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Requests Downloads from Hathi Trust

I can download works from Hathi Trust, "rebind" them into DjVus[1] and upload to Commons.

First things first, make sure that the works in question are not available at the Internet Archive, because HT downloads take a lot of time and processing in comparison.

Information needed[edit]

I will need a file of the same type as User:Inductiveload/Requests/Batch uploads (i.e. a spreadsheet). It must have ht set in the source column and the Hathi ID (for example mdp.39015086753160) in the id column.

This file must also contain a file field with a sensible file name (for example American Printer - Volume 13). Extension is optional (it'll be a DJVU anyway).

It also needs the rest of the metadata for upload and index creation, as well as the rest of the items in the "Your tasks" section of the "Batch uploads" page above.


  1. I currently do not have the automated tools to make PDFs