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Used for the creation of template lines for the 1877 Chronological Table of the Statutes, and in UK legislation portals.


{{Statute table chapter}} with params as documented below.


  • Anchor - URI style anchor for the entry
  • Format - Override default formatting for Chapter Number formatting.
  • Chapter Num - Chapter number or Override Chapter - Chapter numbering (manual)
  • Alternate - Alternate numbering (insert using <ref></ref> tags.)
  • Add Short - Add a short title note (using params in sublist)
    • Short title - "Short title" given to the statute.
    • Year - Year (Calanderical) of the statute.
    • Title Note - Additional title notes.
  • Chapter Name - A specfic name given to the chapter - if known or indicated.
  • Topic - Topic or Subject of chapter. If multiple chapters have the same topic, specify this for the first relevannt chapter and use |Topic=prev for subsequent chapters.
  • Brace - RHS Bracing if required.
  • Repeal- When the statute was repealed. If it applies to multiple chapters., Specify Repeal on first chapter, and |Repeal=prev on subsequent chapters.