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WELCOME to my user page. Have a look around my galleries and contributions if you like, or leave messages on my talk page. It is also worth checking in the IRC channels if you need me quickly. I am usually present in the main Wikisource channel, #wikisource. Come and have a chat!

If you can suggest improvements to my own work, tell me. Don't let any poor quality work hang around!

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Languages: English (native), French (basic), German (basic), Mandarin (basic), Mercan (like, totally fluent), Python (passable), C++ (basic), Lua (basic)

Go, go, go, said the editor: online kind
Cannot bear very much reality.

The Monthly Challenge for September contains 25 works.
This month:
  • Pages processed: 1978 (98.9% of target)
  • Avg. pages/day: 116
  • Yesterday: 58

Last month:
  • Pages processed: 1701 (85.0% of target)
  • Avg. pages/day: 55
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Ask me to do things[edit]

I will need information:

Tools and scripts[edit]

User preferences and custom javascripts:

Commons scripts[edit]

Popups Reloaded[edit]

Popups, but way better.

mw.loader.load('//', "text/css");

Quick Access[edit]

Keyboard-driven tool access


Cleanup (Alpha)[edit]

This is a much more in-depth version of User:Samwilson/PageCleanUp.js that includes hundreds of regexes for scannos that have unambiguous or almost-certain corrections. For example, no work in English ends in -abte: this is almost certainly -able

This is an alpha-level tool. Configuration, especially, is likely to change.


This tool will work with default configurations, but it is more reliable with configurations.

Page Carousel[edit]

Wikisource page carousel icons.png

Quick buttons to load the next/previous pages of a book.

mw.loader.load('// carousel.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');

Save/Load Actions[edit]

Run Javascript actions on page save or page load. Can be used to implement custom text transforms, for example from [[Link/Foo|Foo]] to [[Link/Foo|Foo]].

This tool probably needs configuration in your JS. Just adding it won't do anything use. Consult the documentation for more information.

Preview markup[edit]

mw.loader.load('//', "text/css");

Maintenance Wizard and Replacer[edit]

Perform maintenance without going into edit mode.

// maintain script has no purpose in special
if (mw.config.get("wgCanonicalNamespace") !== "Special") {
  mw.loader.using(['ext.gadget.utils-difference', 'mediawiki.util', 'mediawiki.api',
      'oojs-ui-core', 'oojs-ui-windows', 'oojs-ui-widgets']).done(function() {

Jump to file[edit]

Add a button to go to the book file at Commons from the Index or Page namespace, and to the transcluding page from the Page namespace

mw.loader.load('// to file/load.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');


Add a mini image page in the Page namespace for keeping the proofread text nearer the input box.



Add a small popup to assist uploading works at the IA via IA-Upload


Scan Transcludes[edit]

Show, in the pagelist grid, which pages are transcluded and which are not, colouring the pages according to expected transclusion status.



Display an icon if a page has been edited recently, with the ability to vary the definition of "recently" on a per-other-user basis.



Show an indicator when a script loads[edit]

I use this to check my local script is loading

$(function() {
  $(".mw-indicators").append($("<img src=\"\">"));

Add nocache=1 to WS-export sidebar links[edit]

$(function() {
  $("#p-coll-print_export a[href*=''").each(function(i, a) {
    $(a).attr("href", $(a).attr("href") + "&nocache=1");

Add a button to the main page POTM to edit it[edit]

if (mw.config.get("wgTitle") === "Main Page") {
  $(function() {
    $(".collaboration-potm tr:first-child td:last-child").prepend(
        .css({float: "right", "font-size": "70%"})
        .attr("href", mw.config.get("wgScript") + "?title=Module:PotM/data&action=edit")

Add a link your your bot's contributions[edit]

$( function () {
  var botname = "InductiveBot";
    '/wiki/Special:Contributions/' + botname,
    'Contributions by ' + botname,
} );

Special icon for Internet Archive links[edit]

a.external[href^=""] {
    background: url("//") no-repeat right;
    /* @noflip */
    padding-right: 10px;

