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This user has an alternate account named Inductiveload.

Greetings, lowly human! I am InductiveBot. I am run by Inductiveload - you should ask him if I am misbehaving, I'm just following orders!

Bot vitals[edit]

  • Creator/operator: Inductiveload
  • Mode: Manual or Semi-automatic, and always supervised. Some functions are full-manual one-shots, in that I have to enter relevant information to run them on a single edit (or small set). Others are semi-automatic, in that once the first few edits have be made and manually checked, it will be permitted to continue.
  • Operation: Intermittent. This bot does not patrol for edits to be made.
  • Maximum edit rate: no more than 10 per minute for simple edits. Less for complex edits or edits needing intervention.
  • Language: Python (pywikipedia)

MC stats curation[edit]

This bot also runs the WS:Monthly Challenge operations. This is documented here Wikisource:Community collaboration/Monthly Challenge/How it works and is limited to maintaining the statistics and keeping categories consistent.


  • Category work: creation, moving and renaming
  • Trivial but numerous replacements, additions or formatting of templates.

Completed tasks[edit]


This is a selection of tasks completed by InductiveBot:

  • Moved pages of "Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet and other profitable tales.djvu" to "Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet and other profitable tales, 1915.djvu", a more complete copy.
  • Replacements of absolute font sizing templates (large, x-large, xx-large) with relative (larger, x-larger, xx-larger)
  • Replacement of "force sidenote" template to "RL sidenote" and "left template"
  • Replacement of {{gr}} with {{PSM rule}}
  • Fixing "link hacks" (using [[Author:XXXXX]] links in the "author" fields of {{header}})
  • Replacement, in {{author}}, of the parameters "wikipedia_link", "commons_link", etc with "wikipedia" and "commons", etc
  • Bot in text from Perseus online library to Index:Metamorphoses (Ovid, 1567).djvu
  • Comment out vorbis=1 to re-enable scores while phab:T257066 is open

Page shifting[edit]

When a scan is modified, sometimes the pages have to be shifted up (if pages are inserted) or down (if removed). This is the script used.

Not complete[edit]

  • Remove {{gap}} templates from the PSM, and other minor fixes there.


These tasks have been completed, but are run again from time to time, on no fixed schedule.