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This template is intended to mark process and background pages as incomplete stubs in need of expansion. It will select the right stub template based on user input or the namespace.

It is not intended for use in the content namespaces (main, author and portal). If it is used in these namespaces, it will insert the {{incomplete}} template instead.


The template can be entered in three main ways:



  | subject   = 
  | qualifier = 


There are two optional parameters, neither needs to be named.

  • subject: This will specify the type of stub, based on a keyword or the namespace. This is used both in the template wording and for automatic categorisation.
  • qualifier: Any user generated text to specify the purpose of the stub page. This text will appear after the word "page" in the template.

Subject keywords[edit]

The subject keyword controls the description and the categorisation of the page. If no subject is used, or a keyword is not recognised as one of the following, a default description and categorisation is derived from the namespace.

List of subject keywords
Keyword Use Template Category
essay Essays {{essay-stub}} Category:Essay stubs
guide Guidelines {{guideline-stub}} Category:Guideline stubs
info Information pages {{info-stub}} Category:Process stubs
project WikiProjects {{process-stub}} Category:Process stubs
Namespace Default use Template Default category
Help Help pages {{help-stub}} Category:Help stubs
Wikisource Process pages {{process-stub}} Category:Process stubs
Other {{general-stub}} Category:Stubs

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