Add a custom panel of special characters to the WikiEditor toolbar[edit]

	var addCharacters = function () {

		$( '#wpTextbox1' ).wikiEditor( 'addToToolbar', {
			section: 'characters',
			pages: {
				yazidi: {
					layout: 'characters',
					label: 'Yazidi',
					characters: [ 'Ḍ', 'ḍ', 'Ḳ', 'ḳ', 'Ṣ', 'ṣ', 'Ḫ', 'ḫ', 'Š', 'š', 'â', 'î' ]
		} );

	/* Check if view is in edit mode and that the required modules are available.
 * Then, customize the toolbar … */
	if ( [ 'edit', 'submit' ].indexOf( mw.config.get( 'wgAction' ) ) !== -1 ) {
		mw.loader.using( 'user.options' ).then( function () {
		// This can be the string "0" if the user disabled the preference
		// ([[phab:T54542#555387]])
			if ( mw.user.options.get( 'usebetatoolbar' ) === 1 ) {
					mw.loader.using( 'ext.wikiEditor' ), $.ready
				).then( function () {
				} );
		} );

Show microformat data under the header[edit]

#ws-data {
    display: block !important;

#ws-data > span {
    margin-right: 1ex;
    padding: 0 4px;
    background-color: #e8e8e8;
    border: 1px solid #aaa;
    border-radius: 4px;

"Steal" the preview accesskey (p) for the "preview with this template" button instead[edit]

	$( function () {
		var sandboxPrev = $( 'input[name="wpTemplateSandboxPreview"]' );

		if ( sandboxPrev.length ) {
			var ak = 'p';
			// unbind other users of this accessKey
			$ ( '*[accessKey="' + ak + '"]' )
				.attr( 'accessKey', null );

			// add it to our button
			sandboxPrev.attr( 'accessKey', ak );
	} );



List all indexes which have a page with a linter error[edit]
python listpages -ns:Page -linter:misnested-tag -format:"Index:{page.title}" | sed -E 's/\/[0-9]+$//' | uniq

Image Processing[edit]

Convert all files of type X to type Y, in parallel[edit]
find . -type f  -name '*.png' -print0 | parallel -0 convert {} {.}.pbm
Make an image showing only not-black and not-white pixels[edit]
convert input.png -colorspace rgb -fill white -opaque black -fill red +opaque output.png

PDF/DJVU processing[edit]

Fix a PDF that chokes ImageMagic due to "bad streams"[edit]
gs -o generated.pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress input.pdf


Some extra functions that might be handy for other scripts:

Maintenance and reports[edit]

Below are lists of pages in Wikisource which are useful for various purposes. All of these could be out of date. If you really need up-to-date reports, just leave me a note, and I will do it as soon as I can.

  • templates A list of all templates in use on enWS, along with links and usage counts.
  • wikisource pages A list of all Wikisource namespace pages.
  • portals A list of all Portal pages.
  • ws-portal redirects A list of all Wikisource pages which redirect to Portal pages. No pages should link to these.
  • ws-wp no backlink A list of Wikisource pages linking to Wikipedia pages which do not link back here.
  • false root pages A list of pages that should be subpages but aren't.
  • site-css-js: in-progress CSS tidying-up - look here for CSS and/or JS moved out of MediaWiki namespace (rather than being deleted)

Bot activities[edit]

I operate a bot, InductiveBot, which performs minor maintenance tasks. It is based on pywikipedia and is quite flexible. If you have a specific request, please let me know on my talk page, and I'll see what I can do!

MW dev[edit]

Run extension linter[edit]

docker-compose exec mediawiki bash -c "cd extensions/ProofreadPage && composer install"
docker-compose exec mediawiki bash -c "cd extensions/ProofreadPage && composer test"
docker-compose exec mediawiki bash -c "cd extensions/ProofreadPage && composer phan"

Run extension parser tests[edit]

docker-compose exec mediawiki php tests/parser/parserTests.php --file=extensions/ProofreadPage/tests/parser/proofreadpage_pages_pagelist.txt

Or to run all the tests in a directory:

docker-compose exec mediawiki sh -c 'find extensions/ProofreadPage/tests -name "*.txt" -exec php tests/parser/parserTests.php --file={} \;'

Run extension unit tests[edit]

docker-compose exec mediawiki php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php extensions/ProofreadPage/tests/phpunit

Run linter[edit]

npm run-script test


  • \MWDebug::log('foobar');

Random links[edit]

mw.hook fire points*)
Current lag
All wikis edit firehose
Wikisource Image Uploader uploads at Commons

Useful things to share[edit]

These are some useful scripts I have hacked together. I guarantee nothing! They are certainly not always neatly coded or structured, but they work for quick and dirty jobs.

