!

Works I contributed to[edit]

Useful things to share[edit]

These are some useful scripts I have hacked together. I guarantee nothing! They are certainly not always neatly coded or structured, but they work for quick and dirty jobs.

Header script[edit]

This is a tiny script to add the path of pywikipedia to the Python PATH environment variable at runtime, so you can run scripts from outside the PW directory, without messing around.
#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys

PW_PATH = '/home/user/src/pywikipedia' #this is the directory containing the pywikipedia files

General Python scripts[edit]

GIMP scripts[edit]

How to split a table across many Page: pages so they transclude neatly into one[edit]

Page 1
 {| table styling
 | col1 || col2 || col3 
 <noinclude>|}</noinclude> <---this is the footer of the page
Page 2
 <noinclude> {| table styling (same as page 1)</noinclude> <---this is the header
 | col1 || col2 || col3
 <noinclude>|}</noinclude> <---this is the footer of the page
Page 3
 <noinclude> {| table styling (same as page 1)</noinclude> <---this is the header
 | col1 || col2 || col3

One touch template wrapping with Autohotkey[edit]

If you use Autohotkey (and you should be), the following is a useful function that lets you wrap the current mouse selection in a template, which saves you having to paste in the contents.

F2 & s :: wrapTemplate("sc") ; small caps

wrapTemplate( name )  
    front :="{{}{{}" . name . "|"
    back :="{}}{}}"  
    wrapTags( front, back) 

wrapTags( front, back ) 
    AutoTrim Off               ; Retain any leading and trailing whitespace on the clipboard.
    ClipSaved := ClipboardAll  ; Save the entire clipboard so we can restore it when we're done
    clipboard =                ; clear the clipboard
    SendInput ^x               ; cut the selection to the clipboard
    ClipWait                   ; wait for the clipboard to contain something
    SendInput %front%%clipboard%%back% ; Output what was selected, surrounded by front and back
    Clipboard := ClipSaved     ; Restore the original clipboard
    ClipSaved =                ; Free the memory in case the clipboard was very large.

Regular expressions[edit]

Function Search pattern Replacement Pattern
Remove single newlines. Useful for OCR'd text /([^\n])\n([^\n])/g '$1 $2'
Convert relative links to static links. Useful when putting a TOC in the Page: namespace. (/\[\[\/(.*)\/\]\]/g '\[\[$1\|$1\]\]'

Technical wishlist[edit]

Some things I'd like to see done (that isn't actual proofreading). Some of it is unimportant, some of it may be controversial and un-discussed, but would be nice to address and tighten up.

  • Ebook review process leading to categorisation, then...
  • ODPS catalogue of "exportable" ebooks for integration into e-readers
  • Fix the print CSS: centre is broken
  • Fix the ebook link in mobile to make it less ugly
  • Fix sidenotes line spacing
  • Fix sidenotes column width in Page: (Template talk:Sidenotes begin)
  • Fix page numbers in {{TOC begin}} (but how?)
  • Get dynamic layouts to work for non scan-backed works and scrap {{prose}} and other hard-coded formatting.
  • Fix poem tags - only by having all lines as p-tags can we have hanging-indented continuation lines like 95% of all printed poems are. Stanzas should be divs . Might need a whole new tag in the poem extension, but might not be that hard?(???)
  • Fix headers on mobile, the tabular structure is unfriendly on narrow screens
  • Fix {{FI}} which is invoking full-size images every single time. Merge with and/or deprecate {{large image}}.