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Variant of the portal header intended for person-specific portals.


 | firstname    = 
 | lastname     = 
 | last_initial = 
 | description  = 
<!-- parameters below, ie. sister links and dates should be used only to override values generated from Wikidata -->
 | image        = 
 | birthyear    = 
 | deathyear    = 
 | wikipedia    = 
 | wikiquote    = 
 | commons      = 
 | commonscat   = 
 | defaultsort  = 

This template sorts pages into Category:People in portal namespace and applies a defaultsort of lastname, firstname.

Person vs. author[edit]

Person-specific portals should be limited to people who are not authors. Pages about authors should be filed in the Author namespace as normal. This template deliberately resembles the standard author header so that, if the subject of a person-specific portal is later found to an author, the page can be more easily moved and adapted to become an author page.

See also[edit]

  • {{portal header}} — general portal header
  • {{national}} — portal header variant for nation-specific portals
  • {{author}} — author header for the Author: namespace