Tesseract retraining project[edit]

Very slowly, I am working on a retraining of some models for Tesseract: Tesseract

General Python scripts[edit]

GIMP scripts[edit]

  • The best one:
    • Whiten-background.scm Gimp script to remove the background of an image. An adaptation of a script by Leonid Koninin. This is fairly harsh on some images, so use with care.
  • Less good ones:
  • Remove-paper-texture.scm Gimp script to remove the paper background from a scan of a black and white image by a pretty brutal adjustment of the levels
  • Remove-background-colour.scm Gimp script to remove a flat background colour from an image. This is a fairly brutal algorithm, use with care on delicate images. Essentially, this is just a "bundle" of "select colour, erase the colour, and desaturate. It'll likely be better to use one of the above scripts, but this one is fairly instructive from a script-writing point of view.

One touch template wrapping with Autohotkey[edit]

If you use Autohotkey (and you should be), the following is a useful function that lets you wrap the current mouse selection in a template, which saves you having to paste in the contents.

F2 & s :: wrapTemplate("sc") ; small caps

wrapTemplate( name )  
    front :="{{}{{}" . name . "|"
    back :="{}}{}}"  
    wrapTags( front, back) 

wrapTags( front, back ) 
    AutoTrim Off               ; Retain any leading and trailing whitespace on the clipboard.
    ClipSaved := ClipboardAll  ; Save the entire clipboard so we can restore it when we're done
    clipboard =                ; clear the clipboard
    SendInput ^x               ; cut the selection to the clipboard
    ClipWait                   ; wait for the clipboard to contain something
    SendInput %front%%clipboard%%back% ; Output what was selected, surrounded by front and back
    Clipboard := ClipSaved     ; Restore the original clipboard
    ClipSaved =                ; Free the memory in case the clipboard was very large.

Regular expressions[edit]

Function Search pattern Replacement Pattern
Remove single newlines. Useful for OCR'd text /([^\n])\n([^\n])/g '$1 $2'
Convert relative links to static links. Useful when putting a TOC in the Page: namespace. (/\[\[\/(.*)\/\]\]/g '\[\[$1\|$1\]\]'

My requests[edit]

Works I'm keeping an eye out for.


Technical wishlist[edit]

Some things I'd like to see done (that isn't actual proofreading). Some of it is unimportant, some of it may be controversial and un-discussed, but would be nice to address and tighten up.

  • Get dynamic layouts to work for non scan-backed works and scrap {{prose}} and other hard-coded formatting.
  • Fix poem tags - only by having all lines as p or span-tags can we have hanging-indented continuation lines like 95% of all printed poems are. Stanzas should be divs . Might need a whole new tag in the poem extension, but might not be that hard?(???)
  • Train Tesseract specifically for 1700s-style printing esp. with long-s
  • Allow match-and-split to match to PDFs (since there are now ~1m PDFs on Commons)
  • Get para breaks working in OCR loading: phab:T230415
  • Add common fonts:
    • Cursive: phab:T166138
    • JUnicode: phab:T173573
    • Sans Outline (and remove hacks like ℕ𝔼𝕎 𝕐𝕆ℝ𝕂)
    • Serif Outline
    • Maybe a better Polytonic greek?
  • Move MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_index_template to a module
  • Move Template:Header to module


  • Ebook review process leading to categorisation, then... Category:Ready for export
  • Improve index autofill to fetch author links from Commons creator templates: Getting there: Mediawiki:Gadget-Fill Index.js
  • Fix {{FI}} which is invoking full-size images every single time. Merge with and/or deprecate {{large image}}.
  • Fix headers on mobile, the tabular structure is unfriendly on narrow screens (main header done, other namespaces pending main header module-ificaton). See {{header/main block}}